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Record Crowd!-UCLA- Video: Full Speech and More-Plus Many Pics

They came, they saw, they climbed the Trees.

How many? Don't know. It's a new record!

Mainstream Newspaper: "Overflow"- estimates 6,000-7,000 I'll take that!

Video (43:04): Full Speech Pt. 1

Video (5:32): Full Speech Pt. 2

These Crowds Get Great Local Coverage--WATCH THIS

You want to know how many. I want to know. At this point it's not possible to know. There are all kinds of bogus guesstimates.

Daily Paul user CB4Freedom says it better than I could:

"It's striking to watch the establishment GOP squabble over their feeble control of today while Ron Paul silently takes it over by winning the hearts and minds of the next generation."

Below: Video and Pic contributions from our many friends-Enjoy!

VIDEO (3:09) The Doctor's in the House

Video: Introduction by Youth for Ron Paul President

Video:(3:00) panning the crowd Use This to Count ALL Heads! from DailyPaul User spotynski

Video: Showing LONG, LONG Lines.

Video: AT capacity from Amir

VIDEO: a part of the Live Stream Daily Paul users watched from Jybyrd on Ustream who also is on Twitter @Jybyrd420

Video- :30 sec clip panning crowd..What do you think? from DailyPaul User shenager123

Photo Album: 70 Pics from Daily Bruin

Photo: WOW! A Crowd Shot! From Chance Glasco

2 Good Panorama Pics from DailyPaul User papoose34328

Photo: Another Cool Crowd Shot from Amir

Photo: everyone agrees it's bigger than Chico

Another PACKED shot of inside

Panorama of Crowd

Photo: "Place is PACKED"

Photo: Guy says "line a mile long"

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These People Gave You Video/Pics and Info:

LIVE VIDEO FEED was from Jybyrd - @Jybyrd420

Another LIVE VIDEO FEED was from Aaron Lujan - @AaronLujan

Special Video from Amir Zendehnam - @AmirZendehnam

Lili - @vanilluhbeanz

Bel Renteria - @ana2theb

Bethany Dawne - @Bethany_Dawne

LIVINGnotSurviving - @LIVINGns

Peter Kallman - @peterrally

Chance Glasco - @ChanceGlasco

John P. Slevin - @WinLiberty

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So crowded people climbed onto fences

Some latched onto the fences from outside to get glimpse of the event... a couple people managed to climb over but event security met up with them.


FYI, I'm just posting this

FYI, I'm just posting this here to get eyeballs of whomever it may apply to.

I'm from southwestern Michigan and am looking to move some Ron Paul slim jims (issue cards) to northwest Indiana, especially the South Bend area. I'm willing to deliver about seventy-five dollars worth of them for just twenty-five bucks, all of which will be going to fund more campaigning. The campaign saves the shipping and production costs which do nothing to help the campaign, you save a lot of money period, and I can move left over inventory that would otherwise go to waste and help fund my Uncle and I for delegate campaigning in Michigan. Win-win-win= win for all.

Let me know if you're interested, thanks!

awesome youtube of local coverage!!


This really captures the evening well.

America Needs to Stand Tall (and Vote for Ron Paul) Song


We'll be covering Ron Paul's visit to the Bay Area all day and eve.

Right now there's some music video up:

Ken "The Cameraman" Suitter (1 of the 2 Ron Paul supporters arrested in St. Charles, MO.) has recorded a song:

America Needs to Stand Tall (and Vote for Ron Paul)

Stop by and give it a listen.

Why aren't they REGISTERING these crowds to vote at these events

Collect voter data for volunteers and remind them to come out and VOTE!

they are trying to register as many as will register

They have people with clipboards and reg cards.

I was there

There was easily 8000 people there but probably close to 8.5k to 9k. The only part of the bleachers that were left open was due to not being able to see Ron Paul from there. So many People were standing behind the bleachers, as in not part of the max capacity statistic, and by the time Dr Paul was done speaking people were still coming in. The Line was easily a mile and a half but probably 2 miles long. Also big point here, BRING BANNERS!!! Hold the banners up while in line then fold/roll them up once upon going inside or to where ever the seating/rally is. The amount of banners there could only be counted on one hand. Mass amount of RP signs but little big banners. Also around 100 people took pictures with us and the sign so bring your banners. If its an option get a "revolution" banner, Ron Paul personally loves those. I've seen him 4 times now, 3 times with a revolution banner and i always get a personal and positive response when having one. RP 2012!!!

