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signs for TylerTexas possibly from Shreveport LA

Looking for large quantity of banners and signs from states that have already voted. I live near Tyler and would be willing to meet at the border of Texas or Oklahoma. I have been volunteering for the liberty for all superpac here in Tyler. If there are any organizations or individuals who could provide signs to blanket the area please let me know.

I like many ron paul supporters am an independent who was never before interested in politics. I found this site about the same time I found ron paul through a friend on facebook. From that moment on I've not been able to put my smartphone down. I have researched ron paul for the last 3 months and sons learned all sorts of things about our government that I was previously unaware of and had no interest in. no my wife is telling me that I am crazy and that I need to pay more attention to my family. if that is not enough let me continue.
I purchased a 50 pack of ron paul pole signs online and may or may not have posted them on poles around major intersections in tyler at around 4 in the morning walking approximately 4.5 miles which I verified on google maps. in march I found a meet up group called tylerites for ron paul which is where I also found me liberty for all pac. I went by their office 3 times and they were either not open or they did not have a call list ready yet. I went by today after taking my son to the park and placed calls for delegates to the convention. I will be attending convention training next saturday. I signed up to be a delegate for state on thursday.
jenny is the regional representative for the liberty for all pac in tyler texas. you may look her up on the liberty for all pac website and shoot her an email requesting information about me. you may also email me and I am willing to give you my phone number so that we may talk if you think you're able to help.
I am just a retail manager for major pharmacy. I have no major connections and I do not have a lot of time. 1 of the best things I can do to promote the cause of liberty any ideas that ron paul represents is make his name known and show the people of the tyler area, a very conservative and christian area, the support ron paul has.
Now that I have filled you in, please tell me you can help or find someone who can.

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No signs?

I'm really trying to get the signs up before the convention on the 21st. my wife was due to have our baby on the sixth. the sooner someone replies the better.

Destry9408 is OK. He is a

Destry9408 is OK. He is a member of our RP Group in Tyler.

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams


Good to see you.

If you go back to that email I sent

and just do a copy & paste, you could have an easier-to-read post with the capitals added as needed and the paragraphs separated. Of course you may not like my "improvements" to your original. It might have seemed cheeky of me :-)

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

sorry I guess I'm naive

I've been following the site since probably january. I like a lot of folks have never been interested in politics because all the candidates seem too similar to me. sometime in january I discovered ron paul through a friend on facebook. since then I haven't been able to put my smartphone down. I researched as much as I can about ron paul that lead me into all sorts of other things about the government and possible conspiracies, many of which are ve ry likely to be true. "I may or may not have" placed approximately 35 signs for ron paul on light poles around major intersections in tyler texas at around 4 in the morning having walked over 4.5 miles mapped out on Google. I found a meet up group in march, and through them I discovered the liberty for all super pac. I think I am capable of contributing far more to the group even in my minimal time that I have available. I've gone by the liberty for all pac office on south broadway a few times, but they were either closed or did not have a call list prepared yet. I went by today after taking my son to the park then called everyone that they had on a list so far. both jenny, the regional representative from tyler and her husband were generating lists from a federal website today. I just signed up on thursday to be a delegate at the county convention on april 21st to elect delegates to the state convention. I will take the time off from work if I am elected to go to state.
this is my first post, that is true. if you would like to email me I will give you my phone number and we can talk. my facebook page shows my allegiance to the ideas ron paul represents under the name Destry McCormack. I'm sure my facebook friends and my wife are tired of me talking about ron paul.
any signs that you would give me would be placed in proper right of way locations as I've already researched the regulations for the city of tyler.
if you have any further questions do not hesitate to write or as I stated before you may email me and I will get in contact with you.
actually better yet, you may email jenny by looking up the liberty for all super pac website and send her a direct email. I just physically joined their website today as a volunteer. I am trying to do everything within my minimal power to bring the name of ron paul and the concepts of liberty to the people of a very conservative area.

now that I have given you this information I hope that you can help me out....help all of us out.


You are a little over an hour old on this site. How can we distinguish between a true Ron Paul supporter and say a Romney operative who's trying to keep Ron Paul signs out of the hands of real supporters? If you can give some reference for all the work you've done it might ease any suspicions

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

as seen above

I need a little more experience with posting.

Daily paul is the biggest best known site that I know of. that is why I came here to post my request for signs. if I have any chance of all at getting some this is it.
like I said before our county convention is on april 21st. I would love to have signs running all the way down university boulevard to the convention site all the way from UT Tyler. after the convention we could move the signs 2 more strategic locations/intersections of 323 and 69, fifth street and south broadway, highway 110 and 323, possibly off of gentry road and some on the westside of 64 and 323.
if you live near shreveport louisiana or if you would be willing to ship signs please let me know by this weekend. if not I will try to scrap up some old banners from work and paint over them.