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Paul Festival - Tampa, FL Aug.24-26

BIG NEWS fellow Ron Paul supporters and Lovers of Liberty everywhere! Over the past several months, a coalition of grassroots supporters from across the country (some of the same individuals who brought you the Revolution March on Washington DC, with over 15,000 participants, as well as some volunteers from the Rally for the Republic with over 20,000 in attendance), have joined forces with other talented supporters to produce what many of you have been blogging and posting about here for quite some time! Introducing:

Florida State Fairgrounds (pending) - August 24-26,
the weekend before the Republican National Convention!

This event will be THE event of our generation, and will be held in honor of Dr. Paul, the Champion of the Constitution, which he has dedicated his entire life to upholding. Also, it just so happens that his 77th birthday falls a few days beforehand, so come join us in the celebration! With a capacity of over 100 thousand people, over 355 acres, 20,000 lit parking spaces, 400+ camping sites, and six buildings with over 273,000 square feet of indoor space, this will be the BIGGEST festival celebrating Liberty in the history of our time, BY FAR! Let the LAMEstream media try to keep US quiet!

We invite you to connect with us and get the latest updates at www.PAULFESTIVAL.com. This will be a massive undertaking, and WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!!! You will also have the opportunity to make advanced ticket purchases on the website, as well as reserve travel and lodging packages, T-shirts, and more! This is a GRASSROOTS effort, organized and put together by dedicated everyday individuals just like you who have volunteered their time and energy to the cause of Liberty. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT in order to make this event a reality. THIS IS A NON-PROFIT EVENT. All donations and funds raised will go toward the promotion/production of this event, securing an A-list of celebrities, and musicians, etc. This may be a pivotal moment in bringing awareness to the 521 delegates up for grabs at the convention, and securing the GOP nomination for Dr. Paul. We intend to invite ALL the delegates to experience the message of freedom- and have fun doing it!


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Does anyone know if this festival is related to the one...

...on the www.RonPaul2012.com site?

Or are these 2 seperate events?

Will Dr. Paul even be appearing at the Paul Festival?

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Will this rival the 2008 "Rally For the Republic" I wonder.

That was about the most fun I ever had in 3 days.

I volunteered to help on the 3rd day at the Target Center and even got to meet Dr. Paul.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

A word of warning

If you do pull this off then be on your best behavior. Do not turn this into some kind of Woodstock deal. The cameras will be rolling and the news media will be looking for just one slip up. If they get it they will drive it into the ground. We have all worked to hard to have this thing go completely south on us because some one goes nuts down there. Keep a cool head and remember why you are there.

Woodstock deal would be killer

Woodstock was FREAKING AWESOME. All we need to worry about is not being violent and tearing sh i t up. In other words, control your emotions.

Other than that...everyone do wtf ever you want and let's have a festival.

Being a delegate

I think it would be a grave mistake to just pack it in after the festival. We the Delegates will need your presents at the Convention, especially our Veterans. When we vote RP on the first ballot the Republican Establishment will pop a stitch so we made need help. :-)

So every one you are busing

So every one you are busing in for this event you will be busing out so they are sure to miss being at the convention. Have I got that right. AND THEN we have a march on the 28th which others can join in on, what those who go to this music fest are suppose to do the day after the fest on the 27th until the day of the march no one has any answers for, apparently this first day of the convention doesn't mean anything to those in control of this music fest and march. I suppose their answer to these supporters is they can stick their finger up their asp as far as they care. Gosh forbid someone should mention these supporters should show up in record numbers at the convention to make sure this movement is noticed. I understand that the delegates are to be bused in to the convention and the road way has to be clear for this to happen but after the delegates are there I'm not going to lose sleep if I know they are stuck there for the whole three days due to massive crowds outside. What bothers me is no one is giving supporters options as to what they can do on the 27th to help this movement other than just going home after partying for three days. If there is a point to getting supporters together in Tampa it should revolve around getting them together at the convention which would make a powerful statement. Getting them together for just a music fest will leave the media saying so many people only got together because it was a music festival and that's the only reason so many showed up. And the media will even say, look, we were right, they were in Tampa only for the music, because they all went home as they aren't here at the convention.

