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Ron Paul at 16% in latest Wisconsin poll

Romney - 39%
Santorum - 31%
PAUL - 16%
Gingrich - 15%

Compared to previous samples, this poll has almost twice the sample of other polls.

Imagine if the media actually reported Paul's crowds. Maybe people would think some sort of revolution was happening and more would jump on board.



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I just don't get it...

why are people voting for Frothy???? I'm sure there will be many clueless ones who will vote for Perry too!!

CNN reporting WI exit poll data for Democrats:

Rmoney 22%
Paul 16%
Gingrich 4%

They must be kidding.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

I'm one of them!

I'll be voting in La Crosse this morning, and by word of mouth, and Facebook, I have managed to get 4 others out there to vote for him.

Anybody else notice how

Anybody else notice how Romney's not looking to good either? He may be 'in the lead', but he's dipping below 50% in most places, which is not a sign that he's going to 'synch' the nomination anytime soon(good for us, XD)

50% is irrelevant in terms of the popular vote

If there are 4 people in the race, one gets 24%, another 25%, another 25%, and Romney 26%, Romney may only have 26% of the popular vote, but because it's a winner takes all state, Romney gets 100% of the delegates. And delegates are all that matters in terms of 50%, not the popular vote.

Like Doug Wead explained, this whole thing is tailored for Romney's benefit. In State's he is likely to lose, i.e. the southern states (i.e. Texas), the delegates are proportional, which only helps him so much more.

I know that, I was hinting at

I know that, I was hinting at beyond. Even if Romney gets the nomination, he doesn't pass with 'flying colors'. He'll be 'limping' across the finish line...

doesn't that feed kerosine to

doesn't that feed kerosine to the fire of the idea that they plotted to have Romney being shoved down our throats because Obama was destined to win in November.



it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I think it's more along the

I think it's more along the lines something you can say to a pro-Romney supporter to get them to take a second look at their 'nominee'. If more people realize the contradiction of "anybody but Obama" mentality denying Ron Paul from the start(when you'd think that chant would include Paul more than Gingrich or Santorum...), then who knows what could happen. It's not just picking supporters up from out in the field, but straight from Romney and the others if you can open their eyes to the absurdity of the 'presumed nominee"'s campaign.



"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Not looking good at all.

If Romney wins Wisconsin, Maryland, AND D.C., all Ron Paul's delegates could be wasting their time. The campaign REALLY needs to find a way NOW to derail Romney. We're running out of time, Mittens could close this thing out before the Texas primary the way things are going.

The campaign is

trying to do just that.
Many might not like it but the only way to stop the GOP from handing Romney the nomination is to form a temporary alliance with the Santorum people. If they realized how bad they were getting screwed, they would be eager to put forth a slate of delegates with a Paul tilt. Thats the only way to to bring the nomination to Tampa.

Look at what happened in North Dakota. The GOP just told everyone who the delegates were and that was that.

There needs to be a majority vs. Romney. A plurality makes trickery much easier.

You need to stop thinking like this

because I think you should post stuff like this to spread what appears to the regular paul supporter as your negative opinion on how's paul's campaign doing,

What you fail to see is that ron paul has obviously switched his method of spreading the message by having these huge town hall meetings instead. He was polling 7% before his huge town hall meeting there...what did he get after with a bigger sample size of people polled? A little more than DOUBLE with 15%, how quickly this this happen? ....JUST 3 DAYS!!!

so my point is cut your negative perspective on an upward change... Ron paul has a good idea in spreading this message to the voters... and these town halls at these huge college campuses is a great change of pace for the Paul campaign.. People started to vote McCain even tho the media wrote him off because he did so bad in iowa, what got mccain to ressurect his "dead" campaign by the media? TOWN HALLS

These big crowds is something that Obama was getting compared to the other dem's...Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich are not even coming close to paul's numbers...Voters who arent paying attention to paul cant ignore the majority of ACTIVE SUPPORT which is our niche... We gotta be positive and fight for California.. Chill out with spreading a silly Self for-fulling prophecy since there's still all these delegates up for grabs...

Stay positive bro and be proactive! That's what we need to spread.

Your forgetting we still have California with hot button issues...think medical marijuana...States Rights....which GOP candidate support states rights. As long as we keep showing up in the masses we will catch up.

I'm not criticizing the town hall meetings.

I'm saying California won't matter if Romney wins this thing before Californians get a chance to vote.

Everybody call every church pastor in California. Fax them the

Christian Ron Paul flyer. Do 10 a day. That is how Santorum
gets so many. He goes through pastors. Pastors preach the word to their congregation, Santorum support triples overnight.

Call churches out of Yahoo Yellowpages or use Superpages for California churches. This will reach the most people in the least amount of time and leverage support through pastors.

For us people in California we need to visit senior centers. Just go in with a super brochure. My work is with seniors. They are fascinated by Ron Paul. They want to hear more. They ALMOST ALWAYS ask me WHY they are not hearing about him.

I have also been writing email letters to pastors that have websites. They are very responsive and email me back.


Great Idea!

I downloaded the Christian flier and will begin sending it off to Texas and California tomorrow! Thank you.

With that in mind, plug up Santorum.......

Return the deal and plug up Santorum in Wisconsin. Anything to flat deny Romney getting any further delegates.

That way, we're guaranteed to move for a brokered convention.

According to the previous PPP poll

Even if Gingrich dropped out, Romney would still win.

I agree with you though that they should have done something, but it is too late now. No negative advertising will do anything at this stage. All we can do is hope and pray that if Paul doesn't win it, which realistically is unlikely, that Santorum wins it.

Every delegate that doesn't go to Romney is a delegate that creates a brokered convention and that is our only chance for gaining the nomination.

I even wrote a post on this recently regarding the Paul campaigns' approach with regard to caucus states: http://www.dailypaul.com/223144/paul-delegates-can-no-longer...

But these numbers just from purely Paul's perspective are fantastic. Zero media coverage, if it does cover it's distorted, almost zero interviews, complete Romney propaganda setting up the inevitability factor and still 1 in 6 are for Paul. That is very encouraging. Moreover, his favorability is slowly improving.

All that means that we have better chances if we can get to that brokered convention.

But, if the campaign were to blast Romney in small

states like MD and WI like they did Santorum in MI, it would most likely drive enough support away from Romney to help Santorum win. Santorum was leading in many of the polls in MI before Dr. Paul's campaign released its attack ad on Santorum there and Romney ended up pulling it out by 3%.

I like this idea better than...

...the whole vote-Santorum-to-block idea. If we oppose Romney, and some sheep happen to baaaa on over to Santorum, that's OK; however, actively supporting the Zombie of W-era Republicanism?! Do that, I cannot.



I've been saying this for a week now and I get derided as a freaky frothy supporter or other such nonsense! WE, Paul supporters need a PLAN OF ACTION that will STOP Mittens from getting delegates! Our numbers are great, our planning, and thoughtful cooperation, not so much.

I'm with ya brother...


"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."


This is absolutely amazing! Thats a five point jump from when the other polls were taken! Paul was sitting at 11% last week! Great work from Wisconsin for Ron Paul! Keep going!

I'm Free like a Willy! Happy Day! Oops thats a bit of a cliche!

and real votes are ever higher

yet even those can get flip flopped

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul