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☛Conservative Media: Ron Paul Rally at UCLA Draws Record Numbers

Ron Paul Rally at UCLA Draws Record Numbers
by The Blog on April 4, 2012


“The truth is, the message is spreading very well if we compare it to two years ago, four years ago, or ten years ago. It’s dramatically different and it’s growing exponentially. And there’s a good reason for that: not only is it a great message, the message of liberty, but there is a deep need for it in this country. We’re seeing the consequence of not following our Constitution, and not being dedicated to the cause of liberty. We have a mess; the answers can be found in our Constitution and in the understanding of what individual liberty is all about.” – Dr. Ron Paul, April 4 @ UCLA

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Doug Wead

is one of the players of Conservative Action Alert group.


Doug Wead
Doug Wead is a historian and NYT bestselling author. He has been an adviser to two Presidents and is currently a senior adviser for the Ron Paul presidential campaign. Follow Doug at @DougWead1234.

Kind of Odd

that there was not one post in response to this article on the conservativeactionalert website.