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9/11: A Conspiracy Theory*

James Corbett has really outdone himself with this one.... PRICELESS...!!!


Found at:


* Note:

This thread was originally titled, 'OMG - See The PTB Get Their *ss Handed to Them' but the editors here at the Daily Paul felt such a headline wouldn't be quite appropriate for the front page of this very dignified website. Additionally, the embedded YouTube video has been replaced to point back to the original James Corbett version - with over 1.25 million views - rather than the one found on the Mordin's Keep blog, which has a (relatively) paltry 57,000 views.

Thank you for your understanding. We now return you to your regularly scheduled forum post.

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I'm a geology student and I

I'm a geology student and I also work in the field, and I don't believe in man made global warming. I remember sitting in an oceanography class some years back and my professor made some comment about 'man made global warming hoax' and I was taken aback because I hadn't been expecting that from a geologist with his PHD. The more I learn, the more I think politics plays a large role in that topic. There are educated people on both sides.

and I'll add to this commment

and I'll add to this commment that the silly looking ones are the people who say we shouldn't question global warming because it's 'science.' People who make this arguement are often people who have nothing to do with science and are trying to manipulate people in some way.

And therefore Ron Paul is an

And therefore Ron Paul is an "idiot" for repeatedly arguing that Bin Laden attacked us on 9-11? Yeah right.

Where does Dr. Paul actual argue in his speeches that

Bin Laden perpetrated 9-11? Do not forget that the FBI has repeatedly said it has no evidence of any involvement of Mr. Bin Laden or, in fact, any other Muslim.

So in every disagreement, one

So in every disagreement, one of the parties is automatically an idiot? That's not rational thinking. You're the only one here calling Dr. Paul an idiot. I'm starting to think you're a troll.

Troll? Now....we're going to

Troll? Now....we're going to get in the gutter eh?

I've been a Paul backer since 1980 when I petitioned for his bill to abolish the selective service.

So why do you use troll

So why do you use troll tactics? Your line about "So you must think Paul is an idiot" is a typical troll baiting tactic. It's also a logical fallacy, which is typical of trolls.

Troll tactic = someone who

Troll tactic = someone who points out that Ron Paul disagrees with you.

Don't act dense. I don't

Don't act dense. I don't care if he disagrees with me or my opinion about 9/11. It's the emotional wording you use. You use your own backwards logic to reach someone else's conclusion for them. I don't think Ron Paul thinks it was an inside job, and I don't think he's an idiot. I think he has questions that haven't been answered, just like the rest of us. You attempt to draw people into a name calling argument rather than talking about the topic or the video. It's very trollish.

Trollish? I can feel the

Trollish? I can feel the love. Have you read the comments on this thread? You seem to be an honorable exception but many, many truthers think that RP secretly agrees with them. That makes my blood boil, as it would bother anyone who believes RP is an honest man.

Again, I'm glad that you don't agree with these folks.

Well said.....if Ron Paul was

Well said.....if Ron Paul was a truther the whole central thesis of his foreign policy that Bin Laden attacked us on 9-11 because we "are over there" would be a bald-faced lie. Dr. Paul does not lie.

just told US Dept Internet Security has seized some websites

disclose.tv being one - have never seen it but supposedly they reported on UFO's the government, etc. The page now shows that it's been seized by the U.S. Internet Security Terrorism Task Force & European Allied Command Operations. Anyone know about this site or any others?

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

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disclose.tv is forwarding to a bogus takedown notice

This is real:

This is a forward to an HTML document on the site called "seized.html":

There is no "Internet Security Terrorism Task Force".
(Go find its warrant in the District of Maryland.)
There is no "US terror attorney's office".
There is no "International Website Seizure Act".
There is no section (§ or #) 981 or 714 of USC 23.

They are trolling you.

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Really? Good luck to them "shutting this down!"


Wisdom Strategies

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...Wisdom never goes away.

