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Question About the Role of Local Government. Sunday Closing law?

On this forum I respect your opinions more then any I can think of. I was hoping you could give me some advice concerning a local ordinance in my small city. Right now our City has zoned a business district and restricted the hours of operation to be closed from 11pm to 6am. They are also to close on Sunday. An exception is the Gas station. The majority of the people want to keep the ordinance the same because they feel their city is a bedroom community meaning it's 98% residential and want to keep it that way. The argument is that it forces the residence morality on businesses who may want to come here and open on Sunday. Is this crossing the line or does the majority have the right in an incorporated city created these rules for business? If people like it or don't they can stay or move or vote in new city council right?


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Usually, corporate cities

Usually, corporate cities operate on the basis of quasi-contracts: if you want to live within our corporate city limits you agree to live by our rules. Ordinances are rules, not law. On the other hand no city ordinance can violate state law even though they all do. Of course, there is always more to all this...

Thanks... so it is a contract

that's a good way to put it and it's why I don't get taxed via my adjacent city.