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Paul Camp Claims: 6,200 — Newspaper: 3,000 — Chico Headcount!

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Friend of mine reports 4 thousand

Friend of mine reports: A diverse crowd of four thousand students, veterans, and families showed up to see Congressman Ron Paul at Chico State on Tuesday. Over an hour before the scheduled start time, hundreds of onlookers had already packed the memorial plaza at the university.


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"Beginning tonight at


"Beginning tonight at California State University, Chico, Paul will accelerate the pace of his campaign and attempt to become part of the national conversation once again. Over the next 40 days Paul will hold rallies at 16 college campuses across the country -- a majority of them in California and Texas -- with plans of adding several more stops before schools adjourn for the summer.

Universities have been a friendly atmosphere for the 76-year-old presidential hopeful who attracts thousands of people to his rallies but who has yet to win a single statewide GOP contest.
“You have to reach out to more people than the Republican base,” Paul told WMAL Radio on Monday. “We’re going to have big turnouts in places where no other Republican can go. I’m going to go to Berkeley.”
Paul will hold a campaign rally on that campus Thursday -- not a typical stop for Republican presidential candidates.
According to Paul’s campaign chairman Jesse Benton, that’s the point. “Part of the reason we are going to college campuses is to register people. There are congressional districts we can win and we hope to register thousands of young people for the California primary.”
The deadline to register to vote for California’s June 5 presidential primary is May 21, and the campaign hopes the passionate young supporters they register will help Paul win a portion of the state’s 159 delegates –- which will be allocated based on the primary results in each of the 53 congressional districts.
The campaign is also focusing its efforts in Paul’s home state of Texas, which holds the second-largest number of delegates, scheduling six rallies at state universities.
Paul is also planning a statewide TV ad buy next week, six weeks ahead of the open primary on May 29.
Benton, who also resides in the Lone Star state, said Texans are “slow to embrace a moderate from Massachusetts and they want to vote for a Texan.”
“We are going to push real hard to let them know they have a strong, fiscal conservative Texan in the race.”
Benton said the campaign is adding staff in Texas and he will be heading up the state’s operation.
Looking even further down the calendar, Paul plans to speak at five state conventions in an effort to win over delegates to secure the minimum threshold needed to be nominated at the Republican National Convention in August.
“We don’t plan to get out of race until Dr. Paul is the nominee or someone else is the nominee,” Benton said. “The scores of people across the country want to vote for a constitutionalist, a real conservative, who can bring real change to the White House and they deserve to be heard.”

So this might be frivolous

but his sweater and pants made him look that best I've seen him so far. Seriously, that was a very good looking outfit.

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Overheads are very effective! Let's try for some good ones from the UCLA event today. Thanks for the great follow through.

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What a Great Idea!

Perhaps that would get some coverage as well as fabulous crowd shots! Just imagine the blimp floating above an outdoor rally! How cool would that be!


Here we come! The event was moved to a stadium that holds 7500 people!

Great for the future

but doesn't really help with the now. Just look at the press copy 'crowd of mostly younger people.' The 18-29 age group is only a small fraction of primary voters which are dominated by 45+.

It is heartening that the kids come out but until there are about three generations of them things are not going to change.

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I just gotta say

I am 48. I got my 68 year old mom and 80 year old step dad to vote Ron Paul as well as my 51 year old husband. If my children (who I didn't have till I was 40) were old enough they would have voted Ron Paul too. If I had been sure about Ron Paul earlier I would have had more friends vote for him, but unfortunately I was a late comer to the liberty movement because I had been asleep for far too long. People are waking up!

So to say that the 6200 count young age group does not mean anything is to say they do not have parents, grandparents, brothers & sisters and friends as well as years ahead of them to vote for liberty and see it through.

Madison WAS 3 generations

It's NOT all young people. The Madison rally had ages from 2-80. And the young people are not failing to vote. I believe fraud is rampant.

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The other link on the front page for the Chico rally has a news report video clip and they interviewed an older guy who gave a great response regarding peace!

It's the younger people dummy!

The younger people are making the change.

I look forward to watching them from my rocking chair.

If I'm to enjoy that rocking chair it'll be because they pick up where I've left off.

Not all of them are younger people. I have been a "person

without a Party" for 30 years. My leader is here now.


Welcome, glad you are here!

Welcome, glad you are here!


I'm glad you have found the message.

Paul first went to congress in 1976.

The message has been around for much longer. What has changed is the reach, the newfound audience for the message.


I am over 30, I have been rooting for Paul since my hubby stumbled upon him in 2007! I know tons of people all over the country who are baby boomers & are for Paul! I think too many people actually believe what the media puts out there & are quick to judge & comment against the liberty movement. Our numbers are HUGE! If there wasn't so much evil & corruption the world would know the truth, Dr. Paul ROCKS!

The bigger the rallies the

The bigger the rallies the better he speaks his message it seems to me.

Excellent speech Dr. Paul!

Excellent speech Dr. Paul!


Very awesome to see huge crowds like this. There is hope.

Restore the Greatness of America

I believe...President Paul!

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There is no duration defined in the Oath

Well done, Chico!

There must be a lot of smart people in Chico!

Participate in America's future- Research Ron Paul- Truth will Prevail! You too, will be proud one day, to be able to say: "I was a Ron Paul supporter."

the water here does not contain flouride =)

Many came from outside the area, including shingletown, Yreka, Redding, Sacramento.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.


The water may not have fluoride,

but I remember the lukewarm response we were getting the last go-round. It's nice to see so many people waking up in the north state. I don't think I've seen that many people on campus in all my years in Chico. I'm jealous. We had to go to Reno last election. Sorry I'm not there to help you guys out. Things look good in Texas though too :)

Berkeley, LA...

..the gauntlet has dropped. Let's see how many intelligent people you guys can bring out. Then, let's win the state and collect all the delegates!

Participate in America's future- Research Ron Paul- Truth will Prevail! You too, will be proud one day, to be able to say: "I was a Ron Paul supporter."

His speeches are getting much better

I really enjoyed this speech.

I can just imagine how it affects someone who never really heard it before. They might arrive expecting to see the old, cranky guy with the crazy and dangerous ideas. Then they listen to him and I would imagine that many get shocked by how different they were led to believe what he was all about. I would imagine that if they actually listen, they might say "damn, this guy makes a lot of sense. He seems nothing like the image that I got from listening to all the commentators."

Hopefully the disconnect bugs them enough that they start looking up stuff on the Federal Reserve. Unfortunately that takes time but in the long run it's what has to happen. But once that happens, we will get the real change that is needed.

Tim Maitski
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Very well said Maitski!

That's the whole point of what he's doing.

TIME Magazines's 100 most influential people: Let's make Paul #1

"Cast your votes for the leaders, artists, innovators, icons and heroes you think are the most influential people in the world. Official voting ends on Friday, April 6, and the poll winner will be included in the TIME 100 issue. The complete TIME 100 list will be chosen by our editors and revealed on TIME.com on Tuesday, April 17."-Time Staff 3/29/2012

We should take some time to vote for the good doctor. Maybe, specially if he ranks #1, Ron Paul can reach a new pool of individuals who have not been exposed to the philosophy of liberty.


Crowd Count?

I could care less. The correct VOTE count is what should be making headlines.