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We Were Cheated BIG-TIME Out of Victory in Wisconsin: Time to Fight Back!

UPDATE: I served the State of Wisconsin Board of Election with documents relating to the trauma I suffered during the exit poll. However, much of the document, some 30-pages long, involved vote rigging. Service deals with both issues. Both Dane and Miwaukee County were served. Will take further action, since those thugs (security guards) greatly traumatized me (see: this CITIZEN exit poll: http://www.dailypaul.com/224638/must-see-dr-paul-won-both-ex...

On advice from other RP activists I instructed officials at Milwaukee, after meeting there personally, NOT to certify, that there would be consequences. Told the individual in charge that there is vote switching at the Central Tabulator. That seemed to get her attention.

To date Milwaukee county has not yet certified. Election officials have obviously discovered what we have all suspected, which is the robbing of Paul votes over to Romney and in some instances Santorum.

Original Article:
The ideal place to prove the cheating is Madison area, where Dr. Paul had massive support. The riggers would undermine this aggressively. They shift huge blocks of votes, especially in the larger wards--from Paul to Romney and/or Santorum.

In Madison area there are 111 Wards. Of these wards there are only a few, namely 18, with 70 votes or less. Dr. Paul did well in these wards. He won 1st place in six of them, 2nd in four, and 3rd in four. He scored highest, the total vote count of these 18 wards was as follows:

Paul: 216
Santorum: 213
Romney: 163
Gingrich: 35

What about the larger precincts/wards, 71 votes and above? According to these ES&S-generated numbers Paul won NONE of these wards, despite the massive presence of campaigning and crowds. Yet, when I exit polled on election day in a large sampling of 157 voters at the UWM Sandberg Center (UW/Milwaukee), he won the Republican vote by a significant percentage. In other words, Paul does just fine, surely just as good, in the large precincts/wards as the small. He led the pack on both the wards I polled.

Now, let’s look at first place finishes in Madison wards:

Santorum: 62
Romney: 30
Paul: 0

That’s right, ZERO first place finishes in all the major wards, the same ones frequented by Ron Paul enthusiasts. What about second place in this city, where he drew 5200 people? He was second 20 times out of the 71 remaining wards. Who was his victor in every case? It was Santorum.

Put simply, votes were being stolen to artificially prop up Romney and also Santorum. Now, it appears, most of the votes were dumped to Romney (correction).

Here is the real shocker: total number of Paul votes for ALL 111 Madison wards: 4453. Now, that's impossible (correction). Thus, the votes were switched.

Here is verification, which confirms the stealing of votes by powerful people, notably the Rothschilds:

Voting Machines used November, 2008 in Wisconsin (and current)

Paper ballot marking machines with electronic interface:
• Election Systems & Software's AutoMARK Technical Systems AutoMARK VAT----ROTHSCHILD
• Populex Digital Paper Ballot
• Vote-PAD's Vote-PAD Ballot Marking System

Direct-Recording Electronic (DRE) machines with a paper trail:
• Election Systems & Software's iVotronic---ROTHSCHILD
• Premier Election Solutions's Diebold AccuVote TSx
• Sequoia AVC Advantage--MICHAEL SMURFIT/ROTHSCHILD (now owned by Dominion of Canada)
• Sequoia AVC Edge II--MICHAEL SMURFIT/ROTHSCHILD (now owned by Dominion of Canada)

Optical scanning machines:
• Election Systems & Software's ES&S Model 100---ROTHSCHILD
• Election Systems & Software's ES&S Model 150---ROTHSCHILD

• Election Systems & Software's ES&S Model 400--ROTHSCHILD
• Election Systems & Software's ES&S Model 550--ROTHSCHILD
• Premier Election Solutions's Diebold AccuVote (including Diebold AccuVote ES-2000)
• Premier Election Solutions's Diebold AccuVote OS
• Sequoia Optech III-P Eagle, also sold by Election Systems & Software--ROTHSCHILD

There is no way Paul could have done this poorly: NO WAY. We were cheated. So, now, let's get busy and prove the cheating.

