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We Were Cheated BIG-TIME Out of Victory in Wisconsin: Time to Fight Back!

UPDATE: I served the State of Wisconsin Board of Election with documents relating to the trauma I suffered during the exit poll. However, much of the document, some 30-pages long, involved vote rigging. Service deals with both issues. Both Dane and Miwaukee County were served. Will take further action, since those thugs (security guards) greatly traumatized me (see: this CITIZEN exit poll: http://www.dailypaul.com/224638/must-see-dr-paul-won-both-ex...

On advice from other RP activists I instructed officials at Milwaukee, after meeting there personally, NOT to certify, that there would be consequences. Told the individual in charge that there is vote switching at the Central Tabulator. That seemed to get her attention.

To date Milwaukee county has not yet certified. Election officials have obviously discovered what we have all suspected, which is the robbing of Paul votes over to Romney and in some instances Santorum.

Original Article:
The ideal place to prove the cheating is Madison area, where Dr. Paul had massive support. The riggers would undermine this aggressively. They shift huge blocks of votes, especially in the larger wards--from Paul to Romney and/or Santorum.

In Madison area there are 111 Wards. Of these wards there are only a few, namely 18, with 70 votes or less. Dr. Paul did well in these wards. He won 1st place in six of them, 2nd in four, and 3rd in four. He scored highest, the total vote count of these 18 wards was as follows:

Paul: 216
Santorum: 213
Romney: 163
Gingrich: 35

What about the larger precincts/wards, 71 votes and above? According to these ES&S-generated numbers Paul won NONE of these wards, despite the massive presence of campaigning and crowds. Yet, when I exit polled on election day in a large sampling of 157 voters at the UWM Sandberg Center (UW/Milwaukee), he won the Republican vote by a significant percentage. In other words, Paul does just fine, surely just as good, in the large precincts/wards as the small. He led the pack on both the wards I polled.

Now, let’s look at first place finishes in Madison wards:

Santorum: 62
Romney: 30
Paul: 0

That’s right, ZERO first place finishes in all the major wards, the same ones frequented by Ron Paul enthusiasts. What about second place in this city, where he drew 5200 people? He was second 20 times out of the 71 remaining wards. Who was his victor in every case? It was Santorum.

Put simply, votes were being stolen to artificially prop up Romney and also Santorum. Now, it appears, most of the votes were dumped to Romney (correction).

Here is the real shocker: total number of Paul votes for ALL 111 Madison wards: 4453. Now, that's impossible (correction). Thus, the votes were switched.

Here is verification, which confirms the stealing of votes by powerful people, notably the Rothschilds:

Voting Machines used November, 2008 in Wisconsin (and current)

Paper ballot marking machines with electronic interface:
• Election Systems & Software's AutoMARK Technical Systems AutoMARK VAT----ROTHSCHILD
• Populex Digital Paper Ballot
• Vote-PAD's Vote-PAD Ballot Marking System

Direct-Recording Electronic (DRE) machines with a paper trail:
• Election Systems & Software's iVotronic---ROTHSCHILD
• Premier Election Solutions's Diebold AccuVote TSx
• Sequoia AVC Advantage--MICHAEL SMURFIT/ROTHSCHILD (now owned by Dominion of Canada)
• Sequoia AVC Edge II--MICHAEL SMURFIT/ROTHSCHILD (now owned by Dominion of Canada)

Optical scanning machines:
• Election Systems & Software's ES&S Model 100---ROTHSCHILD
• Election Systems & Software's ES&S Model 150---ROTHSCHILD

• Election Systems & Software's ES&S Model 400--ROTHSCHILD
• Election Systems & Software's ES&S Model 550--ROTHSCHILD
• Premier Election Solutions's Diebold AccuVote (including Diebold AccuVote ES-2000)
• Premier Election Solutions's Diebold AccuVote OS
• Sequoia Optech III-P Eagle, also sold by Election Systems & Software--ROTHSCHILD

There is no way Paul could have done this poorly: NO WAY. We were cheated. So, now, let's get busy and prove the cheating.

Note: the newest information indicates that Santorum was also a victim of vote switching in various counties, including some where he had the lead over Romney. In fact, Santorum may well have legitimately beaten Romney in this state.

