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I just got Robo-called by Frothy's group!

Well, I'm quite sure it was Frothy's group. I hung up on it before they told me who they were. Why do I think it was Frothy? Here was the message:

"(Male voice) My name is ______________ and I'm a Jew from Massachusetts. (Female voice) And my name is ____________ and I'm a Christian from California. (Male voice again) While we may be different, we both agree that marriage is between one man and one woman. Mitt Romney believes..."

I hung up. Only one man could be so homophobic and so out of touch to show that he's so desperate to attack another candidate with something so ridiculous. He's so stupid, he's handing the race to Romney and making the real conservatives look like complete paranoid rejects. Maybe Obama will do us all a favor and send a drone after Frothy.

Some time he should try learning the issues in the campaign. He might not look like a just complete dickhead, but rather a dickhead with paranoid fears about a harmless group of individuals.