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Paul Speech Excites Large Berkeley Crowd-a TON of Free Media-Full Berkeley Speech Video

Ron Paul Rocked a Large Crowd in Berkeley
there's great stuff here...make sure to hit "read more"

Video: Full Berkeley Speech Here-This Crowd Got Excited!
the same video is available on YouTube,below, in 3 parts

Video/YouTube Part 1

Video/YouTube Part 2:

Video/YouTube Part 3:

Local Media Has Been Positive and All Over The Story

The Events Generated Extensive TV & Print Media!

Video: And there's this coverage from CBS Channel 5

Video: This is ABC Channel 7 in the Bay Area

Video: Paul Interviewed by 7Live-Excellent Interview

A Great Article from Channel 2-They've Also Aired the Story

Major Print Piece: from the San Jose Mercury News

Video: Great Local TV from L.A.--About UCLA's Crowd

Some Special Clips

Video: Speech Ends & Crowd Doesn't Leave-They RUSH TO GET CLOSER!
this short clip shared by Daily Paul user 2ndfor1st

ALBUM: ALOT of Good UCLA Pics Here from Daily Paul user joey33

Pics: Large, Quality pics from ALL the Cities from Daily Paul user R....

A Couple More Interviews-Another Daily Paul Post by DP user AnCapMercenary

Video: Clips from Paul at the S.F. Fundraising Luncheon

Video: Part 1 (7:02)-Paul Speech at Luncheon

Video: Part 2 (7:27) - Paul Speech at Luncheon continued

Video: Paul Answers Question on Gold

Photos-Many, Many Fantastic Shots from Our friends at the Speech

Photo: Obviously A Young Man Being Brought Up Right! shared by Jamie

Photo: A Beautiful Shot of Berkeley Crowd shared by Jamie

Photo: Paul at Berkeley Podium shared by Jamie

Photo: A Very Good Pic Of the Crowd. shared by Daily Paul user i_am_free

Photo:Sunset Over the Crowd shared by Tyler J. Sellers

Photo:Another Pic of Crowd at Dusk by DP user Liberty_Mike

Photo: Great Weather for a Crowd shared by kat

Photo: Biden doesn't get crowds like this! shared by Marcus Ferdinand

Photo: Packing 'em in now! shared by Marcus Ferdinand

Photo: Crowd forming 1.5 hrs. Before Speech. shared by Harris Bradley

Send Video, Pics and Info:

THANK YOU to all who helped with Video, Pics and Reports.

LiveStream provided by San Joaquin County for Liberty sjc4rp.info ronpaulsanjoaquin.freeforums.org

LiveStream info relayed by Daily Paul user i_am_free

People reporting FROM the event-Follow them directly:

http://twitter.com/marferdinand @marferdinand

http://twitter.com/harrisbradley @harrisbradley

The Berkeley Chapter of Students for Liberty helped co-ordinate this event --- It could not have been easy and Students for Liberty and people just like them in the other cities did a helluva job. Thank you all!

My guess on audience size is comparative; like the other events it's not possible to know a hard number. The Berkeley audience was perhaps roughly the size of Chico and Madison. I really haven't seen enough to know for sure.

It was not as big as UCLA. For now, BRUINS RULE!

Video: (:37 sec)At UC Berkeley 48 years ago, Mario Savio delivered a speech about The Machine. A speech much like what Ron Paul will deliver tonight.

America Needs to Stand Tall (and Vote for Ron Paul) Song Recorded by Ken Suitter - 1 of the 2 RP supporters arrested in St. Charles, MO.

May 4, 1970, National Guard troops killed 4 people at Kent State.

Nationwide, students went on strike, closing hundreds of colleges and high schools. They were protesting illegal, immoral war and the expansion of that undeclared war into Cambodia.

President Nixon was removed from Washington, D.C., for security reasons.

Reflecting on it later, Neil Young wrote the song:Ohio (music video here)

40 years ago Ohio said what Ron Paul says today.

Ohio (lyrics here) asks "How can you run when you know?":

In recent days, thousands stood with Ron Paul-- in Madison, in Chico and last night in Los Angeles.

Ohio issues a call to action:"Gotta get down to it, soldiers are cutting us down, should have been done long ago."

40 years later Ron Paul calls us to action!

Gotta get down to it. We don't run!

Today, thousands stand with Ron Paul in the Bay Area.

There's no way to stop an idea whose time has come.

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Bay Area TV coverage (links)

Ron Paul visits San Francisco, UC Berkeley
GOP Hopeful Ron Paul Speaks At UC Berkeley

Thank you

I've added the News items to the original post.

Thank you for the help!



BERKELEY, Calif. — Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul Thursday reflected on his relationship with the Bay Area, a region he says has always supported him despite its famously left-leaning tendencies.
In a telephone interview after a fundraising luncheon in San Francisco late Thursday morning, Paul said his libertarian beliefs fit well with the area's "live and let live" lifestyle.
"I don't make a judgment on the values," he said. "When people use their personal liberties and personal resources, I'm very open to how people act."
Paul, who represents a district in Texas in the U.S. House of Representatives, first ran for president as a Libertarian in 1988.
San Francisco and Silicon Valley tech companies have financially supported Paul's campaign this time around, he said.
Those contributors are "people who care about privacy and technology and getting the government out of your way," he said, adding that many supported his strong stance against the Stop Online Privacy Act in Congress.
Paul was scheduled to speak Thursday evening at a rally at the University of California at Berkeley. Thousands of students were expected to attend.
Paul said young people have been among the most fervent supporters of his campaign because "they seem to respond very favorably to the message of individual liberty and the free market."
He said, "They think the government should stay out of our lives, and shouldn't tell us what to do with our private lives" and said his desire for the U.S. to pull out of conflicts overseas also strikes a chord with young people.
"We're involved in too many places overseas, and spend too much money," he said.
Although former Gov. Mitt Romney is currently leading the Republican race by a wide margin of delegates, Paul said he plans to take his campaign all the way to the party's convention in Florida this August.
"They've only just really started counting the delegates ... many states takes a couple of months," he said. "We're waiting to find out how many we're going to get."
Paul also denied speculation that he might run as a third-party candidate in the November election.
"I'm not making any plans for that," he said.
Paul visited UCLA on Wednesday and said he might return to California in May.
He was set to speak at UC Berkeley at 7 p.m. and said he will talk about the core principles of his campaign.
"Limited government, stop the wars, and look into the Federal Reserve," Paul said. "Government should be limited, and the deficit is going to be devastating if we don't get it under control."
Paul's UC Berkeley visit is being organized by the campus group Students for Liberty.
The group's founder, 22-year-old Casey Given, said it was scheduled to be held at Zellerbach Auditorium, which seats about 2,000 people, but a large turnout could move the event to a yet-to-be-determined outdoor location on campus.

Watch KTVU News at 10 covered this event

It was a great night and a wonderful speech! Ron Paul looked so young!. Revolution must go on! CA for the good doctor!!!!

Just got back from both SF

Just got back from both SF and Berkley...... OMG what a day.


We got a lot of positive press coverage.


Got a couple local stations to run some stories, I'll post the videos if we find them.

Voter registration forms were flying off table! We ran out of many counties. Tons of people registered. The campus town, people were tailing about Ron Paul.

Did you attend the luncheon

Did you attend the luncheon today? If so, how was it? I ended up going to the small rally outside the hotel before, but didn't attend the luncheon.

Unbelievable.... they were

Unbelievable.... they were super nice to everyone. I got to ask him a question in the Q&A which was awesome. He gave me such a great answer.

Some people asked Carole to sign the cookbooks they gave us. She signed it only after making some corrections to some of the recipes. She was really nice.

I adore Carol and I think she

I adore Carol and I think she is just a doll!

Youtube link

Uploaded to Youtube for easier viewing and no more ads!

