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Paul Speech Excites Large Berkeley Crowd-a TON of Free Media-Full Berkeley Speech Video

Ron Paul Rocked a Large Crowd in Berkeley
there's great stuff here...make sure to hit "read more"

Video: Full Berkeley Speech Here-This Crowd Got Excited!
the same video is available on YouTube,below, in 3 parts

Video/YouTube Part 1

Video/YouTube Part 2:

Video/YouTube Part 3:

Local Media Has Been Positive and All Over The Story

The Events Generated Extensive TV & Print Media!

Video: And there's this coverage from CBS Channel 5

Video: This is ABC Channel 7 in the Bay Area

Video: Paul Interviewed by 7Live-Excellent Interview

A Great Article from Channel 2-They've Also Aired the Story

Major Print Piece: from the San Jose Mercury News

Video: Great Local TV from L.A.--About UCLA's Crowd

Some Special Clips

Video: Speech Ends & Crowd Doesn't Leave-They RUSH TO GET CLOSER!
this short clip shared by Daily Paul user 2ndfor1st

ALBUM: ALOT of Good UCLA Pics Here from Daily Paul user joey33

Pics: Large, Quality pics from ALL the Cities from Daily Paul user R....

A Couple More Interviews-Another Daily Paul Post by DP user AnCapMercenary

Video: Clips from Paul at the S.F. Fundraising Luncheon

Video: Part 1 (7:02)-Paul Speech at Luncheon

Video: Part 2 (7:27) - Paul Speech at Luncheon continued

Video: Paul Answers Question on Gold

Photos-Many, Many Fantastic Shots from Our friends at the Speech

Photo: Obviously A Young Man Being Brought Up Right! shared by Jamie

Photo: A Beautiful Shot of Berkeley Crowd shared by Jamie

Photo: Paul at Berkeley Podium shared by Jamie

Photo: A Very Good Pic Of the Crowd. shared by Daily Paul user i_am_free

Photo:Sunset Over the Crowd shared by Tyler J. Sellers

Photo:Another Pic of Crowd at Dusk by DP user Liberty_Mike

Photo: Great Weather for a Crowd shared by kat

Photo: Biden doesn't get crowds like this! shared by Marcus Ferdinand

Photo: Packing 'em in now! shared by Marcus Ferdinand

Photo: Crowd forming 1.5 hrs. Before Speech. shared by Harris Bradley

Send Video, Pics and Info:

THANK YOU to all who helped with Video, Pics and Reports.

LiveStream provided by San Joaquin County for Liberty sjc4rp.info ronpaulsanjoaquin.freeforums.org

LiveStream info relayed by Daily Paul user i_am_free

People reporting FROM the event-Follow them directly:

http://twitter.com/marferdinand @marferdinand

http://twitter.com/harrisbradley @harrisbradley

The Berkeley Chapter of Students for Liberty helped co-ordinate this event --- It could not have been easy and Students for Liberty and people just like them in the other cities did a helluva job. Thank you all!

My guess on audience size is comparative; like the other events it's not possible to know a hard number. The Berkeley audience was perhaps roughly the size of Chico and Madison. I really haven't seen enough to know for sure.

It was not as big as UCLA. For now, BRUINS RULE!

Video: (:37 sec)At UC Berkeley 48 years ago, Mario Savio delivered a speech about The Machine. A speech much like what Ron Paul will deliver tonight.

America Needs to Stand Tall (and Vote for Ron Paul) Song Recorded by Ken Suitter - 1 of the 2 RP supporters arrested in St. Charles, MO.

May 4, 1970, National Guard troops killed 4 people at Kent State.

Nationwide, students went on strike, closing hundreds of colleges and high schools. They were protesting illegal, immoral war and the expansion of that undeclared war into Cambodia.

President Nixon was removed from Washington, D.C., for security reasons.

Reflecting on it later, Neil Young wrote the song:Ohio (music video here)

40 years ago Ohio said what Ron Paul says today.

Ohio (lyrics here) asks "How can you run when you know?":

In recent days, thousands stood with Ron Paul-- in Madison, in Chico and last night in Los Angeles.

Ohio issues a call to action:"Gotta get down to it, soldiers are cutting us down, should have been done long ago."

40 years later Ron Paul calls us to action!

Gotta get down to it. We don't run!

Today, thousands stand with Ron Paul in the Bay Area.

There's no way to stop an idea whose time has come.

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Oops... still a hit piece

Oops... still a hit piece

The Ronulans are among us:

My group and I from San Joaquin County for Liberty was there.

The Ronulans are among us: How Ron Paul’s delegate strategy is actually working.


thank you

Watch the ABC news Channel 7 video

(link above)
I love the 2 guys in the background at the end of the video!

I was the one who said they

I was the one who said they don't ask him enough about policy!

He asked stacked questions in the interview, "Why does the media ignore Ron Paul? Why can't Ron Paul win beauty contests to get media coverage? Why does the youth come to rallies and not to vote?"

Of all of us that were interviewed, he barely showed much. Some of us talked about Brent in missouri and how the delegates in a lot of states were miscounted, but they didn't show those clips.