Bless'ed are the Peacemakers.


How many other advocates of

How many other advocates of the "inside job" theory think that RP is a bald-faced liar when he says that he disagrees with you? BTW, I don't think he is a liar.

We don't think he is a liar.

We don't think he is a liar. He has told us publicly that he supports a new investigation. And that is what the victims families are demanding.
(Family member victims Vids)

Here is a comment from someone else on the site

▐ The truthers are gaining converts to RP▐

Submitted by paul_power on Fri, 02/17/2012 - 13:43. Permalink

(I am one of the converts. I am not a truther, but that's how I learned about RP. I was curious about a 9/11 truth bumper sticker that I saw. I searched the internet about it and I clicked to a Ron Paul youtube video and got hooked right away.)

I will try using the Noble Lie approach since it has the same effect on governemnt sponsored terror and insided job but the only problem with that is we are not as ready to spring facts with that one and the topic is further removed from discussion and collective memory. Its pretty slick though if your prepared...

9/11 and the EMPIRE OF LIES

For an IDEA of who might have helped lead a cover-up of what may have actually happened on 9/11:
Who was to be the chair of the "Investigation"?
Henry Kissinger [mouthpiece of the Rockefeller Elite]
If one thinks the Media, or the Federal Reserve, or the Military Industrial Complex has the American People's best Interest at heart -- YOU ARE SADLY MISTAKEN.
I have seen this nation go from Bad to worse in the last 6 years -- AND people are ALWAYS complaining about the puppets -- W / Clinton / Obama....
Evelyn de Rothschild
David - Now Jay Rockefeller -- Council of 13 - ILLUMINATI
Council of Foreign Relations 4000 Corp. Leaders/Politicians/Bankers
Bilderberg Group
Federal Reserve and WORLD FIAT Currency EMPIRE
(Rothschild Bank of International Settlements)
I do not see the Sheeple waking up nearly fast enough...
WE MUST HAVE A REINVESTIGATION OF 9/11, but this will never happen with the current ELITE Oligarchy in control of our Money system / Media / GOVERNMENT....
Mayor Amshel Rothschild - late 1700's:
David Rockefeller:
Paraphrasing: "[I am charged with forming a World Conspiracy to destroy American Soveriegnty, and the DOLLAR.{thusly bringing about the Bancor World Currency} If that is the charge, I proudly stand Guilty]". ...Formed/Director of: CFR, Bilderberg & Trilateral Commission...
95% of Obama's Cabinet
80% of W's Cabinet
75% of Clinton's Cabinet
WERE ALL MEMBERS OF CFR / Bilderberg / Trilateral / FEDERAL Reserve

Michael K-obzina
Republican District Captain 25h
Give me Liberty, or Give me Death...
STOP Federal AND State Governments servitude to THE FED and Corp.s!

New investigation?

New investigation? Sure....I violently disagree with the inside job theory and I'd support that. The question is this: does Paul support the inside job theory? The answer is that he dismisses it as "nonsense" and "off the wall." See here:


If you believe that 9-11 was an inside job, that is your right....but please don't imply that Ron Paul agrees with you.

Thanks for at least being open minded

That's what I was going to say( earlier Post) But I changed my mind. Why do i have to settle when I know the truth? Here's what I want to say.

Thanks for at least being open minded
Paul is forced to support what the truth supports no matter where it leads. I will definitely support your right to your opinions but the question is do you really want to know the truth. i do! The answer sometimes takes some real searching.

I will come all the way over to not believing it was an inside job. I want to badly. if I thought it was not an inside job I would not even care for this campaign> This is the CORE reason I'm interested. Its the reason I got my family involved and friends.

I'm probably one of the people most closely watching Ron Paul's Words on this subject. And I Remember what was going on at that moment. They were trying to frame the debate put words in his mouth and paint him into a corner, like they always do. He was tired of them trying to make him out to be something he wasn't. If you are a true Ron Paul supporter you know that... He was saying it was nonsense that he ENGAGED IN CONSPIRACY THEORIES. And that bush knew ahead of time.

