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Indiana homeowners can sleep better tonight. Seriously good news!


"Republican Governor Mitch Daniels has signed Senate Enrolled Act 1 into law in Indiana. The new law allows citizens to use deadly force against police officers they think are illegally entering their homes."

Maybe they will at least check and make sure they are at the right address before they throw in the flash grenade and storm the home.

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thank god

someone finally grew some balls!!!!but i live in west virginia and i don't need no law to tell me i can defend my own home regardless if it is a cop or anyone else!!!

Oh Indiana!


Here's the amended bill ^

I don't know why I'm just now reading about this! I'm a born-Hoosier, and my Social Studies teacher was an ex-cop. She always used to say we had a legal right to defend our property.. with force.

Good to see legislature that re-enforces that right pertaining to 'public servants'.

Give ear to my prayer, O God...