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Gary Johnson on the Colbert Report 4/2/2012

I don't have a video for you, no doubt someone will soon enough, but I watched the entire interview. Gary spoke on balancing the budget, ending the ME wars, legalizing pot, etc. Nothing new, but he also mentioned that he viewed himself as continuing the legacy of Ron Paul beyond the GOP convention, how he expected to be the LP nominee, and how he thought he had a good chance of getting 15% in national polls and making it into the Presidential debates.

Like many of you no doubt, I'll probably vote Johnson in the general if Paul isn't on the ballot.

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Colbert is such a weinie!

I know he's supposed to be funny, but doesn,t work for me. He's no Stewart. Im disappointed he said he doesnt think Dr. Paul will get the nomination. That was not a good thing to say to Paulians.

Stop living in fantasy land

Of course he's not getting the nomination. Wake up!

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


That sealed the fate of the libertarian party

Those were the sound bites the establishment was hoping wanted. Great, now it is confirmed that libertarians are only homosexual potheads. And RP is thus guilty by association. Gary Johnson just did what the entire establishment could not; destroyed the libertarian party and took RP with him. Gary STOP helping! I guess it should be no surprise that New Mexico is one of the most socialist states.

Gary Johnson Vetoed over 400 Bills

When Gary Johnson was Governor of New Mexico he vetoed over 400 pieces of proposed legislation, more than all the other Governors put together. Many of the states have too much government. Gary Johnson was courageous and effective. Lets not put him down unfairly. The Libertarian Party is going to do well. Colbert led the conversation into areas he favored while trying to ignore when Gary said that he would balance the Federal Budget. Colbert can't seal the fate of the Libertarian Party. We libertarians have the fate in all of our hands and we must all do our best.

I don't disagree

I don't disagree that Gary does better than most. Just that he was played in reinforcing the public long held view of Libertarians. And that was all America had to hear to know they want none of it.

Will be Voting for Gary Johnson

If the Republican Party lacks the wisdom and courage to nominate Ron Paul for President, then I will be supporting and voting for the Libertarian Party candidate, likely to be Gary Johnson. I did all I could do for Ron Paul, I gave the legal max, I voted for him in the Repbulican Primary and I hosted a meetup group in my locality. But I will continue having a voice for liberty, peace and prosperity into the General Election in November. So I will be supporting the Libertarian Party in that campaign to the max.

I used to like Gary Johnson

and even entertained the idea of voting for him. But, this gives a clear indication of how once one's moral compass becomes clouded, his Constitutional compass is sure to follow.

countrythinker.com/.../gary-johnson-applauds-9th-circuits-same-sex- ...Cached

Libertarianism is supposed to be related to classical liberalism. But, an independent, activist judiciary has no part in classical liberalism. The classical liberal belief is that the job of judges is to rule based on EXISTING laws, not make up ones they wish existed or twist certain aspects of existing parts of the Constitution to justify striking down the will of the people. Gary Johnson can run as the Occupy Hell Street candidate because that will be his primary base if he becomes the L Party nominee.

"The truth is that neither British nor American imperialism was or is idealistic. It has always been driven by economic or strategic interests." - Charlie Reese

Fix the link please

For crying out loud.


I don't understand your objection. The argument is that any law that prohibits certain people to marry violates the equal protection clause of the Constitution.

That's firmly grounded in classical liberal thinking. That's not an active judiciary.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


Remove this mind game please!

Speak for yourself! I seriously doubt that most people here think like you and the few that do, support another candidate and are not helping this campaign!

Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.


you actually went to the mod box to ask for this article to be removed!

The author is speaking for himself.

you, on the other hand, are trying to claim the voice of 'most people here' as your own and asking the author's message to be removed simply because you disagree with it.

Maybe the support of liberty and of consistency is not really your thing.

Agreed! Please do speak for yourself....

If this is just a mind game for you, then don't read/participate! If in your opinion rational discussion should be 'removed' because the subject doesn't appeal to you then please do speak only for yourself.

This year is about Ron Paul.

This year is about Ron Paul. Unless Gary is talking about a possible VP slot then this discussion shouldn't take place.

Moderator, Please Remove This Article

Don't be suckers and get distracted by fear sponsored irrational alternatives. Mr. Johson isn'r going anywhere and he knows it. Thsi wastes our time and dilutes our energy.

This article doesn't belong here. Take it down.

yeah! remove what you don't agree with!

way to go for your support of liberty!


Please DON'T remove this article. If someone feels open dialogue is a waste of time then that someone should stop reading and/or participating in it. "Take it down" sounds so Rick Santorum, it makes my skin crawl.

I like Johnson, he can get the LP the 5%.