Note: the newest information indicates that Santorum was also a victim of vote switching in various counties, including some where he had the lead over Romney. In fact, Santorum may well have legitimately beaten Romney in this state.

Furthermore, it becomes clear that the voting in our country is controlled by two monopolies domiciled in foreign nations.

Use this thread to fight back. Confirm your vote. To take action see: http://www.dailypaul.com/225171/lets-do-a-massive-exit-poll-...

New addition: the latest information, as posted on RonPaulForums, indicates that, in fact, Dane County was the site most heavily rigged against the doctor. We may not have won Wisconsin but were heavily cheated in a number of counties. See the charts, here:


Note also this excellent site on what we are up against. They are calling for citizen exit polls in Wisconsin and elsewhere, just like we are, here!!


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Here is another battery of info from the State of WI:

Touchscreens and other devices in Wisconsin, as of June 2008

Total # Optical scanners (scans marked ballot)

Premier Accuvote OS(1.96.6,ES-2000: 406 (DOMINION OF CANADA)
Sequoia/ES&S Optech Eagles IIIP: 1072 (ROTHSCHILD OF EUROPE)
Sequoia Insight: 87 (DOMINION OF CANADA)
ES&S Central Count 149 municipalities (ROTHSCHILD, IMPORTANT: Central tabulators for all major cities controlled by foreign agents)
Total: 1895

Total # touchscreen DREs utilized in WI

Sequoia Edge: 1193 (DOMINION OF CANADA)
ES&S iVotronic: 71 (Same as used in SC: ROTHSCHILD OF EUROPE)
Populex: 2
Premier TSX: 362 (formerly Diebold, now owned by DOMINION)
VTI: 23

Total 1651

Ballot Marking Device: ES&S AutoMark: 999 (ROTHSCHILD OF EUROPE)
Vote-Pad: 26

It becomes clear that the entire voting process is controlled by a monopoly involving two companies, domiciled in foreign nations.

Note: references on Sequoia: http://blog.verifiedvoting.org/resources/voting-equipment/se...

How did you find this?

This is unbelievable!, Can we tie any of this to the DuPont family? Great work!

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

We have both parties

We have both parties clamoring over who supports Israel more, and you think Zionists don't own this country? Not all Jews are Zionists the same way not all Muslims are terrorists. Zionism is Jewish extremism that can be likened to the Islamic extremism of the Jihadists.

How can one group carry out extremism with impunity while another's entire religion is condemned for the acts of a small group of its people, some of them whose "terrorist acts" are really their last ditch attempts to save their sovereignty from invaders?

Sorry, but anti-semitism accusations are always used against anyone that objects to the genocidal agenda of the Zionists, it's not going to work forever. People are going to realize that Israel is not a country, but an occupying force of Palestine that is imprisoning it's people in a fascist prison, not unlike the fabled "Concentration Camps" of WWII.

Stop feeding the propaganda machine. Turn off your TV.

Call the crooks by their most obvious label:

Globalists, because pretty much every one of these punks fits the bill of that definition.

Right up the side of churches, the MIC, everywhere else. They are openly globalist socialist crackpots.

True, in the context of the

True, in the context of the original post, you can't blame Zionism alone for vote-flipping in an American election. Though Zionists do have a great motive for seeing to it that the nominee is Mitt or Rick, because they both (along with Obama) support Israel blindly (Santorum flies their flag on stage with him at his speeches, creepy). They have even started their own PAC against Ron Paul labeling him an enemy of Israel and an anti-semite.

But yes like 9/11 benefitted so many globalist factions, you can't pin the blame in one place when it comes to these joint globalist schemes.

Great point!

Stop feeding the propaganda machine. Turn off your TV.

You are correct about the differences between

Judaism and Zionism and you could be correct about the rest as well. I'm just saying how you will be DISMISSED by a great many people and undermine Ron Paul's support if you include diatribes against Zionism in post about Ron Paul.

Probably a majority of Americans believe alien beings are visiting Earth, sometimes abducting and examining humans. How do you think you will be treated if you post about Ron Paul and space aliens? Americans may believe but we have also been conditioned to ridicule any public credence in the matter of alien beings. I contend that the same is true with Zionism except that instead of dismissing you as crazy they will dismiss you as obsessed and hateful.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Ron Paul preaches Freedom of

Ron Paul preaches Freedom of Speech, you know, amendment 1 of the constitution. The one that allows the media to lie about so many things to distort reality for the masses. I agree that talking about things like Zionism & 9/11 Truth may not be the best thing to do on a site that bears Ron Paul's name, but I wouldn't liken those things to Aliens or David Icke's theory of a Reptilian Elite, because they are supported by hard evidence, and history.

I have made the same argument you are making now in cases where people started talking about David Icke, and even 9/11 truth on here, because you're right, we have and will continue to bear a reputation for believing in conspiracies, and that could damage Ron Paul's image in some way.

Its just sad to see Ron Paul have to walk a thin line in support of Israel, talking about Israel practicing its sovereignty, when it has not earned, but rather plundered and pillaged to gain that sovereignty. Then he gets criticized as an "anti-semite" anyway because he wants to cut foreign aid. Foreign aid is treason, no matter who you give it to. You're stealing from Americans and giving it to other countries, and even making it into corporate welfare by forcing the recipients of the aid to buy from American corporations.

I am glad Ron Paul doesn't support foreign aid, but it is sad that we all have to walk on eggshells around Israel while they murder and imprison Palestinians.

Stop feeding the propaganda machine. Turn off your TV.

bigot? what do you mean? the

bigot? what do you mean? the zionist control the world man!!!! you know this!!!! look what israel is doing to the palestine! genocide!!!!! so i guess genocide is cool with you ah? disgusting.... im from brooklyn ny and i know hopw bad israel is...... comeon!

juan maldonado

Apparently capital letters are a pain for you

(but not exclamation points!!!!). I think if you are going to wale on Zionists you should at least use the plural form as I just did. Also I think you mean Palestinians instead of Palestine. It sounds like you've never been to Israel but you've somehow been able to observe its evil emanations from Brooklyn. I'm impressed. Keep up the good work.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Sounds like you need to watch

Sounds like you need to watch this...

Simple history shows that before Israel came into existence, there was another country where it now sits on the map. A simple law of physics states that 2 objects cannot occupy the same place at the same time. The Zionists realized this and decided if they were to make Palestine into Israel, they must move that pesky object "The Palestinians". They bought land, they put their people in power, they used British military to help them wipe out Palestinians and prevent the arab nations around them from stopping them. They use vast sums of foreign aid to continue their imprisonment of the people, and they install dual Israeli/American citizens in OUR executive branch to enforce their agendas. Not to mention that many American Zionists, Jewish Extremist Executives, own many of the television networks, so they get to offer a one sided story about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict on the MSM networks.

Talk about a monopoly on power and information! And the Zionists have accomplished this in less than a century's worth of time.

So before you pick on someone for their typing/grammar skills, why don't you, to quote Jesse Benton, "have a clue what your talking about" first?

Stop feeding the propaganda machine. Turn off your TV.

Name for us the country

that wasn't stolen from its prior inhabitants. At our core we are killers and plunderers.

I've been watching documentaries in Spanish and English about primitive tribes that today can be observed as extremely devoted and loving to tribe members but who see nothing wrong with sneaking up on another tribe's camp and murdering all the adults and stealing the children -- for no reason other than opportunism.

If we begin to undo the injustice in the world, where do we stop? I don't have an easy answer, do you?

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Really? That's the card you're playing... Are you sure?

That is about the lamest counterargument I have ever heard, no offense, but considering the fact you have a degree in the spin business, you should be able to do much better.

To compare primitive tribes to the Israel/Palestine situation is utterly asinine, but you know that already. Could I get away with coming into your house and bashing your brains in with a club because I felt like I was chosen to live there?

That blanket generalization you made just because you've lately been watching documentaries about primitive tribes is a lazy response, and an insult to Palestine. Hey I think even the Zionists would be insulted, they have been waaaaaaaaay more ingeniously evil than that. They used the British army to take over Palestine, and then even staged false flag attacks against the British in the name of "the arabs" to provoke brutal warfare that amounted to British soldiers plowing through Palestinian villages murdering, raping and killing their people. They attacked the USS Liberty, and our government even called off the rescue of our OWN troops once they realized it was Israel doing the attacking.

They have installed agents in our government, ensuring that billions in aid keeps coming their way so they can continue their hypocritical ethnic cleansing project, while they build mansions across the street from the live-in prisons they have built for the Palestinians. Why? So they can continue to populate the Palestinians out of existence, moving the fence, expanding the border, until nothing is left of Palestine. Not to mention they know that Palestinians will attack them, and they can declare rocket attacks coming "over their border" an act of war by Palestinian terrorists, and use it to justify their actions. You should be admiring their tactics, after all, you're 'in the biz'.

I probably wouldn't be so irate about it, and would just consider it Palestine's problem that they should rise up against, if it weren't for the fact that Britain and the US have been aiding and abetting them in the process. Our tax dollars are funding this, and like I don't agree with us bombing and murdering innocent people in Iraq & Afghanistan, I equally loath us funding the murder of Palestinians. Am I wrong to be angry?

I admitted you were right to argue that it was a bad call throwing the Zionist term around in the name of Ron Paul, because as someone put it below, perception is indeed reality, and the Zionists have done a great smear job on any public outcry against them by pulling the anti-semite card and hiding ironically behind the holocaust. I agree with you on that, and that alone. If you care to carry on your pathetic argument that Israel is just doing what primitive people have done for centuries and that it is somehow OK, please have your head examined.

As for your question...
"If we begin to undo the injustice in the world, where do we stop? I don't have an easy answer, do you?"

We don't undo the injustice of others, but we should refrain from contributing to it with foreign aid and complicity in the acts. It's easy enough to cease foreign aid, and stop covering for the deplorable acts of Israel. Yet as I said before, our 2 parties are fighting over who kisses Zionist ass more, and that disgusts me.

Stop feeding the propaganda machine. Turn off your TV.

Wow that man told you! Lol.

Wow that man told you! Lol. Can you answer his question though?

juan maldonado

perhaps he doesn't want to

perhaps he doesn't want to but i can, the discussion wasn't about unravelling past transgressions, it was cheifly concerned with not CONTINUING to transgress, which is what we are doing today he only used the past to show that it is in fact a transgression when the other person claimed it wasn't, this is essentially a straw man, and you fell for it, laugh is on you.

One of my specialties is public relations.

That's what my degree is in. I used to run political campaigns. I also used to work in the media. I have experience in seeing how people are perceived through what they say and write. It's on that basis that I say that using terminology like "Zionist criminal cabal," even if it is perfectly true, will turn off a large percentage of the public who have been conditioned to view the use of such terms as vile bigotry.

This site is mainly a gathering place for Ron Paul supporters hoping to further the ideological revolution for liberty. However, the media increasingly use it as a resource and there are undoubtedly first-time visitors who may be very new to Ron Paul. If they view threads here that strike them as vile bigotry they may drop Ron Paul like a hot potato. That's why I urge all here to find more palatable ways of describing what may be going on with electronic voting.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Kathleen Gee's picture


Perception is reality. For many people, anyone blaming "the Zionists" for something is a Jew-hater, because for many people, Zionist = Jew.

Is that factually correct? No. But that perception is widespread among the government-educated.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

Public Relations Consulting

Was the voting electronic?

Was the voting electronic?

The voting in Wisconsin was nearly 100% electronic

I have a video-cam of one of the machines and will post next week.



