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Litmus Test

Friend of Liberty
Legal Criminal

How can anyone tell the difference?

Begging the question:

Who is asking?

Why are they asking?

A Criminal will want to know the difference because fellow Criminals are wise to the game, cost more to get less, are members of that fraternity, and because Friends of Liberty are the ones who produce the stuff that is worth stealing.

How much of the stolen wealth, stolen by the criminals, is used up, consumed, eaten, and malinvested (a word not even recognized by a spell checker - which is a curious omission), in the effort, by criminals, to target the least expensive, least costly, and most profitable victims?

Source of Information on this Topic:

Inspirational Disinformation


"Money is not wealth. It is just numbers. Sacrificing the health and happiness of billions of people to grow numbers on computer hard drives to improve one’s score on the Forbes Magazine list of the world’s richest people is immoral. Managing a society’s economy to facilitate this immoral competition at the expense of people and nature is an act of collective insanity."

I took the time to read that report based upon the Title chosen by the publisher or author.

"When Bankers Rule the World

"How we can call out the myths, restructure the banking system, shut down the con game, and take back America."

When will the victims wise up enough to realize an effective remedy?

That will happen measurably, as power flows less, and less, to the criminals and from the victims. The victims are then investing more power, because they lose less to the criminals, the victims invest more power into producing more power.

How is power measured accurately?

Does it require a law to invent, produce, and measure a way to accurately measure power?

Power can be measured as knowledge. How much more powerful is it to know how to avoid being a victim and know how being a victim reduces a person to a point of power that ensures perpetual victimization, compared to, competitively speaking, the competition, to not having enough sense, common sense, to know better?

What kind of common sense is powerful?

Measurably Powerful Information

"Society in every state is a blessing, but Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one: for when we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries BY A GOVERNMENT, which we might expect in a country WITHOUT GOVERNMENT, our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer."

So, from my view, where I think the obvious solution is competition, since the obvious problem is monopoly, and my fact sheets all line up in an obvious order, I still see the need to check new facts, new reports, competitive solutions, and compare, compare, compare, to see which is more powerful, which is higher in quality, which is lower in cost.

What is the proposed solution?

How can we call out the myths?

"By going along with its deceptions, we the people empowered Wall Street to convert America from a middle class society of entrepreneurs, investors, and skilled workers into a nation of debt slaves. Buying into Wall Street lies and illusions, Americans have been lured into accepting, even aggressively promoting, “tax relief” for the very rich and the “regulatory relief” and “free trade” agreements for corporations that allowed Wall Street to suppress wages and benefits for working people through union busting, automation, and outsourcing jobs to foreign sweatshops."

Myth A:
Things are responsible for decisions and actions perpetrated by people.

Myth B:
Crimes committed by people are not crimes so long as the crime is called another name.

Myth C:
Competition is only a power struggle between contestants who gain command of power at the expense of the power commanded by the other contestants.

Myth A,B,C:
Competitive viewpoint 1:
Wall Street is a label used to accurately identify a specific group of people, each having names, having made specific decisions, and having performed specific actions; whereby those actions involve willfully targeting innocent people, causing those innocent people injury, while those people in that group called Wall Street employ deceit, threats of violence, and violence upon those targeted victims.

Competitive viewpoint 2:
Wall Street is a responsible entity, having made decisions and actions, and is therefore accountable for the powerlessness of everyone, including people who depend upon charity; therefore Wall Street must be punished, punished by Government, and to finance those punishments by Government, Taxes must be taken from the rich, while The People volunteer to pay taxes.

In fact there is a systematic prejudice at work whenever a THING, such as a Legal Fiction, is held accountable for plans, and actions, perpetrated by people.

Since I am of German (and Irish) blood I can employ a German word that is prejudicial and therefore instructive in this competition between viewpoints:

Wall Street (encompassing all who are associated in any way with that name)

Government (encompassing all who are associated in any way with that name)

Nazi (encompassing all who are associated in any way with that name)

The Nazis made torture and mass murder legal. Nazis are bad.

This is instructive.

Please consider reading:


A collection of accounts offered by average people having survived the criminal take over of their government.

Who is held to account?

No one, as the THING is believed to be a responsible entity.

The people who actually make decisions and act on those decisions.

Which is more powerful, according to your power to decide?

The shoe on the other foot applies to government.

Who is held to account in government by the people?

Does it all come out in the wash?

If there is a Litmus Test at work, something powerful, a way in which to accurately identify a Friend of Liberty from a Friend of Legal Crime, it seems to me, those Friends of Liberty aught to stop calling the Criminals who made their Crimes Legal by any other name.

They have names, they are criminals, hold them to account, if you have that power.

If you don't, then use their words, use their fraudulent money, and lie in the bed you make.

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Blue or Red?

How about an accurate accounting?

We must use the Monopoly Fraud Money, there is no or else.

How about an honest option instead?

Who enforces 1?

Who volunteers to support 2?

Red or Blue?