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FREE Irwin Schiff!

Let's start a movement.
T-Shirts, brochures, bumber stickers etc.
This man should not be in prison.
Perhaps he should be running for president - again.


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Irwin Can't Be Broken....

They well know that Irwin Schiff cannot be broken, but, he will serve them by the "Law of their Guns" while not pretending that it is anything else. They will not break him because whether or not they do depends not upon them but upon him and he does not even consider that option. He is just as vital and strong in prison as he is "On The Outs"!

If they can drive him insane, then they think they've won....

They will break him by whatever means available, as often they aren't tactically prepared to finish he & his supporters off anyway.

Their most preferred option is therefore to drive him mad, as they did Jim Trafficant....Hoping with all their might, that he turns into one of them & does their dirty work.

Believe Me ... They Know They Can't Really Win.

Dear Sam,
The government - meaning the higher echelon of the DOJ, IRS, Congress and the USDC's - already know that they have put too much truth on the Record. All they can do now is to hope with all their might that the people will not read, and if they do read, the people will be too fearful to process and share the information. That is why so many of us went to prison. Not for knowing, but for telling. For speaking and writing - just what we are doing here. Of course, we were not formally charged with that on the indictments - for there are no Code Sections making speech a crime. Whenever two or more people speak about something the government does not want us to talk about, they call it a conspiracy to harm them. Like the Commerce Clause, the conspiracy "statutes", I use the term loosely for it is policy not law, are "Catch-All" verses, doggerel really, used with broad unbridled power (discretion) to wrangle dissidents, (persons who oppose official policy, esp. that of an authoritarian state), into parting with their property and/or for pushing them through the pretend courts on their way to prison. The government will continue to strike at a few, make press releases and otherwise flail their arms and quote huge unsubstantiated numbers in alleged damages while pretending that it is the "honest American taxpayers" that it is protecting as it does this, but it is them that are being driven mad by the mere fact that fewer and fewer people are buying into the show as the years pass. Perhaps the people have not seen any "income tax" "trials", but with all of the prison population in this country, the people are seeing the way the executive branch has high-jacked the courts for plea "agreements" and other "trials", and, those people have learned enough not to take the government's word for anything anymore. As the old adage goes... "Give them enough rope... they will hang themselves" We tried to save them from the rope but they went to great lengths to get ahold of enough of it. Their biggest fear is that the trial transcripts will be published in such form as the People will read them and understand the truth.

Yes, so they'll just release him from prison instead....

And dismiss the case, rather than allow any of those facts to go public.

You are correct. But they will hope very much so, that in the process they drive him insane.

So again we reach a stalemate. Keep spreading the truth about the tax scheme, that floodgate will start cracking the scam.

Wearing T-Shirts Won't Help

Dear Brian,
Wearing T-Shirts may not help Irwin to be released, but it could raise awareness for the issue of all the trials past and present that have resulted in wrongful prosecution and unjust imprisonment for honest people who simply asked proper questions - the right questions - that the agency and the courts refused to answer. The trial was not an exercise in futility, however. One does not even need to read a word of anything the defense got to say - not that there is very much of that, ( as Mr. Waxman has already said here ) - to know the truth about how the individual income tax is imposed and collected. All one has to do is read the transcript of any of our trials - only read the government's arguments and witness questioning, and, especially the "Closing Arguments" - for it is clear that the law has nothing to do with the collection of that tax. You know this to be true, too. I know you do. You are correct that the courts cannot possibly rule in Irwin's favor on the correct premise of his case: to do so would indeed open a floodgate of cases brought by the victims of the agency's unlawful practices over the decades. So, Irwin's Habeas Corpus Petition does not raise the issues that Irwin believes in. It raises an issue that the Ninth Circuit has already ruled to be an abuse of judicial discretion when they ordered a new trial for Lawrence Cohen, our co-defendant in the cases, having to do with whether Irwin had evil intent or whether Irwin truly believed in what he was saying and teaching - that, in fact, reasonable doubt as to Irwin's intent could have been established by the admittance of his psychological reports - something the government fought and won to keep away from the jury. Thank you for your comments, and, I respect your thoughts, but I believe that Irwin will get an early release if the courts will start moving based upon the due process and mathematical mistake issues raised in the appeal.

Free Irwin!