Ron Paul Never Engaged in them and it WAS nonsense. That was only 30 seconds of the interview also, you need the rest for context. If you have discernment, and Understand Ron Paul and the media, You don't need Dr Paul to validate what truth is. Would you ask a politician how to set up demolition charges?

How can you argue against inside job when the lease holder himself of the building said on national tv on PBS that he pulled the building on the day of 911. He Really screwed up.

It takes several weeks and even months to set up demo charges properly. That Means it was premeditated. And if it Wasn't him, (which doesn't make sense) How did bin laden get his people in to a structurally reinforced CIA building to set up charges?

WIlliam Rodriquez



If you watch RP's words, e.g.

If you watch RP's words, e.g. Bin Laden, Not DICK CHENEY, THE CIA, ETC,. attached on us on 9-11 because "we are over there." He couldn't be more obvious.

Your Right he does say that.

Your Right he does say that. And they did say that. If you dig You'll find the terrorists mean they are increasing attacks on our forces because we are occupiers. Media won't challenge that statement, because it will open up a can of worms. Any way, don't worry about me flying of the handle and becoming the reason Dr Paul looks bad because of 911. The only people who do are the media. They can't dredge up any thing on Ron Paul about 911 because if they do, We'll just use that clip you gave me
to defend him and say that he does not engage in that type of talk but defends our right to hold these beliefs since the gov is the focus, and is more dangerous to freedom than we could ever be.

If I ran for office, I'd say the same thing as Dr Paul. They attacked us because we are over there.

Again, please quit calling

Again, please quit calling Dr. Paul a liar e.g. someone saying something he doesn't believe? If you think your candidate is lying to the American public, perhaps you bet on the wrong horse.

You seem decisive enough for

You seem decisive enough for me not to have to spell this out. And that would really help because I wont have to type as much. For arguments sake, here it is. When did I call Ron Paul a Liar? point it out, and apology will be given. Even if Ron Paul did lie he would still be the best horse in the race. You know that. Again I didn't say he is a liar. You already responded to another post where I addressed that. you gave no direct response. The title has LIAR in it. so you may press control+ f if you missed it.

Okay I gave you the benefit

Okay I gave you the benefit of the doubt and you are looking to poke holes where there are none. An understanding person wouldn't have said what you did. I know about conversation framing and NLP and you are teetering on them. Perhaps you misunderstood. Let me rephrase " he supports our right to believe these ideas" It's dangerous to be right when the gov is wrong.

Benefit of the doubt? Some

Benefit of the doubt? Some of us don't sit next to a computer all day. I just read your original post. Let me ask you a question so it can totally clear where we each stand: If your answer is "no" (with no ifs, ands, or buts) I will give you an abject apology. Do you believe that Dr. Paul believes that 9-11 was an inside job?

No, I don't believe he does.

No, I don't believe he does. But I know he believes in how inept and controlling the gov can be. He has a whole life of experience and dealing with corruption, And that's all that matters to me about him.

His freedom message does bring us together

I was shocked way back when I found out he specifically was aware of a valid explanation for extremism.

It feels good to know that someone is doing something in the system is causing change and actually knows what they are talking about.

Don't waste time giving an abject apology, I understand from your last post.

I'll waste my time anyway.

I'll waste my time anyway. You have my abject apology. I obviously didn't read you closely enough!



It's not a theory. Theories

It's not a theory. Theories cease when SOLID scientific evidence is uncovered ▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐- censored- 911 related

It's Really tough to make my case using the noble lie approach. (Non 911 approach basically)
and I have to get to bed. so use this and skip to 13 min and 40 seconds. And watch only for that segment the makes the point about false flag

Government was inside job then, Why not now? Did they repent and become more christianly?