Furthermore, it becomes clear that the voting in our country is controlled by two monopolies domiciled in foreign nations.

Use this thread to fight back. Confirm your vote. To take action see: http://www.dailypaul.com/225171/lets-do-a-massive-exit-poll-...

New addition: the latest information, as posted on RonPaulForums, indicates that, in fact, Dane County was the site most heavily rigged against the doctor. We may not have won Wisconsin but were heavily cheated in a number of counties. See the charts, here:


Note also this excellent site on what we are up against. They are calling for citizen exit polls in Wisconsin and elsewhere, just like we are, here!!


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Do you ever CC any of your

Do you ever CC any of your letters to local, national or other media outlets? There's always a possibility that one may write an article about this at the cost of a few extra stamps.

This dovetails perfectly with the evidence from AL


"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."



What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

Why do you allow the

Why do you allow the electronic machines!??!?!?!?! WHY?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

We could put notices in newspapers and offer rewards to

anyone who has knowledge of election fraud. We could do moneybombs for reward money and legal fees.

Hit them with a lawsuit about

Hit them with a lawsuit about 2 weeks before the GOP convention, challenging the cheating and making the claim that no delegate is bound in a State where cheating went on. Make it hurt.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

wait til then

and they wont even hear it for months after the convention ends

Then someone do a lawyer

Then someone do a lawyer money bomb. How many lawyers here???

"Lawyers for Ron Paul"

Some lawyers are hanging out at the Facebook group called "Lawyers for Ron Paul." These are true patriots who are fast at work doing their best to design safe and effective strategies for all the RP delegates at the RNC.


I disagree...having been involved with lawsuits..I say start the

fires burning as soon as possible....soon there will be so many fires burning and all of our's will be on pro bono (I hope!) but the RNC and ROMNEY will have so many to think about it will make their heads spin...and then when they have at least 100 lawsuits ongoing during the convention (2 in every state!) hopefully they will throw up their hands...or do something....in our favor...as we describe these suits on national TV or Dr. Paul gets up and says,

"Thanks for the great welcome Freedom Lovers....and we need you to help fight the 100 Plus ongoing lawsuits the PEOPLE have against vote rigging in the GOP"


Yes, you are all correct, a "Litigation Bomb" is in the plans

by LibertyUSA PAC and action should be taken. In June I plan to work at this, along with serving the County Boards of elections in select states.

Will attempt to post an OP-ED with a plan here and on the PAC site.

For now, let's flood the vote in key districts in CA, while counting that vote. We have counters who will be placed on the ground on June 5th.

Anyone with a few spare dollars, help us flood the vote with the SB mailings on the front page.

This type of evidence...

is everywhere. I KNOW we did better in Nevada than the final numbers indicate. Somehow, Ron Paul loses in college towns, getting only a small fraction of the votes that Romney and Santorum receive. But it's all circumstantial. The "conspiracy" would appear to be so massive (in reality, on a couple individuals would have to be involved). Think South Carolina- Paul didnt win a single ward/precint. In fact he just happened to get 8-14% everywhere.

The party (and most likely the pentagon) wanted to crush any momentum as fast as possible. This thing could have spread like wildfire had victories come our way. I would bet its algorithmic, if not just straight vote flipping at the caucus level. I've got no more proof than anyone else. But after the strong 2nd place in New Hampshire, something happened. Dr. Paul was surging to 20% a week before the SC primary- only to finish with 13%

If anyone knows anything...the American people require that you BLOW THE WHISTLE.

Visit https://soundcloud.com/politics-of-freedom for all recent Ron Paul interviews, speeches, debates, forums, panels, press conferences, news coverage, and Texas Straight Talk updates!

"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

Paul was polling at 14% in South Carolina

The last few major polls in South Carolina all had Ron Paul between 11 and 15%. The RCP average was 14%. Exit polls had him at 13%. The final vote total was 13%.

What exactly is the fraud? The pre-election polls, exit polls, and final results are all quite consistent. It would be odd if 40% of voters said they were going to vote for him, and his exit polls were in the high 30s, then he came in with 10% of the actual vote. But that's not happening at all. He lost the state by a massive margin, and was predicted to get about that fraction of the vote. Why all the complaining about South Carolina?