Thank you all who still think of him. I talk with Irwin every day and he is holding up courageously and honorably. He just had surgery done on both eyes last week, and is told that it will take 4 weeks to recover so he cannot read his email right now, but when he can I will paste your comments here into an email for him to read and process with his own mind and to nourish his spirit. It will be very encouraging for him. He is very anxious to get out, and then we will marry - ( in the legal sense ) for we are already married in our hearts. Irwin's Writ of Habeas Corpus, ( read it on his website), was filed last fall, but the judge is just sitting on it... has not even asked the government actors to respond. Peter and Andy Schiff have hired an attorney firm to file a Writ of Mandamus to encourage the judge to make a move on this. Your positive thoughts and prayers for Irwin's release will help. Thank you! Thank you! Your kind comments and support have truly warmed my heart. Cindy Neun

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Thank you for the report, Cynthia.

It is good to hear that his spirit is strong.

My Report

I LOVE HIM! I truly do love him, and, I am waiting for him to be released so we can be together again. He is the most courageous and principled individual I have ever known ... or ever hope to meet.

I'll say this

The comics he made about economics were the only things that got me remotely interested in learning about economic theory.

+ Follow the Cooperative principle
+ Civility first
+ Constructive comments

The "Comic Books"

Dear Jordan, you gave me smiles. In fact, Irwin's books, "How An Economy Grows And Why It Doesn't", and "The Kingdom Of Moltz" are being published and sold in French and Bulgarian right now. They are classics which will live forever! Indeed, they are "Economics 101" in a simple and pleasing presentation. I am happy you mentioned these.

Irwin was not allowed to present any evidence on his behalf

I represented him on appeal. His trial was the worst example of American justice, since Jefferson's unjustified attack on Aaron Burr. If you are interested in some good reading go to the website below and send it viral. At the least his sentence should be commuted. A good letter writing campaign might help. He is in bad health now at age 86.

Irwin's new attorney filed a Habeas Corpus Petition almost a year ago and the trial judge has refused to order the DOJ to respond, which is what is normally done. They are all waiting for him to die.

A mass of letters to the U.S. Attorney in Las Vegas and to the trial judge (Judge Dawson) to proceed with the Habeas Corpus Petition might help. Dawson and the Court of Appeals Judges who affirmed Irwins conviction and outrageous sentence ought to be impeached for the lynch job they did on Irwin and me, personally, when they sanctioned me for speaking the truth.


Do you still have any form of

Do you still have any form of contact with Irwin? If so, please tell him we at the Daily Paul share kind words for him and support his integrity!

Can someone update the OP to

Can someone update the OP to include the addresses and contacts to address the letters to? Perhaps we can start a letter writing campaign. I'm sure if they thought the public were looking into this they might more carefully proceed with the process of the petition.

Your Representation Of Irwin

Mr. Waxman,
I will always be very grateful for you and your representation of Irwin, and, so will he be grateful. He only has very kind words to say about you. Irwin has told me many times about the abuses you suffered in representing him. He holds you in very high regard. Thank you for taking the time to send your message. Thank you for always being so honorable. Thank you.

Free Irwin Schiff. An honest man jailed for refusing to tithe.

Irwin Schiff is refusing to tithe to the IRS.

The Fed: Loaning you blind since 1913.
The IRS: The Fed Tax sweeper. Income tax is all swept up to cover National Debt interest payments & transfer payments.

This is reported in the Ronald Reagan Administration "Grace Commission Report, 1984."

President Reagan "Grace Commission" Flight of the Income Tax
Submitted by Mark Twain, 10/16/2010

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul


It would be so great to see a pardon for this man.

"Pardon" Irwin For He Is Innocent

For a man or woman to be convicted of a crime, there must be proven an evil intent. Irwin had no evil intent when sharing his research and information... Only the opposite - His intent was and still is only to follow the laws as written and as supported by the Legislative Reports (the intent of Congress) when enacting the laws.
A Pardon is properly to forgive a man for breaking a law... but, of course,we would indeed welcome any kind of remedy which would free him from incarceration.
Thank you for your hope for his release, such as his "release" would be, for he will continue to be in the custody of the government for as long as he lives, just as I will be, under the terms of our probations.

I'll bet President Paul gets a hand cramp

signing pardons once he's sworn into office.

Yes! Free the man! Let's get

Yes! Free the man! Let's get someone in office who will pardon him. I wonder who that candidate could be..

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bump for a hero (actually two)


Free Irwin! And probably a

Free Irwin! And probably a couple of hundred thousand others caught in America's Gulag system.