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Paul Festival - Tampa, FL Aug.24-26

BIG NEWS fellow Ron Paul supporters and Lovers of Liberty everywhere! Over the past several months, a coalition of grassroots supporters from across the country (some of the same individuals who brought you the Revolution March on Washington DC, with over 15,000 participants, as well as some volunteers from the Rally for the Republic with over 20,000 in attendance), have joined forces with other talented supporters to produce what many of you have been blogging and posting about here for quite some time! Introducing:

Florida State Fairgrounds (pending) - August 24-26,
the weekend before the Republican National Convention!

This event will be THE event of our generation, and will be held in honor of Dr. Paul, the Champion of the Constitution, which he has dedicated his entire life to upholding. Also, it just so happens that his 77th birthday falls a few days beforehand, so come join us in the celebration! With a capacity of over 100 thousand people, over 355 acres, 20,000 lit parking spaces, 400+ camping sites, and six buildings with over 273,000 square feet of indoor space, this will be the BIGGEST festival celebrating Liberty in the history of our time, BY FAR! Let the LAMEstream media try to keep US quiet!

We invite you to connect with us and get the latest updates at www.PAULFESTIVAL.com. This will be a massive undertaking, and WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!!! You will also have the opportunity to make advanced ticket purchases on the website, as well as reserve travel and lodging packages, T-shirts, and more! This is a GRASSROOTS effort, organized and put together by dedicated everyday individuals just like you who have volunteered their time and energy to the cause of Liberty. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT in order to make this event a reality. THIS IS A NON-PROFIT EVENT. All donations and funds raised will go toward the promotion/production of this event, securing an A-list of celebrities, and musicians, etc. This may be a pivotal moment in bringing awareness to the 521 delegates up for grabs at the convention, and securing the GOP nomination for Dr. Paul. We intend to invite ALL the delegates to experience the message of freedom- and have fun doing it!


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Could you tell us a little

Could you tell us a little more about when you tried to hold the three day event? Perhaps we can learn from it. We are coordinating with Ron-voy to bring people in from across the country (which will include transportation, and lodging). We also hope to attract some celebrities to make an appearance, as well as invite other well-known bands/activists/speakers who support Dr. Paul.

Three day event

Reminds me of the good old Grateful Dead... I have a book filled with ticket stubs I bought from the band's headquarters in Marin County.. they sold thickets for touring and tickets for tapers.. taping was FREE you just had to have a tapers ticket.. Most folks wanted tickets from the band because they had little symbols, dancing bears, or stealie face, it was shaeful to have a Ticket Master ticket, but honestly, it was better to be at the shows no matter what the ticket... allot of people sought "Miracle Tickets" (Free tickets).. Grateful Dead shows lasted THREE DAYS, they we would all tour to the next town and the shows would last THREE DAYS.. the band never played the same set.. everyday was fresh songs... what was funny for us was the opening acts, like Sting, played the same set all three days.. we would all be booing at day three.. LOL.

Three days is perfect.. those who can will, those who can't might make one or two days.

Allow vending in the parking lots. We called the parking lot, "The Zoo", Shakedown Street, someone would have a sound system and play disco... we adveraged 80K people per shpow, 20k would be vending.. grilled cheese, phatty burritos, falafel, salsa and chips, banana nut bread, chocolate chip cookies, fresh squeezed OJ, coffee.. some folks would offer complete dinners, some foks had little stores in thei buses... you could buy, art, tee shirts, clothing... home made clothing.. all of it was tax free too.

Way back when, there were not so many rules.. we could bring in ice chests and blankets.. I always brought balloons, pens to write on balloons, tortillas for flinging like frisbees, marshmellows for marshmellow wars, trashbags to clean up the mess we all made...

I LOVE and miss THREE DAY SHOWS... we had Rock Med, we had child care, we had many services we provided for each other... we also had Wharf Rats, the biggest AA/NA group on the planet, met at half time. The wore buttons, "Been there, done that".

I think this is GREAT and I wish allot of luck.. I contacted Ronvoy, I live in NorCal and so far there isn't any Ronvoys leaving from NorCal. I'm all for the THREE DAY SHOWS.

We have already started working with

Revolution Travel Management, Susan Wolfe's organization and RonVoy"s are planned and up on the website. Ron Paul delegates, this is a inexpensive fun way to get to Tampa!


I tried several times to submit my info to volunteer for this event. The web-form came up with endless errors.

I am a production designer and stage manager. I can put together your entire production for you or run any number of sub-production stations as needed. Sound, light, video, lasers, LED video arrays, etc.

If you need help contact me through the daily paul. Your sight is good, but somethings not right about that web-form.


Did you ever get your app submitted ??

If not,let me know.

I think it may be because of

I think it may be because of the security code. It's supposed to be a simple math problem.. not something to be copied by typing it out. I'll ask our I/T guru and see if we can get this changed. Can you please try again when you get a chance and let me know if you still have problems? If any of the required fields are missing, there should be a warning at the top in red. Thank you!