Berkeley was fun

BUT the speakers sucked! I wish I could have heard him better...even if I was fairly close to him :/. RP!

"you're a funny dude, but who gives a fuck about that? I don't care about someone's wit, I care about the courage of their heart and the honesty of their mind."

It was a great event!

Thanks to everyone, especially those that brought voter registration forms. I heard from one of the voter registration organizers that something like 500 people registered Republican to vote for Ron Paul.

It was great to see people lined up on roofs, balconies, and even on the top of box trucks to watch Paul speak.

Stick with it guys, the Revolution is definitely growing.


I didn't even know about the rooftops till a couple people sent me their personal pics.

Now I've got 2 or 3 of those pics above.

No one even mentioned the rooftop people.

That's colorful. I wish I had more shots and video showing that.

Those kind of things lead to bigger and better media, like how the LA media showed the tree people.

It's so colorful every media competitor wants to show it...


The Registration drive was very organized! There were several Giant signs, and at least two tables I saw with the forms, etc. There were strategically placed 'Register Here' sign wavers in the crowd directing folks to the tables too. We were also approached by a woman just roving through the crowd, making sure everyone knew they had to be registered Republican to vote for RP in the primary.

Great job.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Great news!

Sounds like they had a good professional scheme for registration.

That is so great! I hope the

That is so great! I hope the GOP sees what he is doing..how he can build the party..
BTW, I hate when people diminish Ron, by calling him a "rock star". This diminishes us to "groupies". He is much more than that!

Video of Crowd Dispersing After Speech

Here's a video I shot immediately after RP's speech...



I just threw that UP.

It's very interesting and I hope it's viewed by many.

When our guy finishes talking people don't leave, they RUSH him!


I was part of the crowd

I was part of the crowd "rushing". It was all Ron Paul supporters just trying to get a closer look, so hopefully no one thought a riot was about to happen..

I mean "rush" in a good way

We don't see that happen with the others, not as much anyway.

Who the hell really wants to get closer to Newt? LOL

I was watching you guys up on

I was watching you guys up on the rail over there.... some people were standing right on top of it on the edge just to see Ron speak.

People don't see from the pictures you guys up there or the people in the back buildings who were watching.

I was there behind that rushing crowd.

I have to say it was almost scary, it started as a casual few, and quickly became a surging roaring mass of people lunging through those of us just standing, and over the short retaining wall and right to the doors. For a moment I thought it was a riot! But things quickly calmed down.

I'm really glad someone caught this!

Thank you, John, for the work you put into this posting.

The Kent State piece brings some somber memories.

Now, should every person who attended the Ron Paul apperances register to vote and then go and vote we'd easily wrap up California.

Thanks to all the good work done by all.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

Thank you

Yes, many people did a whole lotta good work and we've had a great series of successful events due to their work.

We need MANY more of these...and it can be done. I hope "they" just tell Ron Paul, sorry fella, no days off, 2 Events per day now...take some more vitamins :)

Bad Link

The link for the pic by Jamie is not working properly.

Vinnie V.

My mistake

NOW all 3 are up and should be no problem; let me know if there is any problem

I'm loading them up now another way

They should be viewable to you when I am finished...

It works for me

It's working for me on both Firefox and Chrome.

I'm getting to more photos now, including those others you and/or your wife sent in.

Let me know either here or by email ( winliberty@gmail.com ) if you still can't view it.

But I'm sure it's something on your side since I can see it.

I use firefox too..they are

I use firefox too..they are working now..thank you much!!

Vinnie V.


Good, I used the wrong link. I was the only one who could see it :)

Love this quote somebody posted on youtube:

"I don't run a race to see who's the fastest... I run a race to see who has the most guts..." Steve Prefontaine

I drove up from Sacramento

I thought the speech was great, the crowd was wonderful, the weather was beautiful, but the PA System sucked.

It was a bit of a walk to get to the library where he spoke, but there were supporters with RP signs to guide the way.

It is true, there were no RP signs around the campus. Like the President of Students for Liberty said, The People's Republic of Berkeley is a world of it's own. It's very different from Chico and UCLA. I would guestimate there were approximately 3,500 people. There were buildings with balconies around the library steps where he spoke which had lots of people out. Kids were on the rooftops, and on top of vehicles.

It didn't appear disorganized to me, the only downside was the PA System.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Thanks for the report

I couldn't make it from Sacramento.

Berkeley always has been its' own little world.

Years ago, on a crowded University Ave. sidewalk I once waited for the "Walk" sign with a crowded noontime pedestrian crowd of about 20 people one of whom was completely naked and smoking a joint.

No one paid particular attention to the "naked drug abuser".

Berkeley IS kinda unique..or at least once was.

Due to the change in venue they only had a few hours to get the PA system they used, and that's why it sucked.

You avoid most of those problems by having a sound expert(s)...and obviously they haven't made that investment.

Especially for outdoor events it's a special capability they need to add. They've gotta be better prepared for the fact that in such events everything can and does go wrong. Having good specialists around comes in real handy.