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10,000 attended UCLA Ron Paul Event!

Still breaking:

Reports are still coming in ladies and gentlemen, but it looks like a new Ron Paul event record attendance count has been set tonight in Los Angeles.

More and more people are reporting in on the Daily Paul site with pictures, videos, and personal accounts and the consensus is, attendance was over 10,000 with people left outside because of over capacity.



A website already reported on this site shows the full capacity to be at 10,000.


"At full capacity, the LATC can accommodate 10,000 spectators."

According to these reports, it was over capacity and the records now stands:

Over 10,000 attended the UCLA Ron Paul event!

Yaayyy for the Cali folks and a big yay for Ron Paul!!


Go Ron Paul!!!~


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Great turnout but apparently no-where near 10,000.

We've got to get real about these numbers. We begin to sound like Obama spinning the "economic recovery."

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I was there--not 10,000

The event was great, but we need to be honest with ourselves. The mainstream media is untruthful, but we cannot just go off the deep end in the other direction. The stadium did not completely fill until Dr. Paul was nearly finished. The googlemap sent us to the other side of campus and so people were filling in throughout the speech. But the stadium only holds 5,800 as it was arranged last night. So don't pretend 4,000 people showed up at the very end of the speech and couldn't get in. Props to Dr. Paul for a great rally, non-props to this forum for being silly.

I agree. Let's be Realistic.

6500 is the capacity of Straus Stadium court. Not 7800, 8100, or 10000. Still a record crowd though and I was there!

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Los_Angeles_Open_%28tennis%29

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And this WITHOUT

the help of any MSM promotion.

If I were THEM I would be worried - my concern is that desperate people do deperate things.

Pray for Ron Paul.

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<--- 1 of 10,000

We had a great night.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

That's all I need to see

to know that it doesn't matter who steals what. Cheating can't stop this.

LATC Capacity

10,000 people did not attend this event because the LATC was not at full capacity. That would include chairs on the tennis courts as well, but we couldn't get approval for those from the fire-marshal due to time constraints. The LATC's capacity is 5.5k with people just in the stands. We filled up the venue inside to what was probably 5k (the fire-marshal wouldn't let us fill it up completely based on the number of University staff that had been hired), but we also had at least a thousand people outside. My estimate is that we were at least 6.5k, maybe 7,000. We still broke the record, but let's not exaggerate and raise expectations too high here.

Or worse

Have what is a tremendous turnout downplayed by the media because people greatly exaggerate the numbers. There would be nothing worse to read than 'supporters claimed over 10,000 but university employees and firemarshalls estimate the crowd at only 5 or 6,000' taking what was great and making it look like a disappointment.

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Hello, I am a photographer in LA who attended the event...
I have a wonderful wide angle shot of the whole stadium crowd!!! How can I post it on this site???

Pics on this link. I made the album public.


RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!

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Please do and I will link them to this story.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=No access to face-cia-book. Link to photobucket or equivalent please?


HD: Overflow crowd and Dr. Paul's inspiring closing remarks

Video from my experience being momentarily (and happily, due to the crowd size) stuck outside the stadium gates, then the tail end of Paul's speech from my vantage point in the cheap seats: http://youtu.be/S-UP4-Hn3jM

The tide is turning Never

The tide is turning Never Give Up!

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One day...

...at a time!

This is huge!!

Where was the media and who wants to bet they will say, 1,500 people attended the UCLA Ron Paul rally, or something ludicrous like that?

We are going with the 10,000 in attendance inside and outside spectators and attendees all combined.


Hey, where is Dr. K tonight? He would be enjoying this. :)

Go you Cali folks...go!!!