With that said; I think we can all agree about a few things:

1. We are in this to win the Republican Nomination for Ron Paul.

2. Many people on here, rightly so, will continue to push Paul as a Write-in candidate if he does not get the Nomination. But as I said in my comment, anyone talking about Write-In needs to start organizing a legit effort to do so. You can't expect someone to Write-In Ron Paul if he isn't qualified as a write-in candidate in their State, when there is a legit Libertarian Candidate on the ballot:


3. If Paul does not get the Nomination (I wish Johnson would say that, and mention the strong organization to win delegates, saying, "Who knows, anything could happen."), then we need to respect everyone decision for the General Election. If Paul is a Write-In Qualified Candidate, I see a lot of value Writing him in. If he is not (and even if he is) I can see the value in voting Johnson (or another third-party candidate) in order to help bring these parties up to 5% in the popular vote and receive federal funding for 2016 (and the legitimate claim that they are growing and capable of winning in 2016). If Johnson can get in the Debates all the better.


Remember, this isn't about Ron Paul, this is about the Constitution and Liberty. Ron Paul is our strongest voice, and our most likely Presidential candidate. We need to give him our all, but no matter what, win or lose, on Nov. 7th we need to keep fighting for the Constitution. Some people will see that in the long term, it'll be more beneficial to vote Johnson (L) than write-in Paul. I'd personally like the ability to write-in Ron Paul and have it count, if he isn't qualified in California I'll have to consider one of the candidates on the ballot.

Jack Wagner

I am 100% committed to Ron

I am 100% committed to Ron Paul for as long as he is running. But I won't write his name in if he's not actually running or, stay home. I'll vote for the candidate who most closely represents my principles. Gary Johnson has a couple flaws, but he is largely the same as Ron Paul on policy. If Ron Paul doesn't get the nomination, Johnson will have an opportunity to make the Libertarian Party relevant.


Except all Federal funiding of elections shoukd end.


Free includes debt-free!

Most important takeaway from

Most important takeaway from that interview is the need for 15% to get into the debates if Paul doesn't secure the R.

"Where liberty is, there is my country." -Benjamin Franklin

I like him, BUT..."when Ron

I like him, BUT..."when Ron Paul gets out of the race..." irked me.

If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.

Don't be too irked...

Johnson is running AGAINST Ron Paul after all... You have to admit realistically that with the Repug's PROVEN ability to cheat and commit fraud on a large scale without recourse that Ron would truly need a miracle to secure the nomination. I think Johnson's right- if no Ron, then let's get Gary on that stage between Obummer and Romulus! Johnson2012 is MY "Plan B" and should be all of ours....


In a revolution, when your back is against the wall, there is no plan B!!

Do not try to divide our forces by telling us what we all should do.

Ron Paul has stuck to his guns all these years, let's not fold like lawn chairs and give up what we've built! I have $9400 in credit card debt and I have given Ron Paul over $600 this year!

All my eggs are in the only basket that makes any sense!

Ron Paul or No One (and I mean NO ONE) at all!

Stop feeding the propaganda machine. Turn off your TV.

Uh, yeah...

Maybe you view Ron's nomination as the war, but I view it as a battle within the war. Ron's 08 run was a battle. Rand in '10 was a battle. Ron's '12 is a battle. If you win a battle you march forward. If you lose a battle you need to take a different course of action. The battle of "RP2012" is NOT OVER, and victory is within the realm of possibility. I did not suggest in the least that we all NOW jump ship into Johnson's campaign. I'm suggesting that we keep focus on what the WAR actually is....changing the hearts and minds of Americans and waiving the the banner of liberty far and wide. If we do not conclude that in the case things don't go our way (a RP nomination) we should have a 'plan b' for the movement, then the movement will wither and become weak, as it did after Goldwater, and we will all be relegated to the 'shadows of the fringe' for another generation. It's not only the man; it's the message that must live on and become a force on a national stage.

I'm glad you've got a big Tefillin; One a Pharisee could be proud of. But considering my donations, both of money AND of time, mine is bigger. So please don't insinuate that I am not committed to this campaign. I'm a RP delegate ffs. However, I don't see being prepared with an alternate plan for the cause of liberty to be a bad thing. A: If Ron is the nominee I will vote for Ron. B: Ron does not get the nomination, but Johnson is on the ballot; I will vote for Johnson. C: If neither man is on the ballot I will write in RP. That's how I'm rolling. If you don't agree, then don't agree. Just consider that a "write in" is only counted by machines as "Other." No one is hand counting write-ins unless it's neck to neck with first place. Then you have to consider that not all write-ins would be for Ron Paul. If you really think a national write-in campaign could be successful then you've watched Brewster's Millions one too many times. Ron is my man. I will fight for the man until the end, whether it's bitter or sweet. I will continue to give him support until HE says it's over. If that day comes, then I'll go with Johnson-whom I agree with much more that Rand. My conscience will be clear. For Liberty.

Ok, you can all vote me 'down' now for having an opinion. Cheers.

The point he was trying to

The point he was trying to make is that anti-establishment candidates need to stick together. Just because they may happen to be running in separate parties doesn't mean it's suddenly okay to belittle your "opponent" even though both of you essentially stand for the same ideals.

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We need a PIPELINE of candidates, not just a single man

And not all of them will be perfect images of St. Paul, not even his son. We still need LOTS of liberty-minded people out there speaking, running, getting on TV

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Yep, the more the better..

Yep, the more the better.. they can't kill us all

Thanks BigT, I was wondering where I saw this.

Is Gary just pandering to the warmongers or ...

Free includes debt-free!