Bus them in and bus them out all before the convention even starts. Yeah that's going to send the public a message about this movement being serious when the public watches the convention on TV. They were only here to party and nothing more.

I'm just going to point this

I'm just going to point this out to anyone who hasn't noticed this guy before:


I'm not even going to bother to try to respond to him. I can't believe people actually spend the time to do this kind of stuff. They must either have really nothing better to do with their lives, or they're really scared that Paul Festival may actually be a serious threat to the establishment.

Just what is in the link you

Just what is in the link you would like to point out to everyone. That I'm a patriot, or perhaps that my youtube channel is called aimeechrister after a woman, and yet you call me a guy instead. What makes you think I'm a guy, or do you have connections with those in government who spy on people like me, and know exactly who I am.

Your not going to bother to respond to me, why not, you responded to everyone else. It's not like my concerns aren't legit. What happen four years ago when everyone was steered to a separate convention for Ron Paul. Did the media give the thousands who showed up for that event any attention. Not that I saw, instead they were out of sight, out of mind just like the media and GOP wanted. Are we to make that mistake again? I'm sure the media and the GOP establishment would be very pleased if we did. Which is why I'm speaking up now so we make sure our voices are heard this time.

I didn't read the other thread about this event until after I wrote the above post. I see you scheduled the buses to leave after the march on the 28th. So it obviously doesn't matter to you whether these supporters show their support at the convention. Instead you would prefer they be riding a bus home before the convention is even half way over. And for those not coming by bus, I guess baking in the summer heat for three days at some other location like this festival will take it's toll on those who might have shown their support at the convention, but that doesn't matter to you now does it. Just what does matter to you aside from diverting as many people as you can away from this Republican convention so they go unnoticed by media.

The more I think about the delegates having to be bused into the convention from hotels the more I wonder if it might be better for everyone if they aren't able to show at all. Wouldn't that make the media coverage, if the delegates weren't able to attend due to the massive support for Ron Paul and the liberty movement out side the convention and making traffic come to a stand still in Tampa, I bet that would get more coverage than some three day music festival. I suppose if all the delegates supporting Ron Paul were stuck at the festival the day before the convention perhaps a pathway could be made for them to be able to attend. As for the other delegates I guess they would be stuck behind the masses of people and cars blocking the streets and convention. Wouldn't that be a hoot. Not that I'm encouraging any of this to happen of course. I'm just looking at the possibilities of what might happen if supporters show up in record numbers for Ron Paul and the liberty movement. We already have Mitt Romney and the GOP trying to un invite or exclude many delegates to the convention who are Ron Paul supporters so it doesn't matter to me if the other delegates are unable to attend due to some unforseen event like this. Maybe this was the unforseen event Jesse Benton was talking about, LOL.

I'm not here to put a damper on this music fest in order to shut it down, I am only trying to ask everyone to keep an open mind and share their ideas the same way I have here, because it's only through open discussion where we will find the best solution in gaining any true victory from this convention. So yes, you will answer my posts, that is if you expect anyone else to take you seriously. Otherwise your silence will make you look no better than the corrupt media which tries to remain silent in regards to Ron Paul and the liberty movement.

Trying to discredit me is what I'd expect from a corporate establishment shill trolling these boards. If you want to gain peoples support your going to have to do better than that because people like me step on corporate shill piss ants every day.

In reality...

We have been working on a plan for the Delegates & Alternates, and for those who want to stay in Tampa, ever since the beginning. But since we HAD to wait for the RNC to release their room blocks (which was June 1st), we couldn't begin to plan travel for them without being able to ensure that they would also have somewhere to stay when they got there.

In fact, the ONLY thing I have been working on for the last MONTH is individual State Ronvoys for Delegates & Alternates. We're almost done - we just scored a CHEAP 100 room block from Motel 6 for Delegates & Alternates - Instead of 3 or 400 a night per room, we're talking about SEVEN NIGHT at $140 including tax - this is per person, double occupancy of course - but even ONE person could afford the $280 for a week in Tampa if they wanted.

We're working on it, so bear with us! :)

I agree. I think that it is

I agree. I think that it is much more important for Paul supporters to be present at the convention than at PaulFest. The very purpose we should even be in Tampa is to gain national attention because that is what the media will focus on. As long as we have a large presence around the convention, it will be impossible for the media to ignore us. It's great that people are planning/organizing and attending PaulFest, and I don't discourage people from going, but I think it is much more important that we all stay for the actual convention.

