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Ron Paul Projected to be in 2nd Place with 380 Delegates!

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This is not speculation

I know for a fact that I am a District Delegate and I am on the slate to go to the National Convention that is, if some one does not knock me off which I do not think will happen. I all so know for a fact that our District and State Conventions will be loaded with Ron Paul supporters who will be backing RP supporters for the National Convention. We are very organized in my state. Can we pull this off? That I do not know but one thing for sure we are giving 110%.

Correct me if I'm wrong but..

I believe the only state level convention so far has been North Dakotas.
It didn't matter how many county level delegates went to that convention. The state party hand picked delegates for Romney.
Those delegates are going to Tampa, not ANY of the county level delegates.

Ron is in first at the county level.
Time to send some Paul delegates to Tampa.

It's Still All Speculation at This Point

There has been only one caucus state so far to have finished their state convention. I think it was North Dakota. We certainly did not sweep it there.

Anything can go at these caucuses and it can easily turn into a 3 against one event. In the caucus process, unless you have a majority or "plurality" going in, then it's a battle in a somewhat confusing vote process. All can be won or lost depending.

Basically, there is no way to speculate the outcome of a state caucus convention unless you know going in, that you have the majority of delegates, which I suppose could be tallied up prior to a convention. In which case you will simply win the vote by majority in the first round.

I am not sure how many states have even finished all of their district and county caucus conventions.

At least 3 Frothy delegates belong to Ron Paul

We just ran the table in Oklahoma District 5 and got Ron Paul 3 delegates and 3 alternates. Of course, we're counted as Frothy's, so we'll see how that works out ;) I can't imagine we're the only district that handed the establishment their asses. Unless Oklahoma CD5 is a freak, I've got a pretty good feelin'.

Wow, so many people freaking

Wow, so many people freaking out "WE ALL KNOW PAUL'SIN FIRST". We don't know, we know at the very least he's in a strong second for the FIRST BALLOT, and if the first ballot doesn't just 'swoon' for Romney, then Paul's in first(because Romney would lose delegates and Paul would gain them on the second ballot)

Remember, the delegate counter there even says it's a 'conservative' estimate, I have a feeling it's much closer than even that counter. Paul is on Romney's heels.

No.."We" DON'T know that Paul

No.."We" DON'T know that Paul is in second AT ALL on the first ballot...let alone a "strong" second. You are just HOPING he is so you are taking your best case scenarios are treating them as fact.

Keep passing that around to your

Romney friends please. We need all the help we can get.

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No, I'm taking the actual

No, I'm taking the actual reports from dozens of conventions and also the Campaign's own announcements(Doug Wead recently spoke specifically on how many delegates each candidate has in difference to AP's counter, which matches up with my own estimates and others as well.)

You really need to calm down. Keep that fire for attacking the GOP, not for attacking me for being a realist, not a pessimist.

YO Sam....

take a chill pill! You are going to have a stroke if you don't bring it down a few notches.

~Your perception becomes your reality~

Sam is a busy little beaver

supporting Romney...

I HATE it when people tell others

to "calm down" or "chill out" when they are voicing their opinion. It's a trick that Liberals often use because it puts them in the "parental" role of monitoring your behavior, and discounting your say in the matter.

Makes me sick!

It's not a differencing of

It's not a differencing of opinion, he literally replied with hostility and "you're wrong because you're naive!" mentality. I'm not naive, I actually explained why I think Paul is in 2nd with delegates, and it was not 'an assumption'.

I know one Delegate heading to Tampa!

Next week I hope to elect 3 more at my CD

I indulge this secret fantasy that the number is closer to

400. Im not ready to give up just yet on Americans. I need to live in a world where there is just no damned way that THAT many of my fellow countrymen & women would actively go out of their way to be Romney, Santorum or Gingrich delegates. I need to believe my fellow Americans aren't that gd naive/dumb/deceived/evil and that actually a LOT of the other guys' delegates are Ron Paul people in disguise. I really really hope this is the case because to be honest, the people openly claiming to be RP delegates just ain't adding up to 380. There are certainly secret RP delegates with the other 3 candidates - im praying that there's about 200 between the 3 of them. We definitely have the numbers to do that, but it's not as easy to sneak into their camps as it sounds- they expect it and its no small task to make it through all the hoops.

Absolute fact

I got through. All you have to do is tell them what they want to hear. At my county convention I stood out side and bragged on how good the Santorm signs were. Went in side nominated my self and got elected to the District Convention. Now I have found out that the Republican GOP loves me and I have been added to the slate for the National Convention. It is not really all that hard. All you have to do is blow smoke like they do. I mean after all I learned it from the Republican GOP.

That guy Matt, Just posted a

That guy Matt,

Just posted a video about how Ron Paul "announces" third party bid.


Before that he posts this video about being second in delegate count.



Please do u have the link of that vid ?

so we all can go refute his lies?

Sigh...the delegate count is

Sigh...the delegate count is projected. All the MSM can use 'projections' yet we can't? At least ours count Bound delegates based off of actual reports of delegates nominated and how they'll most likely turn out).

Plus, Paul himself is not an absolutist, we all know that he 'might' run for 3rd party if Romney wins the nomination, but because of both the way the media likes to spin things and the fact that he's still doing AMAZING, he's had to hold his tongue from even hinting at it.

Absolute nonsense!!

Everyone knows Ron Paul isn't in 2nd place of delegates....

He's in first place and closing the whole nine yards!!

There must be a purpose behind Romney vowing to stop a brokered convention.

Time to double down on delegates, right straight through to the finish line!

This is absolutely ridiculous!

Do you actually believe Ron Paul is in second place? I mean seriously, what are we a bunch of suckers? You and I know deep down that that's not possible.come on, look at the facts, look at the how things have been shaping up.

This article and video are nonsense and I challenge every bit of it!

We all know Ron Paul is in FIRST PLACE...


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FYI, I'm just posting this

FYI, I'm just posting this here to get eyeballs of whomever it may apply to.

I'm from southwestern Michigan and am looking to move some Ron Paul slim jims (issue cards) to northwest Indiana, especially the South Bend area. I'm willing to deliver about seventy-five dollars worth of them for just twenty-five bucks, all of which will be going to fund more campaigning. The campaign saves the shipping and production costs which do nothing to help the campaign, you save a lot of money period, and I can move left over inventory that would otherwise go to waste and help fund my Uncle and I for delegate campaigning in Michigan. Win-win-win= win for all.

Let me know if you're interested, thanks!

since the MSM is wayyy off and biased

If this increases morale and gets people enthusiastic so be it. The fact is that nobody knows the exact count. If this puts a smile on our face and gives us the energy to continue the fight I am fine with it. The MSM grossly under counts the number so let us over count it a little.

I hope these numbers are close

I always wonder about this delegate strategy. I know the media is not reporting the correct numbers but its hard to imagine they could be that far off. We'll all find out in Tampa. I hope it all pans out in the end.

No one know for sure

No one knows for sure how many delegates RP has. But I can assure you that he has far more than Newt or Santorum. If Robme gets the 1144 before the Convention then call in the dogs because it is over. But many of us including my self have worked very hard to get elected as delegates and we will fight until Robme gets the 1144. If more people had taken this delegate path we would be home free. In our case if we would have had just three more people we would have taken over the complete county convention and would have filled the slate to District and State with RP supporters. Bottom line we have got to get our people to the National Convention and then we pray that Robme can not obtain that 1144.

Come on guys

Ron Paul supporters are supposed to think things through.

These numbers are just absolute nonsense.


Excluding the delegates that are bound to Ron Paul from the various primaries, out of the remaining caucus states, RON PAUL WOULD HAVE TO HAVE WON ~80% in order to have 380 delegates.

Are we to assume Santorum and Romney could only garner 10% of delegates each when all is said and done in the caucus?


How did Gingrich's numbers go down from 129 to 77? From Georgia and South Carolina alone he got exactly 77. Add in Tennessee (24%), Oklahoma (27%), Alabama (29%) and Mississippi (31%), he will at least get 120-125. This is at least 120-125 BOUND delegates. It's not, 'we'll find out in a couple of months', no, we know they are going to him.


And where did all these delegates go in this projection? Well the total number increased from 1058 to 1168. 110 new delegates. Gingrich lost 52, Santorum lost 6, Romney gained 34 and Ron Paul gained 134!!!! How?

So if you add those lost delegates in and the increase in delegates, there was 168 delegates to be gained. Ron Paul got 80% of the newly allocated delegates!???

That's just not based in reality.

Come on guys, we know a realistic expectation is around 200, and if we did excellent in caucus states (i.e. he wins 50% in all caucus states), maybe 250.

What if Newt drops out

Have you ever considered the fact that Newt will drop out of the race. I will be a bound to Newt delegate form GA if the slate gets voted in which I think it will. Newt drops out I become free. If no one gets the 1144 at the Convention I am free. That is when I vote for RP. Straight up Newt does not have a snow flakes chance of getting the nomination. It all depends on who drops out and if we can keep Romney from getting the 1144 delegates before the convention. The RP delegates are out there so make no mistake about that. But a few things have to fall into place before we can capitalize on them.

Yeah, no offense but this guy is way off.

I hate to be the guy to say it, but 380 is a huge exaggeration. The media is significantly underreporting the number at 50, but this guy is just way off claiming 380. We will take a majority if not all of the delegates from the caucus states, I would estimate we are around 250, maybe a little higher if we take all of the delegates in some states, but to say it is 380 is just nonsense.

We are doing really well right now, but please do not get your hopes up thinking we have 380 when the chances of that being the case are very, very unlikely.

I would venture to say that

Ron Paul has more than 380 delegates. But again it all depends on Romney not getting the 1144 before the convention. If he does that then turn out the lights, it is over. What people can not get into their heads is this. Ron Paul supporters all across the U.S have been getting them selves elected as District and State Delegates at the County Conventions. Now most District and State Conventions have not been held at this time. But rest assured that the RP supporters will fill those District and State Conventions and out of that will come a truck load of delegates to the National Convention who will be RP supporters. If and that is a big if, all of the delegates get turned loose then RP has a very good chance at getting the nomination. In my county convention a lot of our people got elected to the District and State Convention. Sure they would be bound to Newt at the National Convention, but if Newt drops out of the race then it is on because we support RP. They are only Newt delegates until he drops out or if some one fails to get that magic number of 1144, then they automatically become Paul delegates. Now do you get it?

I got it before..

But you do realize how many 380 is right? As of right now, RP's actual delegate count for pledged delegates is below 30. We are banking on caucus states and states with conventions to sneak us a good 200-250 more delegates. Do you realize that the TOTAL # of delegates going to RNC from caucus states is 369? That would mean RP would have to sweep every single caucus state with 100% of the delegates, and then add in additional delegates to reach the total you are suggesting. Even if we do have people pretending to be Romney/Grinch/Santorum supporters, saying we have above 250 delegates right now is pushing it considering the "Unity Slate" that most states are going to try to push through at state conventions. So now do you get it?