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Photos: People Climbing Trees and Fences to See Ron Paul at UCLA.

Here are some pics I took. Enjoy!


Here are some pics from USC in 2008 for comparison. Man have we grown since then.


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I got goosebumps just looking at the pics, very well done. As Neil Diamond said at the Greek, "Tree people out there, I'm talkin' for you too!" Go Ron Paul, whatever he does for you, and you do for him, it will have a ripple on the pond effect for the whole world.


Nice work, very creative! I liked the shadows of people in line on the wall.
Thank you for sharing.


Thank you for the kind

Thank you for the kind feedback.

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He's No Jesus...

Ron Paul may not be Jesus, but people still climb trees just to get a glimpse of him. #respect

Today, he had a certain tone

Today, he had a certain tone that made me feel that it wasn't about him. It was never about him, but it was very clear today.

It's about us. It's about the movement. It's the idea that we have to keep alive.

His speeches aren't the most polished, he mostly freestyles the entire thing, but they somehow have a lasting effect. It's as if his words take a while to really sink in.

Let's stick together regardless of what happens in this election.

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Thanks. Glad you liked them.

Thanks. Glad you liked them. Feel free to share and reuse.

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Awesome shots! That's so cool :)

TREES and FENCES ! Seriously?!

You gotta love Liberty lovers : whatever it takes to go to, to hear, AND to see WISDOM speaking out !

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Great shots! Very nice work.

Great shots! Very nice work.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home



Thanks. A lot more people in

Thanks. A lot more people in 2012 than 2008!

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joey, these are really beautiful photos!

VERY professional in quality. Thank you.

That's a huge compliment

I really appreciate it very much. I do what I can for us liberty loving people.

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