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We Need 10,000 more signatures for 60 minutes.

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Don't trust what you are about

I signed in and saw how much personal info you need. What's you're point? Is this a scheme? If you need to know where I live then I need to know your social security number. If you can't give it up then I would say to everyone here that you are a scam artist. So get out of here, now!

Its not like

They are asking for your bank account numbers







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Um yes

It's a liberal organization but I've seen conservative causes use the petition system.... not sure if any have been banned.

Change.org is part of OFA and other networks of pro-Obama groups.

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Now 26,015 out of 35,000 - Just Had My 90 Year Old Mom Sign It

( : I signed a couple months ago. We can do this. A lot of the older generation watches 60 minutes. This is a great way to get his message to these folks!



9500+ left

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I signed this back in October 2011 and left a comment.

Nothing became of it. All I get was a lot of junk mail from change.org. I never get updates on the petition that I signed. When I came to check the petition, there were more than enough signatures to validate the petition. It is been more than 5 months now, and I have yet see Ron Paul on 60 Minutes.


= information farm

Unfortunately cBS and 60

Unfortunately cBS and 60 Minutes would do a hatchet job on Paul.....

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

I signed it and left a comment as to why.

Really? Come on people. Do you know how many people watch 60 minutes? If we really want to spread the message and get him elected why the heck would you not want him to sit down and talk (where he can laugh and talk and not be rushed to get his points in). Let the public get to know Ron Paul the way we have gotten to know him. Lord knows the MSM isn't covering him and when they do it is with smear tactics. This is great, free publicity! It would probably be one of the highest ranked shows they have ever produced!

This change.org sounds

This change.org sounds Obama-esk. Signed it but am very leery of it.

Oh wow

Because it's named "Change.org" you automatically say it's associated with Obama?



That's the level of political discourse that you're at?

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yeah it does when you look at

yeah it does when you look at some of the other petitions they've got


P.S. We're all allowed our feelings :)

I assume you were trying to link here


The thing is that the link shows change.org to be a for-profit group that decided to shut down certain government-lobbying projects that it didn't think were worth its time, and is designed to make money through building donor pools for several *featured* organizations.

In other words, it's proof that this isn't an Obama-affiliated project.

+ Follow the Cooperative principle
+ Civility first
+ Constructive comments

I wouldn't sign it if the

I wouldn't sign it if the campaign didn't suggest it... and they didn't suggest it.


Well then you definitely shouldnt sign it. im all for being skeptical but at some point it just sounds stupid if you question signing a petition that is for getting ron paul on 60 minutes

Who started this idiotic

Who started this idiotic campaign anyway?


All i want is Ron Paul on 60 minutes. Do you want that?

His appearing on 60 Minutes

His appearing on 60 Minutes at this point will have limited utility. Until the primary rolls around, it really won't matter to the non-GOP insider audience. Once the primary does roll around, then Ron appearing on every mainstream program on TV will be more productive.


Well hopefully we make it that far. maybe we will be third party by then. i think we both want whats best for RP so lets bury the hatchet

Wouldn't a letter writing

Wouldn't a letter writing campaign to the 60 Minutes folks achieve the same thing?


Youre probably right. you better get on that

Can't speak for anyone else,

Can't speak for anyone else, but your sarcasm and time-wasting distractions here give me the impression you're on a mission to undermine Ron, not help him.


Youre incessant skepticism of campaign designed to get Ron Paul on 60 minutes sounds like stupidity to me. Quit commenting on all my post and downvoting them like a little baby. I am a huge Ron Paul supporter, and I am definitely not explaining my trials to some sore loser who cant sign a petition to get Ron Paul on 60 minutes.

Really, youre looking like the troll, the more comments i read of yours.

Sure, pal.

I've been hanging out here since 2008 because I'm a sore loser. Ha!

CBS is Owned by Obomba

This will be interesting... Assuming the petition gets enough signatures, (yes I just signed it) the fact is that 60 Minutes is owned by CBS, and CBS is now owned by the Obomba administration:

Washington Post and CBS Recieving Money from Obamacare Slush Fund

Think Obomba will let it play anyway?