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We Were Cheated BIG-TIME Out of Victory in Wisconsin: Time to Fight Back!

UPDATE: I served the State of Wisconsin Board of Election with documents relating to the trauma I suffered during the exit poll. However, much of the document, some 30-pages long, involved vote rigging. Service deals with both issues. Both Dane and Miwaukee County were served. Will take further action, since those thugs (security guards) greatly traumatized me (see: this CITIZEN exit poll: http://www.dailypaul.com/224638/must-see-dr-paul-won-both-ex...

On advice from other RP activists I instructed officials at Milwaukee, after meeting there personally, NOT to certify, that there would be consequences. Told the individual in charge that there is vote switching at the Central Tabulator. That seemed to get her attention.

To date Milwaukee county has not yet certified. Election officials have obviously discovered what we have all suspected, which is the robbing of Paul votes over to Romney and in some instances Santorum.

Original Article:
The ideal place to prove the cheating is Madison area, where Dr. Paul had massive support. The riggers would undermine this aggressively. They shift huge blocks of votes, especially in the larger wards--from Paul to Romney and/or Santorum.

In Madison area there are 111 Wards. Of these wards there are only a few, namely 18, with 70 votes or less. Dr. Paul did well in these wards. He won 1st place in six of them, 2nd in four, and 3rd in four. He scored highest, the total vote count of these 18 wards was as follows:

Paul: 216
Santorum: 213
Romney: 163
Gingrich: 35

What about the larger precincts/wards, 71 votes and above? According to these ES&S-generated numbers Paul won NONE of these wards, despite the massive presence of campaigning and crowds. Yet, when I exit polled on election day in a large sampling of 157 voters at the UWM Sandberg Center (UW/Milwaukee), he won the Republican vote by a significant percentage. In other words, Paul does just fine, surely just as good, in the large precincts/wards as the small. He led the pack on both the wards I polled.

Now, let’s look at first place finishes in Madison wards:

Santorum: 62
Romney: 30
Paul: 0

That’s right, ZERO first place finishes in all the major wards, the same ones frequented by Ron Paul enthusiasts. What about second place in this city, where he drew 5200 people? He was second 20 times out of the 71 remaining wards. Who was his victor in every case? It was Santorum.

Put simply, votes were being stolen to artificially prop up Romney and also Santorum. Now, it appears, most of the votes were dumped to Romney (correction).

Here is the real shocker: total number of Paul votes for ALL 111 Madison wards: 4453. Now, that's impossible (correction). Thus, the votes were switched.

Here is verification, which confirms the stealing of votes by powerful people, notably the Rothschilds:

Voting Machines used November, 2008 in Wisconsin (and current)

Paper ballot marking machines with electronic interface:
• Election Systems & Software's AutoMARK Technical Systems AutoMARK VAT----ROTHSCHILD
• Populex Digital Paper Ballot
• Vote-PAD's Vote-PAD Ballot Marking System

Direct-Recording Electronic (DRE) machines with a paper trail:
• Election Systems & Software's iVotronic---ROTHSCHILD
• Premier Election Solutions's Diebold AccuVote TSx
• Sequoia AVC Advantage--MICHAEL SMURFIT/ROTHSCHILD (now owned by Dominion of Canada)
• Sequoia AVC Edge II--MICHAEL SMURFIT/ROTHSCHILD (now owned by Dominion of Canada)

Optical scanning machines:
• Election Systems & Software's ES&S Model 100---ROTHSCHILD
• Election Systems & Software's ES&S Model 150---ROTHSCHILD

• Election Systems & Software's ES&S Model 400--ROTHSCHILD
• Election Systems & Software's ES&S Model 550--ROTHSCHILD
• Premier Election Solutions's Diebold AccuVote (including Diebold AccuVote ES-2000)
• Premier Election Solutions's Diebold AccuVote OS
• Sequoia Optech III-P Eagle, also sold by Election Systems & Software--ROTHSCHILD

There is no way Paul could have done this poorly: NO WAY. We were cheated. So, now, let's get busy and prove the cheating.

Note: the newest information indicates that Santorum was also a victim of vote switching in various counties, including some where he had the lead over Romney. In fact, Santorum may well have legitimately beaten Romney in this state.

Furthermore, it becomes clear that the voting in our country is controlled by two monopolies domiciled in foreign nations.