Part 1: http://youtu.be/bMIo-otlPo4
Part 2: http://youtu.be/QDAo-V9GBrc
Part 3: http://youtu.be/dxostpKPzss

Please rate and comment!

I applaud the efforts made to get videos of this event

uploaded online in such a timely manner. However, we must do a MUCH better job in capturing the moment. The video and audio of these clips are shoddy at best. One can't even make out who and where Ron Paul is and it is painful to watch...even for this die-hard RP supporter.

We must understand that we are not trying to convince those of us who are already locked in to the cause of freedom. We are trying to convince and persuade those who are teetering on the edges as well as those who might be more firm in their own beliefs. A video like this simply won't do it, in my humble opinion. In fact, it may have an opposite effect and affirm other's opinions that we are a "fringe" movement.

Surely at least ONE(!) RP supporter in the area has an HD video camera (and perhaps a tripod) and can make it a point to attend one of these events early, get a decent spot, and take some decent video of it.

I understand that this post will likely be voted down by many on this site and that's okay. My point is not to be negative, but rather to be constructively critical of our efforts. If I can't stand to watch this particular video of RP's entire Berkeley speech, how do you think it will be received by a disenfranchised Obama supporter, or a neocon that is coming out of the closet?

A pixellated and bumpy garage-style video of such an important event just won't cut it if we are to achieve our objectives of persuading those on the outside to join us. Sorry for the harsh wording on the one hand, but I think it's fully warranted on the other.

"Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth." - George Washington

Video Quality...

I broadcast this live from my cell phone, so the quality is what it is. Perhaps blame Ustream for kicking the video quality down so much. I'm sorry I couldn't do better. The current video is pretty much for supporters who couldn't make it out yet wanted to at least hear the speech considering one can barely make out Ron Paul's face.

I did make it early, with an HD video camera and a tripod and a great spot (as did others). I am at present editing the HD (Tho a bit grainy due to digital zoom) video of Ron's speech. It will be uploaded ASAP.

I'm pretty sure that there are enough of Ron's prior speeches that this particular video won't be make or break.

I'd also like to note that holding your phone up at eye level for 45 minutes is not as easy as it sounds. It was also a bit chilly. ;-)

You did excellent work

And I just noticed you are a user here.

I don't know, but is there ANY way I have missed contact info on Ustream?

I want to say thank you.

I know there's another user listed, I'm not sure if you are that user or someone different, but I think you are a different person :)

I just haven't known how to properly credit you!

And the LiveStream is Great! That was an energized crowd, the most important thing to catch, and you caught it.

Thank you!

This was actually the first time I have ever used Ustream and I honestly didn't think I would get more than a few viewers. The viewer count went from 1 to 530 by the end of the speech. Metrics on Ustream put it at a total 860 unique viewers and 1,029 live viewers. I am pleasantly surprised this worked out so well.

I'm not sure how you get my contact info from Ustream. I actually JUST registered. I have lurked The Daily Paul for years, but never registered until now. I was blown away to see my link on the front page of DP. And I just found out that RevPac just used the YouTube upload on their site.

I am ecstatic that I could bring Ron's message to so many more people.

I am Matt Lewis. I am a member of the San Joaquin County for Ron Paul group. Link below in my sig.

I got it from another user

Some possible streams weren't happening and in comments i_am_free posted a link to your site, and I don't think it was more than a few minutes (might have been several) before I noticed that link...i_am_free might also have sent me twitter or email with the link, I don't remember...anyway, glad you were there with the ability to stream

I figured it was from a cell or something similar

and to hold up your phone for that long is amazing! I wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes. It's good to hear that some HD material is coming. I want to spread this on FB and email to some others and I want to send some higher quality stuff. Thanks for being there and capturing it on video!

"Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth." - George Washington

Thanks for the hard work.

Thanks for the hard work.

Crowd Shot!

Here is a shot of the crowd I took. Please add to the original post.