Much more planning is needed to address the issue of organizing transportation and lodging for Paul supporters during the convention as it is near impossible to book any hotels nearby.

Convention Over PaulFest

I agree. I will walk from the Fairgrounds to the convention center if I have to. I'll skip the Paul Fest all together if theirs any inclination that it's going to detract from being at the convention the entire time.

If you take the Ronvoy to

If you take the Ronvoy to Paul Fest and stay at Paul Fest lodging, your transportation to events Downtown is included. :)


Hi, I posted on the paulfest website that I'm a preschool teacher during the school year and an elementary school teacher during the summer (when school is out) and I would be more than glad to provide childcare at Paulfest. Please email me at huskers104@msn.com if this is something you think the Paulfest might need.

Corey Stoffer-Vice Chairman Young Americans for Liberty Nebraska

Hey Corey! Please visit the

Hey Corey! Please visit the Paul Festival website, and submit this directly to the organizers, or submit it under the volunteer form. The Paul Festival people are super busy, and I'm concerned they might not ever see your post! Thanks!


If it has already been mentioned I apologize. The band Muse and their front man Mathew Bellamy are huge libertarians. All he sings about lately is NWO stuff and fighting for freedom, they even have a song called MK-ULTRA. They also happen to be a damn good band. I almost guarantee if they were signed on other big bands would follow suit, and a lot of people would show up.

Just in case suggestions are considered..

Would it be possible to include some breakout sessions? Like:

-a 30 minute or so narrated video tour of Dr. Paul's career and positions (maybe part or all of the new Paul movie?);
-would love to hear Colin Powell give a speech about how foreign policy has evolved over the past 20 years, especially given his recent interview;
-could we get someone to talk about precious metals? ie, how would an alternative currency system work? what about using them as a hedge against inflation? or is deflation of precious metals a given if the entire economy tanks?
-would love to hear a speech by Judge Napolitano;
-would love to get a regulator, maybe William Black (former regulator), to talk about changes needed at the SEC, and steps needed to get there;
-maybe a breakout session teaching Roberts' Rules of Order;
-and of course, the thing I would MOST love: to hear Dr. Paul in person...

Also, Peter Schiff recently said on interview that he believes the economic correction will occur during the next four years no matter who the president is; I'd be interested in a panel discussion of what steps we might take in our own neighborhoods to establish bartering communities, security patrols, recommendations for community gardening, etc.

Also, why not have some booths available for rental where people can sell heirloom seeds, prep/bugout books, etc. (no guns or ammo, obviously)

:) Thanks for reading... I think if some of these sessions are planned, we will have HUGE attendance from media as well as many curious ex-Gingrich voters.

What do you think?

I think you may be pleasantly

I think you may be pleasantly surprised on at least some of your suggestions... ;-)

its all about the music

I hope some good bands get put into the mix. that'll guarantee a good time and a huge turn out. If, somehow, 100 thousand people show there is no way he will be excluded from the presidential ticket.

Pittsburgh will be

Pittsburgh will be represented!

Is there camping available in Tampa

State Fairground. I've been there before and I remember that it's HUGE. If Patriots want to camp with tents or motor home or just sleep in their vans, is it possible to do that?

Please make sure to set up a lot of water activities for everyboby to cool off. It's gonna be scorching hot over there.

Organise a Ron Paul boat parade.

Ask the billionaires from Paypal and Facebook for sponsorship.

Hire the Ron Paul blimp to fly around to advertise the PaulFest.

Like Ron Paul says: Don't forget to have fun!

Camping recommendations...

Hi, I've lived in the Tampa area for 17 years and my family and I are avid campers. I have a couple of recommendations for you:

1. Hillsborough River State Park. Google it, you can make reservations on the floridastateparks.reserveamerica website. I just checked; there is PLENTY of availability for 8/23-8/30. They allow tents and RV's. There is a very nice (HUGE) pool, nice restrooms with coin-op laundry, and every site has the fire ring and the usual water/elec hookups. Most sites are well shaded. This park is less than about a 10 minute drive from the FL State Fairground on Hwy 301. My family has stayed there many times in our popup camper and used the facilities. Very nice! (Canoe rentals, pretty nature trails, a snacks shop, etc.) Dogs welcome on a leash.