Use this thread to fight back. Confirm your vote. To take action see: http://www.dailypaul.com/225171/lets-do-a-massive-exit-poll-...

New addition: the latest information, as posted on RonPaulForums, indicates that, in fact, Dane County was the site most heavily rigged against the doctor. We may not have won Wisconsin but were heavily cheated in a number of counties. See the charts, here:


Note also this excellent site on what we are up against. They are calling for citizen exit polls in Wisconsin and elsewhere, just like we are, here!!


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They rigged the votes in Florida against us, too

It is a very informative post you have made. Thank-you. Our votes, nationally, are being cheated away by these same criminal elements.

IF this is true

If this is true, tallying our own votes will get us precisely nowhere. No one will ever believe this if there isn't incontrovertible proof. If this is true, someone in Wisconsin needs to take it to court under cover of night, start up a Grand Jury, and subpoena the voting machines with an injunction on party officials handling them until law enforcement gets there. If you are right, the tampering and algorithms will be apparent with a good long look at the machines.

Nothing short of this will accomplish anything.

that is the problem

the algos that do this need not be on the machines. If the machines are networked together and upload values to a main server all you need is a simple line of code in the database that adds up the totals on the main server. This proves the point that this type of fraud is very difficult to prove once a system like the one we have is put into place. We simply have to abolish the system and go back to paper ballots in all the states. If RON PAUL runs third party we need to figure out a way to stop electronic voting in it's tracks through legal remedies like restraining orders, or class action suits. This has to be done as soon as possible. Actually we would be well served to do this in the remaining primary states.

fight back

Our votes are being handed over to Frothy and Mittens, primary losses have been stolen from the jaws of victory time after time and we DO NOTHING. So we get what we deserve. If you want liberty for your children and family you have to at least entertain the idea of fighting for it.

The fraud is obvious.

The question is...are we going to do anything about it.


Bev Harris outlines how to prevent electronic voting fraud, I don't understand why Dr. Paul's campaign hasn't implemented some of these tactics.

I don't think you're on the right track.

And I don't like how this sounds racist. I do agree with you that our votes aren't being counted, but I don't think it's from a zionist. I think it's probably more likely from mega corporations and the mega wealthy who want to make more money. There was even information that it's Rockefeller and other families alos the Heritage Foundation who work with intelligence to control elections. I can't find anything that links Rothschild to the voting machines so I think you are just trying to hash up prejudice.

You signed up two days ago to tell us this?

Our votes are being stolen. In a primary that is a felony. It doesn't look good if you are one of those who defend these criminals.

There are several posts on this thread showing the role of the Rothschild family in stealing our votes. Adding these regarding the thieving nature of the Rothschild-financed ES&S machines, if you are interested:



It is, after all, a crime to steal votes in a presidential election and to influence the election through voter suppression. At best we are merely defending our right to an honest vote by engaging in this discussion.

You sound like you have some kind of weird obsession

And you only signed up 12 weeks ago. The vote has obviously been stolen, but it's not the Rothschilds who are stealing it.

ES&S, according to the Rothschild's division in NYC is a

subsidiary of Rothschilds, Ltd. These machines were used to steal votes in SC.


"The 100% unverifiable ES&S iVotronics that are used across the entire state of South Carolina are also the same type of machines that led to impossible numbers in Monroe County Arkansas’ primary election in May 2010, when, as The BRAD BLOG reported exclusively, thousands of votes seem to have simply vanished after being reported by the Secretary of State on Election Night. To this day, neither state nor county officials are able to explain what happened."

"They are also the same type of machines that were used in Clay County, Kentucky in 2006 when election officials actually changed the votes of voters on the machines after the voters had left “the booth”. Eight top officials from the county’s Election Commission — including the County Clerk, a Circuit Court Judge and the School Superintendent — are all now serving a collective 156 years in the federal penitentiary for those election fraud crimes."

That Judge didn't take these crimes lightly. And ES&S blocks every attempt at State Election Boards to determine the nature of any fraud.

Know your audience, Dr. K.

I too know that the Rothschilds exist and do dirty things behind Corporate veils, but please tone down this kind of talk; you're preaching to one of the most practical bunch of people online and sadly the Rothschilds have not been sufficiently "Outed" yet to many of them.