It's up now

That Awkward Moment When

your ron paul speech is interrupted by a pine sol ad

How to get hands on multiple voter registration forms

I'm already registered Republican in CA, but I have friends who want/will want (after I'm done with them ;) ) to register. I saw people with different ones for each county. I know I can get them at the library, but they're only for Alameda county.


You want to use the county forms, and you get those from each county registrar.

The registration card info is entered by the county registrar workers.

So, if a voter is registering within Alameda county, you want Alameda cards.

There is a generic card which is issued by the Secretary of State.

That will be processed slower, as it's "rerouted" to individual counties.

However, there is a way "around that".

If you are handling significant numbers of registrations, you should be turning them in personally, as often as daily (it's wise not to burden one person with this responsibility---use a rotating pool of people, or just turn them in every few days, the quicker the better).

The county regisrar's office will give you cards. How many per issue depends on who you deal with and their own internal procedures. In California, some are quite liberal, giving you what you ask for as long as they have large numbers in stock.

Mostly, they try to eliminate waste and restrict how many they'll give you, watching to see that you are returning completed cards before issuing you more.

You probably can expect to get 100 to a few hundred per time anyway.

IF you have any problems, let me know, I've done this stuff for a long time and probably can figure out some way to help with any of the California counties should you encounter some unreasonable obstinacy.

Each registrar will issue you cards and note the actual number range...that's a fraud prevention process. They know to whom each card went because the cards are individually numbered. So, if there's a fraudulent registration (or multiple cases of fraud) they'll know where to begin their investigation.

Any voter can get them, as long as they are being used for political purposes. You can use the information for the Ron Paul campaign, since it's a registered, known committee.

Let me know if you run into any problems or if you have additional questions. winliberty@gmail.com

The post office in the areas

The post office in the areas they live will have them.


WOW!!! My first time seeing the good Dr. in person...AMAZING!!! And he delivered an AWESOME speech right in the lion's den, BERKELEY of all places! His ideas were received very well. I LOVE how he fine tuned his message to present it to the VERY liberal and ultra diverse audience. Bravo! Dr. Paul.

Vinnie V.


Yes, i ALSO NOTICED HE DID THAT..HE IS SO FANTASTIC. tHE ONLY OTHER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE THAT CAN GET THIS MANY PEOPLE (OR COULD AND MAYBE STIll) sorry caps is Obama. No one else can touch Ron..does the GOP not see this when it is plain as day? I don't get it..
This one Obama..tons of people..TONS..


Quality > Quantity. (think

Quality > Quantity. (think Irate tireless minority). Where are these tons now anyway?

Event was great, and the

Event was great, and the picture doesn't do it justice! That was just the main area. There were people behind and below where the guy was who took the shot. Paul gave a great speech which lasted a little under an hour. After the event he went into the library where they closed the doors and locked everyone out of so Ron could speak to the media. I ended up somehow "sneaking" my way into the library and was behind him during his media interiew. After he was done and was leaving, I was close by and yelled "Thank you Congressman Paul!" which made his granddaughter laugh. Thought that was kind of funny. When he was trying to leave, many people were surrounding the SUV and he had a little bit of hard time getting in. Makes me think he may need to beef up his security a tiny bit just to control the crowds when he is trying to leave an event.

Yea, as we were leaving TONS

Yea, as we were leaving TONS people started chanting "RON PAUL" and running up the library steps just to get another glimpse of liberty incarnate. Awesome time!!!

Vinnie V.

Download Ron Paul Pamphlets Free!

Ron Paul pamphlets on Abortion, Israel and the Federal Reserve written from an evangelical perspective can be downloaded free from the attached web site. These pamphlets are very effective on Christians that really care to know the truth. Give them a try and tell other Ron Paul supporters!


Still holding of from posting at www.rpcrowds.tumblr.com until I see a definite head count.

So far I'm thinking 5000?

Impressive timeline

I just checked your timeline photos and they sure are impressive. Thank you for keeping this going.