Just a thought...

Since we have so many unwanted eyes and ears around the DP...is there someplace else we should be discussing these plans? Maybe Michael has some suggestions? Maybe a password protected thread...idk just a thought. We are being watched more now than ever IMO.

Security is and probably

Security is and probably always will be a concern for a movement such as this with so many powerful enemies. But if we couldn't get the word out to our fellow supporters and have honest and open discussions about our efforts (and coordinate them), I don't think the movement could have spread as far and wide as it has. Since it's not logistically possible to put everyone through a lie-detector test, I think we're left with no choice but to trust that everyone here has the best of intentions, but also use our best judgement as to what advice we accept and implement.

I will be there

But I was under the impression that we were all gonna march around the actual convention and we could even team up with the occupyws people and occupy the RNC to boost our numbers

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How are we gonna do that when this is

The weekend before the RNC? and I w ouldnt want to be associated with the occupy movement, I want to.be part of a REVOLUTION!

Veterans for Ron Paul

are marching the first day of the Convention. Is that what you're thinking of?

No, I had my dates jacked up

Sorry.. My mistake


For Paul Festival!

can someone please tell me

why we are not concentrating ourefforts on getting together the date of the actual RNC... why have an event when no media will show up and no media are present a week before those days were we will have the biggest audience in the world?

I won't be there, I'm saving my energy for the RNC

We need to make an impression

We need to make an impression on the delegates BEFORE the convention... We plan to invite all the delegates to the event so that we can make an impression on them before they go into the convention. There are over 500 delegates who do are not bound by the results of their states' popular votes. We want to show them that the Ron Paul movement is large enough and powerful enough, and most importantly, that we are the only viable alternative to winning against Obama.

If we were to have the event concurrently to the RNC, they may not even hear about it until well after the event. They're going to be busy enough with their own convention events, and you can bet that the mainstream media will try to avoid giving us any coverage. Besides, this is a festival and more people will be able to join us for a weekend event, as opposed to having a weekday event when a lot of people may be unable/unwilling to take time off from work.

My mistake

I thought the RNC was to take place over the following weekend. This is now a great Idea in my mind, I Will Be there! and ill be putting in my vacation notice so I can have the whole week off.. Let me know if I can help in any way! I live an hour from Tampa! Sorry again for the misguided critism, and thanks for this Event!

No worries! nobody lives a

No worries! nobody lives a mistake-free life, and we welcome any constructive criticism (it'll help us improve the event and hopefully make it a bigger success!). besides there's no reason why civilized adults can't have honest and open discussions about anything. But we definitely need every help we can get! If you could please sign up in the "Volunteer" section of the website, I'm sure we can certainly use your help! We are currently especially in need of an attorney and an accountant (preferably who are familiar with campaign finance laws, but we'll take anyone who'd be willing to volunteer their time for the time being). We are also looking for a programmer/web developer and a graphic artist as well.

Who are you

calling "civilized"? ;D

I seriously cannot wait for this event!! It is going to be HUGE!!

It's highly unlikely we could have gotten a venue

at the same time the convention is happening. The RNC contracts with all the major venues within a 40 mile parimeter, and this event has to go through their approval process. Besides, the last day of the Festival is the night before the convention starts.

As to the media, if we're able to get high-profile celebrities like Joe Rogan to attend, the media will cover this event.

Well, we should stay one more

Well, we should stay one more day then. At LEAST one more DAY!

We Should Join the Troops for Ron Paul and march behind them

for additional impact to show our support for Ron Paul too, especially since we will have the people there from the Paul Festive.


The Ronvoys have been scheduled...

so that people are in Tampa for an additional 12 hours on August 27th, SPECIFICALLY in order to march alongside Veterans for Ron Paul! I wouldn't miss that for the world! :D


Contact Adam Kokesh and organize first. Veterans March on Republican National Convention on FB.

The March with vets is not a walk through the park. I have been going to ACLU and city council meeting, in Tampa, this is the real thing.

Join Tampa Bay for Ron Paul on FB.

We are working as closely

We are working as closely with Adam and the guys as we can, however I was recruited by the organizers of Paul Festival 2012 to do the travel & lodging for this event. We feel lucky to be able to be in attendance at the Vets for Ron Paul march on Monday, however I don't think any of us are planning to start a revolution in Tampa this August. (A MENTAL revolution maybe, but not necessarily a physical one.)

By "not a walk through the park", I'm assuming you mean the march will be some distance? It couldn't POSSIBLY be worse than marching several miles down Constitution avenue in 100+ humidity and heat of the city of Washington DC, like we did in 2008 at the Revolution March! I'm not worried - most of us are seasoned veterans, and for those who aren't, or who don't want to participate in the march, we will make sure that there is a location they can relax in and wait for us to return for departure.

It's ALL going to be okay! That's what I always say. <3



I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed


Big time bump


CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

“It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till." -J.R.R. Tolkien

Yah made my day!

... Won't miss it for anything... more details... keep us posted...

Plano TX