Nor has the Bilderberg group, despite the wikipedia page on them detailing more than anyone could refute... There are just some topics that sound too tin-foil-hat-y and you should avoid them in all of your posts when you care about your credibility... Hence the responses you've gotten on this thread.

As I read along I was bobbing my head in agreement and then out of nowhere the word "Rothschilds" starts getting repeated over and over, & my eyebrows shot up like a rocket... That's a sure to turn away 90% of your readers... In fact I'd go edit all of those out right now if I were you. Think about future readers.


Do you have a link?

That proves the Rothschild division in NYC? Why are you so interested in blaming them and based on below comments you must have edited your post and taken out the corrupt zionists portion. If involved, it wouldn't just be them and as above poster notes there is evidence it's large corporations with the CIA. Your post shifts the blame to zionists and this is a tactic the CIA uses.

The best thing we can do is outlaw electronic voting booths, or have some other kind of checks and balances, but for right now we can videotape the results at each precinct before it goes to district tabulation as Bev Harris discusses on a couple of videos on her site.

I called the Rothschild group and talked to them myself

as has already been stated in this post, and they confirmed that they have primary ownership of ES&S, which is responsible for counting the majority of votes cast in American's elections. It is published in the book, Rigged, out in about 4 weeks. Links are all over this post.

Have your read all the links about all the different horrors being inflicted upon Americans by these ES&S machines? This private company IS involved in election rigging, and that implicates the owners, Mr. Ahmanson and the Rothschilds.

Wow, you talked to them yourself!

That's a ringing confirmation. Sounds like you might be a VIPS. And think you just posted something else on this blog about Israel under a different alias.

What does "END THE FED" really mean?

Our freedom is a security the banksters collect interest and dividends on. To them, we are just "uppity slaves." We are their livelihood. We threaten their very way of life by wanting to be as free as we've been taught that we are. How dare we seek to choose our own plantation master?

Tazers are the modern day whip.

We live in shacks or hovels compared to their plantation mansions. Some of us live on the street, runaway slaves that have not managed yet to establish their freedom.

The hired guns (peace officers turned POLICE or "policy enforcement agents") put their lives on the line to run the business for their masters and make a little more than the average American. If you are reading this and in "law enforcement" you need to think about that. Are you enforcing the law or are you just blindly following orders? How can you enforce the law if you do not know what the law is?

Why only Santorum? also BY APPOINTMENT only?

My recollection of at least one study done on the voting was that RP's votes were given to Romney in the early States. Even some of Santorum's and Gingrich's votes were given to Romney. I believe that there has been election fraud but the REAL material point is I believe that the delegates and the nominee are actually being APPOINTED by the Republican National Committee (RNC) and its network of State and County Committees (soviets).

This is how they have worked in the past and how they are working now. We are winning delegates to the State Conventions mainly because we are using the party rules to our advantage at the County level. At the North Dakota State Convention however we saw the APPOINTMENT strategy in all its ugly reality. We should expect this at every State Convention.

Santorum is NOT our arch enemy. The RNC with its subsidiary committees (soviets) is. We need to convince a lot of Santorum's supporters, especially the evangelicals, that Dr. Paul is a more authentic Christian believer, in practice not in words, and calling Santorum our arch enemy is not going to get the job done.

We need to focus on Dr. Paul's strengths not on Santorum's weaknesses. A very good website for doing this is www.whyronpaul.com

The one exception I might make is the article by one of his long time associates in PA demonstrating Santorum's tendency to lie. This is obvious to anyone watching his performance so it is good to have a first hand account of this practice.

It is all well and good to expose election fraud at the first public voting level but it would be, at the moment, a distraction for the campaign to get involved. This is why it should remain a grassroots effort. Dr. K. and others are to be commended for their efforts.

However, the primary and caucus public voting is I believe only used as a means of justifying the PREDETERMINED selection of the APPOINTEE who this year is Romney. It is this BY APPOINTMENT rather than BY ELECTION process that must be exposed and challenged. This is a monarchical prerogative system and should be an affront to any American. The exposure of election fraud at the public level may be useful in demonstrating one of the means used to justify the APPOINTMENT but the APPOINTMENT PROCESS delivers the MOTIVE for the election fraud.

The only question I have is does this APPOINTMENT PROCESS actually break any rules or is it in fact the way it has been set up from the beginning? In other words is the entire ELECTION PROCESS a sham, whether at the public or delegate level, covering the APPOINTMENT PROCESS with the latter being defined by the rules from the beginning? If the answer is NO then we have a case for election fraud in a big and visible way.

Even Ben Swann has demonstrated how the ND State Convention was railroaded and an expose of the APPOINTMENT PROCESS could not have been made more clearly. This is I believe the way it must be viewed and it may well be that this is how the campaign is viewing it.

Meanwhile the recapturing and restoration of the Republican Party to its roots continues.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

You are correct that as more information has come out

the vote switching in Wisconsin is more towards Romney than Santorum. The switching appears to show that Santorum actually defeated Romney.

In exit polling Democrats were voting for Santorum as an anti-Romney vote. This was being done in precincts throughout the major cities.

According to the legal experts I have interviewed

it is very difficult to hold accountable those communistic "party" players in the caucuses but in the primaries any theft of votes is a crime, specifically a felony.

Will have this researched for a triple-check.

It is surely a crime in the court of public opinion to actually prove that the votes are being stolen and shifted to the opposite candidates.

It's a crime against us, for all our votes, money, and efforts to be squandered. Will post the legal aspect, God willing, tomorrow.

Regarding Santorum, he has been of late the beneficiary of vote switching, in Alabama and, now, in WI; in NH and SC, among others, Romney was the primary recipient.

I agree. Now, how does the system work?

It is indeed criminal to steal or suppress votes. The question I have is which is the greater crime. To switch and suppress votes at the public elections; or to pretend that voting means something, whether public or delegate voting, then to appoint the national delegates and the nominee by committee and manipulate both the public and delegate votes to produce the desired result and so cover this activity?

The fact that the public votes are switched or suppressed is important but it is vital to recognise that this is done simply as a part of a comprehensive scheme to defraud the people. Not only is there vote fraud but also there is poll framing and media manipulation all with the objective of ensuring that the nominee and indeed the Presidency itself appears to be the result of a fair election when in fact it is the result of a far different process. The winning candidates have all been pre-selected by the committees who are no doubt answerable to the ruling elites of the United States. To me this is the real story and it has been exposed here this year by the efforts of the Ron Paul Revolution.

It appears to be an integrated crime which flies in the face of the American idea. Indeed the fraud perpetrated on the public is deep and pervasive because what the public believes is happening is the opposite of what is actually happening. The result is that the system is run by those who control the committees in much the same way as a corporation is controlled by the board of the company.

This network of committees is centred on the National Committees whether Democratic or Republican and those who most influence the process on the committees are the chairs of these committees. These chairs are also likely hand picked. So what we begin now to see is that this entire "democratic" system in the United States is an elaborate camouflage for what is in fact a monarchical or oligarchical system of prerogative, privilege and predetermination. If this can be exposed for what it is then I believe there will indeed be a revolution.

There are many here on the DP who are well aware of how this system has come into being but this is the first time I have personally had a ringside seat as the process has unfolded and has been exposed in all its ugliness. This has been an education indeed.

I realise this must seem far fetched to many but it is the only explanation that for me makes sense of all the events that have taken place and have been reported on during these primaries to date. Those who are calling the shots are ultimately the same banking and corporate cartels who are centred on the Fed simply because that is the source of their power and control. The call to "End The Fed" is nothing less than a call to kill the spider at the centre of this web of deception. There is no wonder the spider is sending out signals along all its lines of communication to stop Ron Paul.

That the Rothschild family is one of the controlling entities in these cartels is I believe well established. At the moment it seems to me that this is of less material weight than the exposure of the methods used by the committee structure of both major parties and how they use this structure to effect their decisions in the selections of delegates and eventually the nominee. If these methods can be elucidated and brought to public exposure then there should be an outcry from the American people over how they have been defrauded for so long. At this point in time it will be necessary to reveal and provide evidence for the identities of the leading actors and bring them to justice.

Having said all this it may seem that I am less than sanguine about Dr. Paul's likelihood of becoming the GOP nominee. That is however not the case. I still believe he will be the nominee and it may be that these discoveries will play a part in this event. There are still many elections and many conventions to be held so we must watch with care to see how they are conducted to determine if the process I have laid out here is actually the one followed.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

Other important facts about the influence of the House of

Rothschild. This has relevance to what we are facing:


President Lincoln dared to have the U. S. issue its own greenbacks, backed with the full faith of the government, and bypassed the central bankers, avoiding any interest payments to them. For this patriotic act he was killed by John Wilkes Booth, a Rothschilds agent and contract killer, who was later spirited away to England, where he lived out his life comfortably on a pension provided by the Rothschilds bankers. The greenbacks were immediately stopped and called in and redeemed at a ridiculous low price set by the centralbankers.

One point should be made here: The Rothschild bank financed the North and the Paris branch of the samebank financed the South, which is the real reason the CivilWar was ignited and allowed to follow its long, and bloodycourse. The more Americans that dies, the more money the Rothschild bankers made.

ALSO: When Booth's diary was recovered by Stanton's troops, it was delivered to Stanton. When it was later produced during the investigation, eighteen pages had been ripped out. These pages, containing the aforementioned names,were later found in the attic of one of Stanton's descendants.

From Booth's trunk, a coded message was found that linked him directly to Judah P. Benjamin, the Civil War campaign manager in the South for the House of Rothschild. When the war ended, the key to the code was found in Benjamin's possession.

They are the enemy.

I think the students being on spring break hurt Ron Paul a lot.

In Wisconsin a lot of students register to vote in the towns where they grew up (if they are from Wisconsn, and many are).
The faculty and staff of the Univerity tend to vote Democrat.

The native Wisconsin people are commonly church-going family oriented Santorum tendors....a lot of people in Madison are on a lifelong vacation and just do not vote. They might love Ron Paul, but being from Long Island, they may actually vote absentiee in Long Island. At least that's what they all did when I was there.


But that still doesn't account for the monstrous number of votes

that have been stuffed into Santorum's coffers.

Were you there during that rally? There were all kinds of people there, not just students. Plenty of Madison residents. Something is wrong. The number is just too low for the level of support from all quarters.

Alabama: rigged
South Carolina: rigged
New Hampshire: rigged
Michigan: rigged
Wisconsin: rigged

I am sure that, when it is all assessed, it will be proven that Paul's votes were shifted over to Santorum but also heaviy to Romney (addition).

How many states offer the right

for citizens/reporters to recount the paper ballots - at their own expense? It would make for an interesting college paper for someone. Compare the "official" electronic ballots to the "unofficial" hand counted ballots.

Florida has the Sunshine Law which allowed the newspapers to recount the infamous Gore-Bush paper ballots.

I ask myself these same questions and actually there is a way to

find out.

It is legal to call people on the phone for political reasons and for "survey" reasons and not have to worry about the "do not call" telemarketing list rules.

A way to find out is to order a list of voters in zip codes all over Dane County and call a thousand or so names. This would give a better idea.

As far as Madison goes, I bet not more than half the people at the rally were from the city of Madison. The people who showed up were from the little towns around Madison. I know what you're talking about. It is hard to accept that not everyone loves and is devoted to Dr. Paul.

Young people do not vote in numbers sufficient to combat the seniors who do who are terrified of losing the war, losing their Medicare, losing their Social Security even if they do not know which candidate stands for what. If they think Santorum is a Christian, that's enough for them.


The county that Madison is in is not "Madison County; as far as

I know there is no Madison County in Wisconsin. The county that Madison is in is DANE County.


Yes, that is correct it is Dane County and these 111 are

Madison area wards. My error.

Focus your energy in getting the Campaign to take resp!

use the millions they collected to fight suspected fraud. Instead of getting angry and trying to contact media yourself to some vague email address that they don't read much, focus you time on getting the campaign to take responsibility for fraud actions as it becomes their fault and problem as well.



If you're a researcher, you're either lying to yourself about the legitimacy of your process, or you're purposely lying to us about it.

Three simple reasons why:

1) Too small of a sample size - far too small

2) You generalized the results from your handful of respondents, which is something a researcher can't do

3) You have no way of accounting for sampling bias, given that you performed an informal exit poll and admittedly didn't get to speak to some people - thus you were relying on self-selection, which could be characteristic of Paul supporters given how typically vocal they are

+ Follow the Cooperative principle
+ Civility first
+ Constructive comments

I don't care if it's 100% verifiably true,

The post is cogent, your contention is important, and the more people who read it and link to it the better.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Mr. McClarin: I have edited the post

and so have edited your post to match. Do feel free to change it.

No, you did good.

I didn't realize you were a moderator/editor but thanks for doing that.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.