There has been a growing atmosphere of corruption

in presidential elections for many years. Remember the talk about the Kennedy campaign appealing to Illinois for last minute votes to turn the tide--which I think is now accepted as a truism. The problem is rather like Ron Paul's 'frog in cold water' analogy. We have allowed this corruption to grow to crisis level. Consider: if we believed that an enthusiasm for Romney was sweeping the country, we would accept that he had a right to win even if we didn't agree with him. But everywhere we see that the typical attitude of Romney supporters is a shrug and a sigh. So this sweep of Romney victories has no apparent electoral support behind it. What to do? Much of the system is now electronic. For the part that is not, we need people involved in the process to provide surveillance. This campaign is tailored for that kind of work. And for the electronic part? The same: surveillance--but this is more complicated. Do we have legions of IT mavens prepared to be trained to go work for Premier Election Solutions, NOT to promote one candidate over another, but to ensure that the electorate is allowed to be heard? We probably do. (This movement is characterized by a large young contingent and that is where so much IT talent resides.) To do it would mean setting up a whole department organized by states to run courses and seek key positions. Who can do this? Step up. There's no time to waste. (I haven't the training do this but I will try to do my part with the ebay fundraising effort being talked about on another thread--to help pay the expense.)

(In the meantime, we could use some Wikileaks type talent involved in the Diebold systems. Hello?)




La Crosse

N. Cram w-16 La Crosse, WI.


Even got it on video.

white paper shows algorithmic vote flipping analysis PROOF

vote flipping in multiple states


this needs to be spread far and wide

no it doesn't

It just shows that certain candidates have support bases from wildly different demographics, and that precinct size is also often correlated to variations in demographics. The opposites of these trivially-true statements are used as basic assumptions in the analysis. The results shown are not unprecedented, unbelievable, or surprising at all.

Zero? WELL! Probably quite

Zero? WELL! Probably quite simple to find someone or two whose vote was not counted and they should go over together and demand a recount and find out why their vote was not counted..!!!!

Truthbearer's picture

Great going Dr K!

You do well shining the light on this corruption and talking about it all on the RBN radio! Is that good multitasking for Ron Paul or what?

Great works!



bumping with concern and . . .


Though things may become very difficult, it is hopeful that so many people are waking up.

What to do about a criminal media 'cartel'.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


Media trapped.

What I found really

What I found really interesting about this video that I didn't know, was the projection of Gingrich winning SC based on an exit poll of 2381. Yet at the same time, with one percent of results reporting, or something like 4000 votes, Romney was ahead 38 to 33. I understand it can be argued the 2381 is at random while the 4000 is certain areas only. But, come on. That still sounds so ridiculous to me.

How does the system work?

It is indeed criminal to steal or suppress votes. The question I have is which is the greater crime. To switch and suppress votes at the public elections; or to pretend that voting means something, whether public or delegate voting, then to centrally PRE-APPOINT the NATIONAL DELEGATES and the NOMINEE and manipulate both the public and delegate votes to produce the desired result and so cover this activity?

The fact that the public votes are being switched or suppressed is important but it is also vital to recognise that this is done as a part of a comprehensive integrated scheme to defraud the People. Not only has there been vote fraud but there has been poll framing and media manipulation all with the objective of ensuring that the nominee and indeed the Presidency itself appears to be the result of a fair election when in fact it is the result of a far different process. The winning candidates have all been pre-selected by the central committees who are no doubt answerable to the ruling elites of the United States. To me this is the real story and it has been exposed here this year through the efforts of the Ron Paul Revolution.

If this description is accurate then this is a crime which flies in the face of the fundamental American idea. Indeed the fraud perpetrated on the public is remarkably deep and pervasive because what the public believes is happening is the opposite of what is actually taking place. The ELECTION is actually a SELECTION by those who control the central committees without reference to the desires of the People at all.

