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Paul Camp Claims: 6,200 — Newspaper: 3,000 — Chico Headcount!

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I've seen high school football in Ohio

Those are real crowds :)

Ohio also has real thunder :)

NBC's former embedded reporter for Paul just tweeted..

Anthony Terrell @AnthonyNBCNews
Obviously I wasnt there but @RonPaul press team says Paul drew over 6,200 ppl to townhall at Cal State-Chico tonight - "Biggest Ever"

I don't tweet

so here's my response to AT: No shiznit you weren't there, Sherlock. You are going to regret missing the greatest story in the history of American politics because you un-embedded yourself, when Dr. Paul's crowd rattles the rafters in Tampa on the 2ND BALLOT!


Can't Wait for the Convention!!!

That's where we need to congregate and show our support for the good Dr.!!!

people up tree behind Paul

the campus commies wouldn't let us do that in Madison :-(

it's cold in Madison

Climbing a tree in March is like climbing an icicle


Looks a little shy of the 5200 we got in Madison. Let's call it a tie!

lol..u guys make me laugh and

lol..u guys make me laugh and it feels so good..

your record IS NOT safe :)


That was UW, in Madison...this is in little old Chico.

Wait till we get down to UCLA and then back up to Berkeley---let's see how long your record holds!


They just moved the UCLA venue to one that can hold up to 10,000

if they stand on the courts, or a little over 5,000 if they use the risers.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul



Venue should be bigger

We need that 65,000 seat stadium Mitt filled with 750 supporters and 750 press.


I hope you're correct

I wonder if they'll correctly report on it when he starts filling stadiums?

Filling Stadiums - No

It's when we spill out onto the streets afterward and surround the nearest TV station, radio station, and newspaper, then they'll report.

Otherwise, it's out of sight, out of mind. (Like holding a parade in D.C. on a holiday when the streets are empty.)

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I hope they beat all records

I couldn't understand the capacity for the place. Looks like it holds over 10,000, but that's all courts combined; main holds maybe 6,500...I don't know what full capacity actually is...I hope we stretch it enough to find out :)

Then when UCLA sets a new record it can last for one day, gives Berkeley something to do the next night

yay! Those pics are great!

yay! Those pics are great!

Oh Yea...

Good work Johnny!

I don't do shit

I call it "live blogging the live bloggers"---keeps me near the stove...and the fridge :)

Well You SURE Are Good At It!



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Awwww...good ol' Chico State

I miss the good ol' days of Pioneer Week at Chico...seems like a lifetime ago...

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Oh yeah!

Back then they used to win the Playboy award for consuming the most alcohol per capita than any other college. I used to hang out at I Tappa Coors frat when I was younger...those were the days!

pioneer days

Indeed those were the days!! I hear its not that way anymore?


I remember the Playboy story

Being at USF that's about all I had to go on...

Wish I could have been there!

I'm there in spirit!!!