Bugs in the machine's picture

No coverage

On CBS2 Local affiliate out of LA on 11pm broadcast.

By claiming there is no conspiracy, you prove to those who believe in the conspiracy that you are part of the conspiracy.

maybe it's time

they start asking the other candidates when they will rally around *this one* and drop out!

A new list of celebrities

Celebrities who either show Ron Paul some love, or fully support him. Actually, there is maybe only a few on this list who have not fully endorsed him. List below:

Snoop dogg
Oliver stone
Norm Macdonald
Kelly clarkson
KRS one
Prodigy (Mobb Deep)
Vince Vaughn
Billy corgan
Juliette Lewis
Clint Eastwood
Kurt Russel
Joe Rogan
Doug Stanhope
Michelle Branch
Drew Carrey
John Mayer
Jesse Ventura
Pras Michel (Fugees)
Johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols)
Jonathan Davis (Korn)
Richard Dreyfuss
Willie Nelson
Aimee Allen
Penn and Teller
Arrested Development (rapper)
Wale (rapper)
Darren Burrows (actor)
Jimmie Vaughn (Guitarist an brother to Stevie Ray Vaughn)
Joe Perry (Aerosmith guitarist)
And a few more I'm probably forgetting.

We were there!!

It was amazing!!! :-) My awesome husband got off work a little early and we braved the traffic and parking issues. So worth it!!

Some of my videos from last night...

Set my vids to upload and went to sleep. This is what I woke up to:

The loooong line to the back of the line. This is the RSVP line only. There was another line for people who didn't RSVP. And the line kept growing and growing: http://youtu.be/gl9taKIn9dU

The crowd waiting for Ron Paul: http://youtu.be/GvNltW7LLcA

Ron Paul's entrance!!! http://youtu.be/hOzuUfIrN6M

More of the speech: http://youtu.be/A971d37Qu3M
More: http://youtu.be/V3tWZCAbnhs

Ron Paul's exodus: http://youtu.be/cZWBLJddzyY

edit And when this is done processing, I combined a couple of the above videos into one: http://youtu.be/VQZCSTgXcPo

'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised'


Thank you all you Bruins !!!


At least CNN...

covered it but posted an older picture with a MUCH smaller crowd.


Has anyone figured out

how to leave a comment on that CNN story.

I see comments, but no way to add one.

I'm trying to figure that out

I'm trying to figure that out myself. There used to be an 'Add comment' button, but I no longer have that. Starting to think they are blocking comments from individuals. I have the link on other stories, but not the last couple Paul stories I pulled up. Weird

Thank you

for all the links. You're the best!

Let It Not Be Said That We Did Nothing


the court seats 5,800. there were easily a thousand people outside the seating area. People were up in trees and crowding all around the fencing and gates, it was really cool to see. I got a picture of the people up in the tree, I'll see if I can post it up later.

to me that sounds about right

That's why I included the Long Beach newspaper report.

Their estimate of probably between 6,000-7,000 is like your estimate.

Like you they were there. Like you, they counted the people in the trees. And those people MUST be counted, after going to such trouble :)

I greatly appreciate your feedback.

fizzling out

well it looks like Ron Paul's campaign is finally sizzling out ;)

On local Fox station...

I found this comment over at the forums; wonder if anyone has the video from Fox 11.

"And to put the cherry on top, we made Fox 11, ABC 7 and I do believe NBC 4 news. Ron got a HUGE segment on Fox (at least 10 minutes, boy am I glad I got the Fox camera man IN)."



I have never seen anything like this. The introduction video brought tears to my eyes as Dr. Paul walked on stage. No wonder he is looking younger everyday..that energy is something else.

yeah, I also took note of that

Bastard is more than 20 years my senior and looks like he could outrun me...I KNOW not to race him by bicycle.

Send to Drudge, WND, beforeitsnews, Veteranstoday.org, Breitbart

Thanks for all the videos.

Campaign needs to invest in some Remote control Quadcopter with a simple camera.


Or, a Blimp

Sent to Drudge

Everyone send it.

Jonny R
Fellow Lover of Liberty

OpEdNews article+

This is just incredible

When was the last time a politician drew this many young people out?

Probably Obama. Who is the best candidate to take on Obama, well based on crowd size, Ron Paul. Lets hope these students vote.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul