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Grow a Garden.

Let me rephrase that. GROW A GARDEN. Even learn urban techniques with small spaces. That 5 dollar fast food sandwich you bought the other day.. That could buy a large amount of seeds.

Everyday is one day you can be planting something to feed yourself with later. Don't wait til TSHF. Because at that point it will be far too late. Even against hedging food costs this will help you immensely.

Google is a wealth of information, Craigslist is also if you want to team up locally with people. I would love for people to post sites here for all. I know I'm preaching to the Choir for many, this is for the people who really haven't taken that much time to do it. PLEASE. You will thank yourself later. I'm sure there is a wealth of info people here can provide. If you never have, now is a good time to start. A really good time.

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Your post help me a lot.

Your post help me a lot. Through reading this post I've just come to know some important points about gardening. Thanks mate. :)


take a kid fishing.

Thanks for sharing such kind

Thanks for sharing such kind of awesome input here. I'm simply delighted through knowing about the view of grow a garden. Thanks once more time. :)

Need to add to my garden

Got started, but I need more food. Here's hoping it's not too late in the season to start.

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I'm not sure which growing area you are from,

but most likely you aren't late at all! I'm zone 5 and May is actually a very good time to plant warm weather crops, you could even expect a decent harvest if you planted in early June.

You bet I will!

Got most of it planted and have already harvested radishes. The greens are up as well as the peas. I've felt compelled to plant extra of everything this year, so I have. Thanks for posting Youwerewarned, I believe it is very important as well. Wishing you all a fantastic growing season and a bountiful harvest!

Garden Planted!!

I always enjoy fresh vegetables, plus....its' fun watching it all grow...and the sweat put into cultivating the garden area and planting is good excercise.

Even have some tulips blooming for the beauty of it all!

Got it started!

Got it started!

Sounds Good

...pass me a banjo. :D



wish I could play the banjo.

Me too!

It's on my bucket list.

Phoenix is one of the best places for gardening

There are two growing seasons - Spring and Fall - which does mean TWO HARVESTS per year. Here is a Planting Calendar.

"Nothing grows in the heat of summer" - this is a lie. BEANS, cucumbers, melons, watermelon thrive in the summer. Plus you can have several harvests of beans throughout the year.

"There is sand in Phoenix" - comments about sand in Phoenix I suppose are based on sincere ignorance, but ignorance nonetheless. You can do all that you can to prepare with the resource that you've got, or you can do nothing.

Treat the local soil properly - add gypsum about 1 40lbs bag per 25 sqft. Till it and break the soil. Then mix with compost ($4/2ft3 from Homedepot or FREE from MANY local farms - check Craigslist). You will need about 2ft3 per 15sqft. Add manure at the end ($0.97 per bag or FREE from Craigslist).

Water regularly. For about $50 per month fixed water rate in Phoenix you get several thousands of gallons of water per month. Cut your front yard irrigation and have ONLY desert plants for decoration. Bring the water to your vegetable garden. Meet and get to know your neighbors who have wells - you'd be surprised how many there are - both, neighbors and wells. Good luck!

You forgot okra and peas, they love heat..


Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Best gardening video

One of the best gardening videos around, it uses a very interesting technique with wood pieces: http://vimeo.com/28055108

A good way to defend your freedoms: www.libertymagazine.org

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Inspired and inspiring; the gardener and his

garden are amazing. Thank you so much for posting this. I'm an atheist, but if more people -- Christians, atheists, Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, agnostics, etc. -- were like this gardener, the world would be a far better place.

Back to Eden - Great Video!

I watched this a month ago and happened to have a huge 1 1/2 yr old pile of wood chips sitting in my driveway. The dirt underneath was amazing. So I hauled it up to the garden and planted.

I used the same theory for potted herbs, using soil that has been under 2 pepper trees for years. When the herbs sprout I will cover the soil with chips.

Watch the video, it's wonderful!


That was the BEST thing I've watched in years. Thank you very very very much for posting it..I've bookmarked it.

Try: Backwoods Home Magazine

For those interested in this thread, Backwoods Home Magazine is published for you by a bunch of libertarian/conservatives that enthusiastically SUPPORT RON PAUL!!! Go to http://www.backwoodshome.com/

They put in a blend of how-to and common sense, with a pro-freedom message thrown it. Dave Duffy, John Silviera and Claire Wolfe know how to tell it like it is.

I'm not the publisher - just a long-time subscriber...

buying and keeping seeds

There is nothing easier than growing food. Food wants to grow. Dig those sprouting onions, garlic and potatoes out of the fridge and plant them! Potatoes will grow in a bag hanging off the outdoor wall (add soil).

