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VIDEO : 8 Million Lives Threatened By California San Onofre Reactor Problems

VIDEO : 8 Million Lives Threatened By California San Onofre Reactor Problems

The troubled San Onofre nuclear reactors are currently closed due to serious problems which threatens the lives of over 8 million people.

The San Onfre nuclear power plant in California is currently shutdown due to serious problems the extent of which are being covered up.

The lives of over 8 million people in California are in real and immediate danger after radiation leaked from the tubes at the plan.t

As the plant’s operator, Southern California Edison, moves forward with plants to reopen the plant after assuring regulators the plant is safe to operator one of the nation’s top nuclear engineers issued a report last week revealing serious outstanding safety issues.

The report claims the operator is not being truthful issues at plant and concludes that the operator must be covering up more problems at the plant.

The report also says Southern California Edison has misled regulators changes made to the aging nuclear power plant and by failing to cite the differences about old and new steam reactors that could seriously compromise the safety of the reactors

In an attempt to raise awareness about the issues activists are spreading the word online and a coalition of concerned organizations are running a public service ad to alert the public to the seriousness of the issue.

The plan is to get people to tell their friends and family members and get them involved in raising awareness about the issue so they can combat the power and influence the nuclear industry has over our regulators.

This needs to reach critical mass so the public can demand in a voice of solidarity that the issues is properly addressed before the people in the Los Angeles and San Diego area find themselves living in the same level of radioactive nuclear fallout that the 20 million people in the Tokyo metropolitan area are living in now


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you would think the Marine Corps

would have something to say here as well as DoD. That reactor sits adjacent to Camp Pendleton, and I recall many forced marches along the beach nearby when I was stationed there in the 80s. Id be worried as hell for all the Marines stationed there, not to mention the town of Oceanside.

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