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VIDEO: Ron Paul On FOX 11 Los Angeles 4-4-12 (12 min. Interview)

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When Are These News Commentators Going To Learn ?

That Dr. Paul is sharp as a tack, and cannot be tricked into saying things he doesn't agree with by using diversionary verbal tactics.

Dr. Paul always explains his views so the astute listener understands his unchanging view points.

I received my free political education listening and researching Dr. Paul's views.

Thank you Dr. Paul !


Refreshing not to hear the same MSM questions

Even though this guy seems like a jerk, he did give the good doctor 12 minutes of air time to southern CA. His questions were tough and slanted but Ron Paul confronted each one head on. I liked this interview. I'm willing to bet a number of skeptics, if not completely won over, at least see RP in a positive light now.

Ron Paul 2012

I liked the interview. It was

I liked the interview. It was actually pretty revealing to see Paul answer some different questions for a change. Never heard that he thought Fed was involved in watergate, but it was nice to see him still answer honestly in front of a accusatory interviewer when he said why not. I definitely am leery of conspiracies myself, but when it comes to the federal reserve it would be easy to convince me that they are behind almost anything. Plus the last question did hit on something very important about how he could run as a democrat or a republican, it brings people together no matter what walk of life they are from...even if I were pro-choice or pro-life it wouldn't matter because he is pro states rights over anything not in the constitution. F it man, Paul needs to run as independent so I can still vote him once the GOP screws him out of the nomination...I know everyone on here says he is still winning hearts and minds and delegates but I still have this feeling that the establishment (or fed) will never let him win even if he does.

Capt. USAF

...a very tough interviewer

...a very tough interviewer handled very well by a resolute, grounded candidate...

I agree

I liked this interview. It was challenging, but it gave Dr. Paul a chance to talk about some different issues and he was very good.

Displays what I've been saying

Arguments from both my most liked and most disliked articles are directly relevant to this video.


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WTF, the douche bag starts

WTF, the douche bag starts the interview complaining about CA Gov. spending, size and being bankrupt and after that he is absolutely opposed to any idea of change.

What a huge douche-bag. He

What a huge douche-bag. He must be trying to move up to the big leagues like on FauxNews.

Nice job repeating all the CIA/GOP/MSM lines and misrepresenting positions.

He should've kept his mouth shut more so he could have learned something.


the more we ride low on the radar, the more "shock factor" we have come time for the convention. The campaign knows what they are doing.

http://www.SchiffVsKrugman.com - Demand a Debate! Sign the Petition!



Brownie pts for TPL!!! .D

But it won't be "shh....." for too long if the Doc keeps attracting 5,000 crowd at an 'average' RP2012 rally!

PRESIDENT Paul, or NO ONE at all!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

That was a really disgusting video....

Boy do they know how to spin.

50 delegates and nearly no votes in previous primary states?!?

Come on people, correct the media on this nonsense!!!

Don't let them get away with a thing anymore, period.

Tell them loud & clear this *race* isn't even 1/3 of the way over, and Dr. Paul right now has FAR more than 50 delegates....and definitely more than 200 already.