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Ron Paul Draws 7,800+ at UCLA Rally! Video Clips of Crowd and Speech!

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No, its not true.

Capacity is 5500. there were some people left outside, but there's no way it was another 5,000. Its hard to tell how many though, since some who were turned away might have left.


It was about 10,000 if not more. I had to climb a tree and jump a fence because the fire marshall stopped letting people in. It was extremely packed and thousands turned away or watching from outside the arena. It was an absolute spectacle to see and encouraging to see such a large passionate crowd for Dr. Paul.


Love it!

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There is no duration defined in the Oath

Game, Set, Match......

President Paul.

Football stadium / basketball arena

We need a football stadium, or a basketball arena.

Please, please, please come back to L.A.!!! We will pack 20,000 in there in the middle of May if you do, scouts honor!

It seems like every new event

It seems like every new event draws a bigger crowd. I would not be suprised if he managed to draw 10k in one go before the end of the race.

Heres an idea, have him speak down in Florida at a stadium. That place would surely be able to draw a large crowd if there is notice months in advance. Not to mention Tampa is a large vacation spot for people so alot of young people could plan to show up then.

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I believe

these huge crowds the good Dr. is drawing is one of the main reasons the MSM, the GOP and the Romney camp is pushing so hard to wrap this nomination process up. They fear a wave of Paul support in the late primaries.

i had that same thought


Fox 11 in LA

Attendees numbers

I was the student organizer behind the event and the final number was 6,600, not 7.8k, but it was still the biggest campaign rally to date :)

Good Job!


"signing in"

Those waiting in line signed in, right? I know I did.

What about AFTER the speech got started? What about all the people who got "locked out"?

Surely we cracked 6,600.

Stadium Capacity

I think there is some confusion on how many people the place holds. I've seen two numbers 5,800 & 10,000. I believe 5,800 is the built in seats, maximum capacity of 10,000 that some people have been using, includes seats set up on the tennis courts that weren't there.
Ticketmaster has a layout here...

Nice photo. It looks

Nice photo. It looks familiar. :P

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it would do wonders if Paul

it would do wonders if Paul (or one of his speakers) takes the opportunity to inform the audience that they only way is to vote - and then tell them what needs to be done, at the podium.

Otherwise i fear most people will just leave albeit with an lifted spirit.

More of the speech and crowd here

Video and Spectacular Speech

I was there, and so were another 8000+ freedom lovers. It was a love fest beyond belief. Here it is recorded for history to see this Epic performance by this exemplary human. Indeed a hero, someone to inspire to be like, for all mankind.

Restore the country, buy whatever kind of light bulb you want....and grow hemp...drink raw milk... Ron Paul, sir you are over the top with your wit.


Here is the link to the video and the crowd and the full moon.


Enjoy, this one is for the ages!! This was the day that RP became the President of the Planet.

I was getting a bit pessimistic, wow, my life just did a 180 after this night. This is truly the love revolution and I am going to enjoy and bask in the glow today, with renewed optimism.

Ron Paul reminds us of the realization that each one of us yearns to be free from the yoke of government, and you cant stop that idea, an idea whose time is come.

Hope you enjoy watching these videos.

BTW The day before I gave up my cable box. MSM does not exist any more for me anymore.

The Best of Ron Paul Video

Next Time Get the Football Field

With advance plannng it could happen! A couple of dollars for a donation- who would mind that?! Voter Registeration onsite, music!

awesome youtube of local coverage!!


This really captured the evening well. I felt so blessed to be there!! Any my little cousin (age 21) was working the event with Youth for Ron Paul. So proud!!

I don't care who you are,

I don't care who you are, that's inspiring. This is the future, the young people inherit the earth.

help spread this

Great pic, but I feel like

Great pic, but I feel like the text should be closer to the top of the image in the black sky, instead of covering up the people.

I listened to Bill O'reilly

And this obviously was just a few crazy supporters spamming the event. Paul's support is really just a few kids in their mom's basement. lol

Seriously......Paul and and will win this you guys. I have an idea, go to every GOP website across the nation, in every city, and spam them with this sort of stuff. Tell them if they don't change their ways and open their eyes, they don't have a chance. I've hit my local GOP many times with emails explaining it, never once a response though. Somebody read it I'm sure.

Why aren't they REGISTERING these crowds to vote at these events

This is a perfect opportunity to also collect info. to call and remind them to get out and VOTE!!!

They were!!

There were, like, 20 people dressed in business attire registering people up and down the mile long line. Youth for Ron Paul was ON IT!!!

Soon the vote rigging is

Soon the vote rigging is going to become more and more obvious as those still asleep see things like this. Not so fringe and minority now are we?

Yes and suicide of the Grand OLD Party

Their party will soon be over. Obombney cannot Obomba and they know it well. It's rigged at the top.

If they only understood...

If the GOP and the Republican base could only understand how important this is for the future of their party. If they could only understand what it's like to be a young Republican in college these days. Nearly every campus is saturated with liberal activist groups ( the "key" to Obama's victory, and the future of the progressive agenda).

Having to carry the shame of the policies of Republicans under the Bush-Cheney administration thrown in your face leaves young Republicans without the confidence required to have the courage to speak-out, to organize counter-opposition. Shame makes a man/woman meek. Ron Paul is a man young Republicans are not ashamed of.

If the Republican base could only watch neo-con David Horowitz documentary "Indoctrinate U" , and then see the pics/videos of Ron's campus rallies over the past few weeks. Betcha they'd be wishing they could go back and change their vote.

Indoctrinate U on Youtube

on Google Video

nice turn out but WTF?!

Him all alone in the middle of the field and everyone sitting in the stands 100 yards away? really? This is amature hour - We and Dr. Paul deserve better than this.

it was all last minute

don't forget. They had to change the venue, less than 24 hours before the event.