2. A little further away, and definitely off the beaten path: E.G. Simmons Park in Ruskin (about 20 minutes drive to the Fairground). The camping areas are newer than HRSP (newer restrooms), and most sites are on canals that connect to Tampa Bay (saltwater; bring your fishing poles and catch your dinner from your own site!) We've stayed here a couple of times, too, and I like it even better. They don't take reservations (first come, first served, but I doubt it's ever been full, and especially not in August after school has already started here locally). Here, there is a nice sandy beach with swimming (but no pool), a playground, and dogs are again welcome on a leash (they even have dispensers with plastic bags for the doggie unmentionables). Most sites provide good shade, and the usual water/elec service is available at all sites. If you like your privacy and prefer a quieter retreat, I'd go for E.G. Simmons Park.


Both locations are $24/night, or $18 for senior citizens with ID.

EDIT: If you're looking to camp AT the fairgrounds, here is a link to their info about non-fair camping:


...but I don't recommend it. They will put you in a parking lot, basically, without much in the way of amenities. Also, it's $39 per night this way. My recommendation is still to go for either the HRSP or EG Simmons Park if you're camping.

facebook pages and web pages supporting "Paul Fest"

For more information and contacts on Paul Fest, see these pages and sites.

1. http://paulfestival.com/

2. http://www.facebook.com/CelebritiesForRonPaul

3. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Paul-Festival/317674844951298?...

4. http://www.facebook.com/events/380870835269160/?ref=ts

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Kind of a shame it's not a more central location like in 2008.

I know the GOP convention is in Tampa so we don't have much choice.

But the reality is a midwest location as in 2008 at the Rally allows many more people to attend due to simple logistics of travel.

But I think it will still be successful.

I plan to go and I live in Seattle, over 3000 miles away.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

since its early see if you

since its early see if you can find a cheap flight, then camp

Be sure to check out Ronvoy

Be sure to check out Ronvoy and Rides for Ron Paul if you're looking to save on transportation!

Check out what someone linked to their facebook!!!!


This is going to ROCK!!!!

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The 60s had Woodstock.......we have

Ronstock! I like the sound of that! I am NOT one of the young generation (56) but I will be there with FULL support. It's kind of like the party to celebrate all the work and effort that has been put into the campaign. Look out Tampa here we come!

~Your perception becomes your reality~

Guys, Wake-up!

Guys, Wake-up!

We do not want to travel nearly 6000 miles from northern Idaho, only to return home when the RNC begins, and I hopefully speak for the hundreds of thousands that will be investing in this campaign.
We must do our utmost to Wake-up America.
This is no vacation! Men do not prepare for war, while at the same time, plan to walk away before victory.
We should march around the Convention Center 7 times each day as we cry out to God. Such fervency would truly frighten the establish party and the lame MSM.
Try black this out!
This is a War for Freedom!

Support the Delegates AT the Convention...

Handing the media a narrative where they paint us a Ron Paul followers, cult members, roadies, etc., the week before the event we have all sacrificed so much of our lives for will not help. The delegates who are undecided will be fed the dialogue that we are outsiders, that we even created our own separate event, that we will riot and they will unite and back Romney out of fear. They will have photographic proof of showing our supporters wild, at a festival right in town. This is their tactic, and they will ruin the good natured atmosphere Daily Paul is hoping to present.

If we show up AT the convention and meet and great people, show them we don't need celebrities, vendors, or a party atmosphere, we can win them. We can win with our personal stories, our sacrifices that took us to Tampa to win the Republican party back for the ideas of our founding fathers, and Liberty.

Paul Fest is likely to do more damage then good. You see the spin. You know the truth now. Please support President Ron Paul, and not a festival for Congressman Paul.

The Paul Festival will be the

The Paul Festival will be the weekend before the GOP convention (Aug. 24-26). Directly after the event, the GOP convention will begin the following day. We hope the Paul Festival will have shown the delegates the massive support Dr. Paul enjoys and that only HE can defeat Obama in the general election. The Veterans for Ron Paul have organized a march to occur concurrent to the GOP convention, so that will be the place to be for your proposal!