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Grow a Garden.

Let me rephrase that. GROW A GARDEN. Even learn urban techniques with small spaces. That 5 dollar fast food sandwich you bought the other day.. That could buy a large amount of seeds.

Everyday is one day you can be planting something to feed yourself with later. Don't wait til TSHF. Because at that point it will be far too late. Even against hedging food costs this will help you immensely.

Google is a wealth of information, Craigslist is also if you want to team up locally with people. I would love for people to post sites here for all. I know I'm preaching to the Choir for many, this is for the people who really haven't taken that much time to do it. PLEASE. You will thank yourself later. I'm sure there is a wealth of info people here can provide. If you never have, now is a good time to start. A really good time.

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If you don't pick your own tomatos

You won't even know what a tomato tastes like.
Fresh bread, garden tomatoes, leaf lettuce, miracle whip and a little salt...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Darn it now I'm hungry.



you had me til "miracle whip" LOL

Why not make some fresh mayo :) it's easy!

Here's a video on how...


or if you must...here's how to make homemade "miracle whip"



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I look forward to trying this.
and I can tweek the flavor to my taste.

Great free garden documentary

Just watched this a few days ago and it is free on their site and a great documentary about gardening and the best techniques to use. Enjoy.


is this a religious gardening documentary? lol

I'm 5 minutes in and all they've mentioned is that God is good and so is Gardening! lol

interesting instead of preachy

I'm not religious myself and I found the quotes he used interesting instead of preachy. I think the information he talks about though is worth the Sunday school lesson.

Spoiler alert: you never have to till your garden again.

Feel closer

Always said, "I feel closer to God in a garden than any place on earth. I think it's because you're always on your knees".



Man I wish I could grow my own food. I would save hundreds of dollars a year. It is crazy hearing how much some of you grow. Not sure what I can do living in a city with a very small plot of land and a summer coming up that reaches into the 110's(Phoenix). Not much grows here. One thing I have realized is if crap hits the fan I am screwed. Oh well, good luck everybody!

For Liberty!

Here Ya

Here Ya Go!


At least your not screwed! Cheers.

And if you can't even get that ( which is doubtful)

Here ya go again...


You can plant it in sand and the stuff grows like crazy. You can eat the insides of the plant. Just don't eat the green skin. It's a natural Laxative.

here a video of someone in arizona making a garden


I'm sure there are more videos you can find online but since you live in Arizona I would suggest reaching out to people in your area. Find out what they are doing and copy what works and what works for you.

I can only show you the door...

My garden so far...

165 gallons rainwater collection

trees: apple, granny smith, plum, nectarine, satsuma, grapefruit, pear

i think its a good first start!!!

Music to plant by !

Neil Young - Homegrown (Live at Farm Aid 1986)


Tin Pan


It takes several years of practice to get the bugs out of the system and be growing enough to support yourself. (After about three years, with substantial experience - in other states - BEFORE we started, our garden is still not a full diet for us. More like half a year's veggies and enough eggs for a daily light breakfast.)

You do NOT want to try to start growing a garden AFTER the food infrastructure has collapsed. Get things working several years beforehand, so you can save your efforts for gaurding your livelihood and tweaking for the loss of whatever you were still using from the old marketplace. (And do the Mormons one better and store TWO years of long-term canned food to cover for any shortages.)

Also: Consider raising chickens. (I recommend Barred Plymouth Rocks or California Greys as easy-to-handle utility birds that are NOT hybrids so you can build a self-reproducing flock.)

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"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

For those with smaller land spaces

Consider building a chicken tractor!

Yes, you heard me right, a chicken tractor. Coop on wheels with built in feeding area!

Check these links out:




And here's a link to some free plans for building one!


BTW: This last sight has a plethora of GREAT ideas for building garden boxes/trellis's cold frames, garden sheds, and green houses with just some tarp and PVC piping. AWESOME ideas there!

Good Advice!

