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CHEAP Ron Paul GI JOE Shirts

links to pics of Ron Paul GI JOE shirts:

Anybody want to help me break even with these Ron Paul Shirts? I made them hoping to make a little profit but I have failed. Now I am just trying to break even...

$13.00 for Short Sleeve
$14.00 for Long Sleeve
(Prices include shipping)

Remaining shirt quantities and sizes:

4 MEDIUM Short Sleeve
1 LARGE Short Sleeve
4 XL Short Sleeve

2 SMALL Long Sleeve
4 Medium Long Sleeve
3 LARGE Long Sleeve
6 XL Long Sleeve

All shirts are new, JERZEES brand, 100% cotton unless otherwise noted

shoot me an email with your name, size, short or long sleeve, and address. my email is hobdian @ c o m c a s t (d o t) n e t

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these shirts are instant

these shirts are instant conversation starters.. I wear it when I run errands and I think the message along w the GI JOE logo invites those who recognize to comment on it.. always keep some ron paul literature in your pocket just in case!

already getting emails about

already getting emails about them.. I love the Ron Paul Community!