This is a pdf file describing fraud in South Carolina, a case in which Paul votes and Romney votes were simply switched in the larger counties. The projected vote went down for Paul at the same point and by the same amount that Romney's went up while the others tracked as projected.

that paper makes some really awful assumptions

That paper makes some very poor assumptions, and the entire complaint hinges on those assumptions, which are provided without evidence.

"In a four candidate Primary where there is a legitimate reason one of the candidates loses votes in (a) particular precinct(s), the gains will be spread amongst the other 3 candidates in a fairly consistent manner."

"In a four candidate Primary where there is a legitimate reason one of the candidates gains votes in (a) particular precinct(s), the losses will be spread amongst the other 3 candidates in a fairly consistent manner."

"The vote percentage received for a particular candidate, in general, should not vary significantly from low vote total precincts to higher vote total precincts. Each candidate’s vote will obviously vary between precincts. But there is no direct relationship between total votes cast at a precinct versus vote percentage received by a particular candidate."

Is it not plainly obvious why these statements are untrue? It is a very poor idea to make projections of the total vote based on a small and biased subset of the total. This paper makes some wild extrapolations from small amounts of data then complains that those extrapolations proved to be wrong - and this is the evidence of algorithmic vote manipulation. It is quite possible for one candidate to trade off votes with another candidate in certain areas as demographics change, while other candidates are less affected. When looking at exit polling, there are some very obvious tradeoffs seen between certain candidates.

reward for evidence?

sorry there's no proof of anything here that i see. people can even lie in exit polls. we need to continue what we are doing, encouraging people to get into political office at ALL levels and work to obtain greater transparency in voting and all aspects of govt.. or follow the vote trail and discern at every level who could have manipulated the votes. if you can hack the computer votes, why aren't any ron paul supporters hacking them in our favor? perhaps that's the only way to prove that they are corrupt? imagine one county that comes in 100% Ron Paul. that would make some news i bet.

it's annoying to hear how we need to get the proof of vote fraud and it comes off kind of like a sore loser. why is nobody stepping up with concrete proof or confessions of vote manipulation? it's just frustrating to hear about this crap without any real actual prosecutable proof. would a cash reward get any involved in the manipulation of votes to step up? can we get a campaign for liberty whistle blower fund going or something?

that's a great point

That's a really good idea. Paul supporters should rig one some Congressional District in New York to come in 100% for Ron Paul. That would make a strong statement about the existence of voter/election fraud.

Although we would all love too...

...Paul is one of the few honest politicians we have and he would expect his supporters to be the same. It is corruption and dishonesty that has brought this country to it's sad state...don't think we need more of it.

Then don't throw out the real count

You don't have to cheat. Just have it reported as a sweep by Paul. It will make the news. Your point will be made. Then tell them what the real vote total was and ask for an investigation into stolen votes for Paul.

Here's some proof for you:


Go up and down the thread on RonPaulForums on the vote fraud in Alabama. You will see the stuffing of votes over to our arch-enemy, Mr. Santorum.

This is the thread:


Yes, an exit poll

for every state that has voted.

need a website and the word out for everyone in America to go to the website and register that they have voted. Tally the votes.

The campaign itself needs to spread the word, as well as all of us.

Fisrt, someone needs to make the website. Just have it record the vote and the voter's registration number or whatever.

RPvGoldman Sachs is on it and has just been hired to do it

Anyone who can help me with this. He is working for 1/4th his normal fee. He has enough $ to get started.

He is in the process of this, right now!!


"someone needs to make the website. Just have it record the vote and the voter's registration number"

This should be done ASAP. I don't know why this hasn't been done already!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

We need to start an

We need to start an investigation in Wisconsin. This is for everyone, not just us. If the other candidates want to win by illegal means, then just WHAT sort of President would they BE? AND if the GOP wants to illegally elect someone not wanted by the people in their OWN party, then WHAT sort of people are in it? The atty. General should become involved, unless he is crooked, too. This is a travesty for ALL Americans!