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Is Alex Jones Controlled Opposition?

His behavior at the Austin Gun Rally, and his other semantics make the answer very obvious.

Here's the video showing Alex Jones might be cointelpro.

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Wow, this wasn't even in Current Event Events for 40 minutes

Wow, this wasn't even in Current Event Events for 40 minutes before being moved to Off Topic.. and it doesn't even show up in Off Topic!!

The Daily Paul is so censored it hurts!

At the Gun Rally...

He was just trying to attract attention. He likes attention. His ways of getting the message out are a little off the grid, but his heart is in the right place. He's not a double agent or anything like that. I live in Austin and I can remember Alex from when he was a nobody with a little access TV show taped at a community college here in town. Only locals knew about him and now the whole world can listen to him on the radio or internet.

It's possible

What makes me suspicious is that he doesn't seem to mention the fact that the "elites" like the Rothschilds are mostly Jewish/the involvement of Zionism in the New World Order. If someone has a link to an article on Infowars to prove me otherwise, that would be great. But if not, I think he could be working for the Zionists/Jesuits.

I think his news is legitimate and properly sourced (most of the time; Alex HAS been shown to be wrong at least a couple of times on news reports. But nobody is perfect). However, he DID a few years ago call for his supporters to riot somewhere (I don't remember the details), and if that had happened, martial law would have been declared in the United States. Maybe he is just foolish, but that makes me a little suspicious too.

Also, if you think about it, in some ways his support actually HURTS Dr. Paul's campaign because it drives some people away when they see that he is supported by "crazy" Alex Jones.

Also, I am rather surprised he hasn't been killed by the elite already if he is for real. Maybe they don't consider him a threat, like Dr. Paul who is not a threat to them (so far), but still...

Anyway, I could be wrong, but those are just my thoughts on it. I would actually love to be proven wrong if I can be.

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Don't Know

There is a disconnect with the "Revolution".. i.e. normal people though, as seen in the video.

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What stupid question...

I should apologize but I wont this is a truly stupid question.


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