I have been organic gardening and sprouting since I was a teen. Sometimes its been a few pots on a balconey. Other timnes its a half acre.

I have found that the best source of seeds is the bulk food store where I can buy organic "Sprouting" seeds in bulk MUCH MUCH cheaper than in the little 'organic' seed packets by the big name companies. Now I have large tightly closed glass containers with enough seeds to last me a life time, and share. And if I get a craving for sprouted broccoli etc. I will sprout it because sprouts are an immediate valuable source of high quality food that you can grow on a rack over your kitchen sink. Get some Glass jars, screen and elastic bands, soak for a day and then rinse/drain often. You have a sprout garden.
Still real gardens give more back. I make pounds of dried vegetables in my dehydrator with almost no effort.
BTW the dehydrator also does a great job on drying meat (mmm jerky - buy cheap high fat cuts), and fruit.

Live free!


Testify, my sprouting bruthuh!

I refer again, to the most dull video I ever made.... What you say about sprouts is TRUE! And what you say about sprouting in bulk is TRUE!
Now, it all applies to chickens and cows, too. If you have pasture animals and / or chickens, please endure the video, linked in my reply below.

It is one of those things, it is hard to get people to understand until they dive in a bit, but this is worth the effort.

No one wants "grain fed beef" these days, but grain is what is cheap to feed. Take that "cheap" grain and increase your volume AND nutrient profile by sprouting it. Now you have grass fed beef, for LESS than grain fed. Do it in bulk, and suddenly "organic" becomes easily affordable.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I'm going to try to implement

your sprouting technique into winter feeding of my dairy goats. I appreciate the video, and it gives me all the info I need. Thanks for posting.

On your "grain fed beef" comment, you are right...no one wants it. Unfortunately the beef is no longer grain fed really. Grain prices are at an all time high, so they are feeding "distiller's grain" (a by-product of ethanol production). Yes, it's even worse than you describe. In the 50's corn was cheap, so it became the new feedlot ration, but now it just doesn't pencil out. Huge subsidies given to the ethanol plants has drove up the price of grain since they have a little extra padding in their pocket to pay top dollar. Most feedlots can't compete with the ethanol plants, so they purchase the mash that's left over after they process it for ethanol. Gross, but cheap (it's turning into a main component of dairy rations as well). Kudos to all of those who raise their own meat, eggs, and milk. Even if it costs us more to grow it than buy it, at least we know what went into it! (luckily you posted an awesome video that should lower my winter feeding costs substantially...thanks again)

DON'T grow a garden - it is too much work.


Seriously - learn about permaculture or "food forests" and (of course) aquaponics.

If you have chickens or pasture animals, let me rock your world with the most boring video I ever made that will cut your feed bill by over half and give you healthier animals:

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Hey Fishy...

I've got a question for you...
I have chickens and I'd like to be able to mix their "waste" into my vegetable beds...but how do I KNOW when it is safe to do that? I can't really keep a compost pile because what happens is the pile "grows" in epic proportions and then becomes a tangled mess...and I don't have a strong enough stomach for "tea".

Please feel free to respond here or via message if you can...
Thanks so much...

That's you? lol

I should have known, I think that's a Ron Paul shirt I see. :)

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Gardens are good, Food Forests are better (but take a lot of...)

Work and Time to get started. You'll want a garden growing as you develop your food forest.

Aquaponics are awesome, but costly to set up. You can see some of the video of us building one in a community garden in Philly, the project cost quite a bit though:


And here is my section on Permaculture:


Jack Wagner

On it

Still more frosty mornings in Greater Cincinnatistan in early April, so not quite ready to move them out of the house and into the actual ground, but ever hopeful...

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america


Ron Paul!

Check out Aquaponics!

As far as I know this is the most effective and efficient way of growing you own food, per Kilo and you get tasty fish to eat.


You can even feed the Fish off of maggot meal, farmed in cultures fed upon food waste and can be pumps can be driven by solar to lower costs further.

Ohhh, you just made my day!

I get a real thrill when someone thanks me for turning them on to aquaponics. To come here and see someone else pimping for this FOOD R3VOLUTION that found out without my help is just as sweet!
Word is getting around.
Love and hugs-

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Akinori Kimura's MIRACLE APPLES

This is a story about Apple farmer who now grow them without any pesticide. Apparently, the Apples come from this farm are amazingly sweet and tasty so now Japanese call it "Miracle Apples".

I am posting this so all English speakers also can benefit his study and experiences.
His book is only published in Japanese but this amazing blogger translated them page by page...