I am a professional landscape designer ~ www.biomirage.com ~ and organic gardner since 1973, here in California, and I am STILL broadening my plant pallet and honing my organic method of gardening. I get better every year. Read, experiment, log your results, adjust for better yields and repeat. (This I learned from Thomas Jefferson!)Gardening is a labor of love; an art, that is effected by so many variables that you need to practice for your climate zone, soil conditions, sun exposure and the pH of your soil and water supply. You need to learn how to compost sucessfully and take your good soil and turn it into great soil to get the results you want. The key is focusing on building great soil. For great soil grows healthy plants.

I use aquarium air pumps to off gas my water using a series of 45 gal plastic H20 barrels to eliminate the chlorine in my municipal water supply. I take this extra step so as not to kill the micro herd (microbes and fungi) in the soil I have so carefully built. Roof gutters and cisterns/barrels for collection of rainwater help, but, I live in a flight path and do not collect the rainwater until after the first drenching rain so as to not sully my fresh water supply with the pollution that settles upon my roof during the dry season (a long one here in San Diego).Don't be intimidated it's very rewarding and fun! JUST START!

This month I will be canning strawberry jam. And at the end of the season, when I look in my pantry at all the food I canned this year, I have a wonderful feeling of power and the world and the future is a little less scary.

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Outgassing works well if they

Outgassing works well if they use chlorine or sodium hypochlorite. A short boil even better.

But if they're using chloramine it will survive the process just fine. It has to be removed by other means (which I don't happen to know of the top of my head.) Look into how to purify tap water for an aquarium.

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"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.


Chlorimines remain! Fortunitally we gave a low ppm of chloramines in our water supply here. Chlorimines (in this case NH2Cl) are more stable then Chlorine until they combine with organic matter which frees the chlorine from it's other chlorimine componants. So, I use a handful of microbial active compost or dirt tossed into the water to free the chlorine and then complete out gassing. So far this is working great! (Not recommended for your fish tank unless they are catfish!!!LOL)

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

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Wow, beautiful work, good ideas for water

harvesting, etc.

Thank you! I am passionate

Thank you! I am passionate about garden design and organic method gardening. Getting dirt under your fingernails is good for the soul!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

I absolutely agree

We all have to start somewhere.

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Thomas Jefferson

I love that we still have

people posting about gardening even in the middle of the election season. It gives us a breather and helps us unwind(not to mention the educational benefits).

Here are a lot of videos about permaculture, forest gardening, urben gardening, etc. It's a good alternative for those who want to watch less tv. :-)

Global Gardner Video Library




I am currently building a greenhouse

that will grow plants using aquaponics, I plan to have 900 - 1,000 tilapia in the greenhouse tanks supplying the plants with all the nutrients they need and in return the plants keep the fish water clean plus we have a supply of fresh fish. There is some good information on yt concerning aquponics and here is a link that has some good info as well. www.theurbanfarmingguys.com

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Thanks for the link; wow, that project is so

intelligent, so inspiring.

I am planning an aquaponic system now

This is a good site for information http://www.backyardaquaponics.com/

The containers they are using are called IBC, intermediate bulk containers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYFM7J_TpTU&feature=related I have seen so many different system varieties on line its hard to decide what one is best.

water tanks?

the water tank is the expensive part what are u using?

Google Tote Tanks

They are cubes that hold 250 to 330 gallons depending on model. Some are used by the food industry, while many are used for chemical use. Mine came from a water treatment plant and are fine for water use. The closer you get to the source the cheeper they are... a good price is from $25 to $40 dollars. Resellers will be asking $100

Ramblin Randy

4 years ago ...

These guys taught me to buy Gold and Silver ... well that has become a house in NH now ...

I have learned so much from here ...

I was working on a Green house made from wood ... I have been between CT and NH ... I experment in CT to take knowledge to NH ... I use self watering containers ... I am trying to grow on Teepees. I also am doing Aquaponics ... I have Rabbits now And may do Chickens in NH ... problem is wife does not want to go ... So I prepare ... I will only use Heirloom seeds in NH so even if I can't pick all the stuff I will have seeds for next year ...

I might make some video's of what I learned ...

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