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FLASH! - EPIC FAIL : Worlds largest Solar Plant, 2.1 Billion Energy Dept. Loan Guarantee, Files Bankruptcy

FLASH! - EPIC FAIL : Worlds largest Solar Plant, 2.1 Billion Energy Dept. Loan Guarantee, Files Bankruptcy

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/02/2012 20:14 -0400

Solyndra was just the appetizer. Earlier today, in what will come as a surprise only to members of the administration, the company which proudly held the rights to the world's largest solar power project, the hilariously named Solar Trust of America ("STA"), filed for bankruptcy. And while one could say that the company's epic collapse is more a function of alternative energy politics in Germany, where its 70% parent Solar Millennium AG filed for bankruptcy last December, what is relevant is that last April STA was the proud recipient of a $2.1 billion conditional loan from the Department of Energy, incidentally the second largest loan ever handed out by the DOE's Stephen Chu. That amount was supposed to fund the expansion of the company's 1000 MW Blythe Solar Power Project in Riverside, California. From the funding press release, "This project construction is expected to create over 1,000 direct jobs in Southern California, 7,500 indirect jobs in related industries throughout the United States, and more than 200 long-term operational jobs at the facility itself. It will play a key role in stimulating the American economy,” said Uwe T. Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Solar Trust of America and Executive Chairman of project development subsidiary Solar Millennium, LLC." Instead, what Solar Trust will do is create lots of billable hours for bankruptcy attorneys (at $1,000/hour), and a good old equity extraction for the $22 million DIP lender, which just happens to be NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, another "alternative energy" company which last year received a $935 million loan courtesy of the very same (and now $2.1 billion poorer) Department of Energy, which is also a subsidiary of public NextEra Energy (NEE), in the process ultimately resulting in yet another transfer of taxpayer cash to NEE's private shareholders.

As Bloomberg notes: "The company joins Energy Conversion Devices Inc., a U.S. solar manufacturer that suspended production last year; LSP Energy LP, the owner of a natural-gas-fired power plant in Mississippi; Ener1 Inc., maker of lithium-ion batteries for plug-in electric cars; solar-panel maker Solyndra LLC; and energy storage company Beacon Power Corp. (BCONQ) in bankruptcy."

And so central planning fails again, and again, and again, and again. But it sure will be better with the centrally planned monetary (and in the absence of a working Congress - also fiscal) policy. Because this time it really will be different.


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And again and again.....

Yet spite of government's perfect record of failure we let them control the money we use, the TV we watch, what we can eat, drink or smoke and what we can't, how much of the fruit of our labor we can keep all backed by the violent force of government.

The big lie: We will create, a progressive state, that cares for people like me.

This manufactured delusion forgets that a state cares for nothing but it's own survival.

Free includes debt-free!

I hope they all go bankrupt!!!!

From my mouth to God's ears, if he can ensure it, make it so.

Centralized control = TOTAL FAILURE BY DESIGN

Bankrupt all these corporations, it seems the only way the NWO will screech to a halt at the end of this hurricane...

Please correct your title: $2.1 Billion

Nice link.


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Thank Treg

Link corrected..thanks