The network of central committees is itself centred on the National Committees whether Democratic or Republican and those who most influence the process on the central committees are the chairs of these committees. These chairs are also likely hand picked. So what we begin now to see is that this entire "democratic" or even "republican" system in the United States is an elaborate camouflage for what is in fact a monarchical or oligarchical system of prerogative, privilege and predetermination. If this can be fully exposed for what it is then I believe there will indeed be a national revolution.

There are many here on the DP who are well aware of how this system has come into being but this is the first time I have personally had a ringside seat as the process has unfolded and has been exposed in all its ugliness. This has been an education indeed.

I realise this must seem far fetched to many but it is the only explanation that for me makes sense of all the events that have taken place and have been reported on during these primaries to date. Those who are calling the shots are ultimately the same banking and corporate cartels who are centred on the Fed simply because that is the source of their power and control. The call to "End The Fed" is nothing less than a call to kill the spider at the centre of this web of deception. There is no wonder the spider is sending out signals along all its lines of communication to stop Ron Paul.

That the Rothschild family is one of the controlling entities in these cartels is I believe well established. At the moment it seems to me that this fact is of less material weight than the exposure of the actual, provable methods used by the central committee structure of both major parties and how they use this structure to effect their decisions in the selections of delegates and eventually the nominee. If these methods can be elucidated and brought to public exposure then there should be an outcry from the American people over how they have been defrauded for so long. At this point in time it will be necessary to reveal and provide evidence for the identities of the leading actors and bring them to justice.

Having said all this it may seem that I am less than sanguine about Dr. Paul's likelihood of becoming the GOP nominee. That is however not the case. I still believe he will be the nominee and it may be that these discoveries will play a part in this event. There are still many elections and many conventions to be held so we must watch with care to see how they are conducted to determine if the process I have laid out here is actually the one followed. If it is then it must be stopped and all the results obtained from it must be invalidated and an authentic election held.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

We need to get rid of the

We need to get rid of the Diebold voting machines and the people who run them.
Or how about getting the memory cards from an unrelated source and have them read before they leave the building and have lots of documentation and witnesses.
We really need to push to make some changes in these areas.

I have a better idea than exit poll watching: how about vote

machine watching? Like watching it from before, during, and
after the voting?

Which other state recently experienced a similiar pattern of vote flipping? I remember reading here that somewhere the discrepancies for Paul were in the larger precincts. I want to say it was the writings about the Alabama voting recently. Same pattern. Dr. Paul got the votes in the smaller precincts but not in the larger ones.

Apparently the vote stealers didn't bother with the smaller precincts. So this says we need to watch the vote machines in all large precincts.


When someone gets accused...

...of doing something wrong and they are innocent, they defend themselves. They are not defending themselves on all the accusations & proof that they ARE cheating. They are therefore validating our claims! Did I make sense?



If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Just Had a Conversation

Just had a conversation with a distant family relative about election fraud today. He's a huge Ron Paul supporter. In fact, if any of you have driven on US Hwy 1 near Mims or Scottsmoor, Florida and seen homemade Ron Paul signs, he's the guy who made them. He told me he ran for the Florida House of Representatives in 1974 in the "American" Party. I don't think they're around anymore, but that's beside the point. He said he won every district except the three biggest. He lived in one of those three districts and says he knew just about every family there through work, church, or community involvement. The three districts he lost were by three-to-one, just enough for him to lose to the Republican candidate.
He said he went through the formal process to check on the voting machines used at the time, was blocked at every pass, and finally got to see only 6 of the machines used in his district. He said none of the 6 machines had the locking mechanism on them that was supposed to prevent tampering and several people had copies of the keys that opened them up. There was only supposed to be one key that was in a signed and sealed envelope. When he finally got to open a machine, he said it was rigged so that the number of votes he could receive would max out because in the thousands digit every number was a zero. In other words, he couldn't get more than 999 votes on any machine and if he did it would have reset at 0000 votes. He had hard evidence of election fraud. The district supervisor of elections was fired for this, but the machines were quietly shipped off and the evidence with it. He never got his seat in the Florida House. The Republican candidate won it.
What's happening here to Ron Paul is nothing new. We never had a chance within their rigged system. We have to do our best to expose the vote/election fraud and then write-in Dr. Paul if he doesn't run third party. We have been destined to fail because system was rigged before the election cycle even began.