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At what level do the Rothchild's / Establishment / Cabal go to influence?

I have just finished watching speeches made by Putin in Russia. It seems like he is aware of corruption in our system.

Some say that the establishment which controls our government and media is manufacturing propaganda to undo Putin. They say that they go so far as creating fake protests to turn the people of Russia against Putin.

So, here's a video which may confirm the accusation that the protests are being staged. Makes you wonder to what extent the news in our own country is fabricated.

Take a look at this video, starting at about 10:30 on the timeline and see what you think.


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do not buy into that lie

Do some googling and look who creates russian money and note its created as a fiat debt issue curency. Look who owns Russian media. Look who controls the Oil and Gas of Russia. Research. There is not free naton or govenrment in this planet all of them are tax controled by ROths central banks. If you find your savior nation government let me know. I know you wont find your way to freedom unless you realize its you againt the world and only with enlightened disengagment as your primary weapon can you stop supporting these immoral slavers and genocidists. CHINA? RUSSIA? come on they aint your savior.


Whatever you heard is an outright lie....

There are still thousands of globalist punks in Russia, from various backgrounds. Whether they call themselves Jewish, Christian, German, doesn't matter.

There is plenty of Ziofascist oligarchs in the Russian congress by the way, after Berovosky finally fled.