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Videos: Ron Paul Breaks Another Record with 6,200 in CA

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this event was not well publicised and more than 7k wanted in

no mention that i saw in LA times or the bruin newspaper... i'm a ron paul fanatic and i only knew a couple days in advance because of the daily paul

imagine ron paul at staples center with a few musical guests opening for him who endorse him!

and everybody did not get in. when ron paul came out at the beginning the people who weren't in the stadium were chanting ron paul from outside.

there were way more than 7 k that were trying to attend the event
and some may have been discouraged by the line to get in that took over 10 minutes to walk to the back of the line.

How about Texas? Paul can at least win his home State right?

How about Texas? Paul can at least win his home State right?


"people sometimes stumble"

Haha love it.

"I observed...that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.” B. Franklin

"Good luck winning without us"

That's awesome!

Where can I get that button

that's shown at the end of the video?

I got it custom made at the

I got it custom made at the print shop

so if upvote in reddit, i

so if upvote in reddit, i cant upvote on the DP?


Thank DeeJayG


I've never seen so many people show up to listen to a politician speak. Hope he pulls in a few 10k crowds soon.

they could have got 10k with a little publicity

and if the venue held more

there were still tons of people outside when he started the speech... and they were chanting RON PAUL loud enough to hear inside the stadium


"Return to a free market system"


One of these days he'll fill

One of these days he'll fill a stadium

The big question is, how can

The big question is, how can we convert that 6,200 attendance into votes? Youth enthusiasm is great but youth indolence doesn't convert such enthusiasm to actual votes as were the case for several States. Please California, do not disappoint us!

People need to hand out voter

People need to hand out voter registration forms like crazy at these events. I'll be doing this tomorrow at Berkley.

Paul's rock'n the argyle sweater!



a state tried to curb some of trade union perks of government trade union members, 180,000 came out to protest.

If RP crowd grows 1,000 a month, then it may take 14 years to match. I have just listened to an interesting comment from Frank Chodorov (an old school American conservative & a Zionist, see mises.org) "you can gradually vote the tyranny in, but you can never vote it out."

Uh, Paul crowds are by the thousands a week!

Why don't you quit trying to discourage Paul supporters. Try comparing Romney and the rest to Paul's crowds! L.O.L....oh, that's right...you would never be allowed to do that publicly! The truth on the t.v. just might cause more people to lean to Paul! Heaven forbid...you couldn't do that!

Good points. But that's why

Good points. But that's why it's about a revolution in ideas, not just an election. This country wasn't always tyrannical - here's hoping we can find our way back. Even if we start at the local levels and work our way to federal.

Great work!

But just a point of information...

Regardless of whether it was 3000+ or 6200, we need to top the '07 rally in Philadelphia which was north of 10,000 by most non-MSM accounts, in order to have "a record."

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

We know there were 6000 plus

We know there were 6000 plus people there and will be another 6000+ that will end up watching this speach online at some point! Loved the start of this video!

Ron Paul 2012 - the change Obama was talking about!

All I hear about is the young people.....

Sure saw alot of old college students in the crowd. They must do things different in California.

When Dr. Paul was in St. Cloud MN for his first trip

I was up front and I counted the rows which was 100 deep by 50+ wide. Every seat was filled and people standing in the convention hall where are State Convention will be held.

I heard the media asking the MN campaign staff how many do you think were in attendance and they didn't want to say. SO the media said you think about 3000? They said at least but said it was up to the National Campaign to comment on it.

Any way long story short we had a lot of people that first visit.

Glad to see people showing up to California, so only if you had organizers in that audience you take those 5000 people get them registered. Ask them to go out a get at least 20 people to vote you would have a landslide.

Was there anyone organizing that night?

the dissed counts are a problem in our PR

Was trying to go to sleep last night and this kept gnawing in the back of those other things I had to review from the day.

As I cant get to any rallies I didnt have the mental image bits to place in the larger puzzle but the photos gave me good mental images

As I am a person who images in my mind as people speak or as I view film/photo I kept seeing a possible way to get nearly total accuracy in head counts

There were occasional BALOONS in among the head count
in those photos !

The RALLY managers need to get ONE design for all the rallies but with a NAME in the center to show the
location that is being filmed

Like a RON PAUL baloon design and

leave the center for the location it will be used.

Every rally have baloons filled and ready to disperse
ONLY appointed baloon holders get to use them.
Give that job to someone with kids who can take turns
so they feel included.
For every fifty heads have ONE baloon held up that shows in every photo and vid scan of the crowd

Think of it as colorcoding by post it notes the sections you wish to COUNT. see..?

photo and vid scans of the crowd will show a MARKER BALOON ca every fifty heads and give a near accurate count that we can then point up in threads and news articles as our way of proving the turn outs we claim.

After I figured this out I got sleepy and only wondered if it could be given to the managers of the various rallies and at least tired out but thats not my job
When I can see a solution to a glitch I pass it on
If those who could use it dont want to try it I cant do anything about it
When I was younger I did angst over such, now I just get on with other things and know UNIVERSE see to it if its to be handily done.

Caps, stickers, mugs and Tees that match the baloons could be sold at the rally with the location printed in the center of the Ron Paul logo, just a few extra bucks to defray rally expenses. $:)


Not a bad idea...

..at all.

Please, write the campaign and let us know what they say.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

I took a couple screen shots of that video

and lined up the people closest to me and here's what I got.

Or not.

According to one very qualified crowd estimator it was more like 3,500. See this comment: http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/2360915

I am rooting for bigger and bigger crowds but I don't think it's a great idea to fool ourselves.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

they were wrong i was there

i was in line for 20 minutes and just made it in for the intro to ron paul

when ron paul started speaking crowds outside who didn't make it in were chanting "RON PAUL" very loud

never trust a person who claims to be very qualified

So were they there, and they had vast experience

estimating crowds. You were there but what can you tell us about your ability to estimate head counts?

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

my estimate based on seating capacity

and the number of unseated individuals who didn't make it into the stadium.

there were some scattered empty seats but there were also lots of people standing and sitting in trees

Akira, we're obviously on different pages.

Sounds like you're talking about LA and I'm talking about Chico, lol!

New Hampshire and Ecuador.