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Ron Paul Crowds! See them all in one place!

I'm building a website that will hopefully show a timeline in photos (1-3 photos for each post) of each Ron Paul rally.

The goal is to demonstrate to the world how popular Ron Paul is by showing how many people go to his rallies. At the majority of his rallies it's a full house and the crowds are huge - people need to see this.

The website I've started is just a tumblr page.


I'm hoping to add twitter & Facebook links to the page theme and a decent title photo. Any advice given will be respected and probably used.

One thing I've already noticed.... I wanted a title photo of Ron Paul, in front of a large crowd but with his face showing. Most of the best photos are from behind him so you don't see his face! I want people who don't know who he is to see and learn to recognize him immediately so if anyone knows a good photo I could use please link it!

Also I might need some help getting a list of each rally, date and corresponding photos. I don't know if anyone has thought of this idea already but rather than wait I thought I'd take the initiative as I haven't seen anyone do this yet.

Also to the moderators of Daily Paul - I don't want credit and I'm not using Daily Paul to promote my own thing I want everyone to link to this idea and nothing else. If anything I'll probably be putting a link on the website direct to Daily Paul & RP campaign website.

I'm from Australia, 29, I can't vote or donate but I can still help. Little background info for those who want to know.

UPDATE: I'm still at it, I've got the majority of crowds up on the website now and I'm updating the site as they come. Use it as reference or pass it on.

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Great idea... naturally the

Great idea... naturally the press has not been aware of this, since they pulled their embedded reporters from the campaign. They live in their own bubble in DC and NY, so the people who attend these Ron Paul rallies don't count. They're not important, the way the tens of people camping out at Wall Street and trading verbal vollies with the NYPD are. Or when 10 people march around anywhere and rhyme, as long as they belong to the right group of victims. To put it in mathematical terms, I would say Ron Paul supporters are like 3/5s of persons, but that would be far too optimistically high, considering the numbers. Ron is surely a rockstar, but he won't get any media love til he signs the dotted line and becomes property of the establishment, which will never happen. Well, as Socrates put it, haters gon' hate.

Great Idea

Great Idea. I've already shared your page. Don't forget the 1,700 in Oklahoma City, OK on Feb 25th.




Thank you for caring.

Great idea, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Best photo of Chico


I was worried about posting that one because it wasn't as clear as the other photos even though yes it is a great photo (but I'm willing to change it if everybody agrees with you).

If you're feeling really ambitious...

juxtapose RP rally pics with pics of the BIGGEST romney/Gingrich/Santorum rallies in the same state.

Nice idea but

Nice idea but I don't want to mention or even compare the other contenders.

I have no interest in doing that and focus ALL my attention on Ron. Even by association I wouldn't mention them.

Be polite to the other contenders but don't give em anything.

3,000 in St.Charles, Missouri- 3/10

no pic, but they are out there


Great Idea R

...and thanks. It is a R3volution of Ideas. And, we all lov3 it when people outside the US are in it with us for the long haul...not just for the US but for everywhere.

(Ron Paul recently said something about..."Peace. Isn't that the ultimate goal?" I was so glad he said that. Every school class used to sing songs about peace. They don't do that any more. Social engineering, I guess. How's an evil world recycling military industrial money back and forth going to survive if there is peace.)

People everywhere want liberty...and peace. Will follow your site. Cool.


Getting there..

I just need more, there are heaps of rallies I haven't posted yet.

Here ya go

Feel free to use any of my pics from the U of I Champaign rally (~5000 people) on March 14: http://imgur.com/a/sxyBV#1


Thanks, I've saved a couple and I think I'll use the wide one when I update the site later today :)


This will be exciting to see all together in one place. I'm surprised it doesn't already exist. Thank you.

Yeah :)

That's the idea, I'm going to work on it a bit today when I have some free time, I'm trying to find the best photos available so if anyone thinks there is a better one post it here.

I was surprised no one has done it before.

Bump for discussion


Free includes debt-free!




Free includes debt-free!