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This reporter at least knows the score! Latest Washington Times article about Ron.

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Great article!!!!

Kudos to Thomas!!

Will Ron Paul Become 2012 Version of Candidate Warren Harding?

"This election is going to be very much like 1920's Warren Harding Republican Convention," he said. "General Leonard Wood went in there with 30 percent of the delegates and thought he had it made. Warren Harding went in with six percent of the delegates. After ten ballots, Harding had 70 percent.
And get a load of this from Wikipedia:

[Harding's] conservativism, affable manner, and "make no enemies" campaign strategy made Harding the compromise choice at the 1920 Republican National Convention. During his presidential campaign, in the aftermath of World War I, he promised a return of the nation to "normalcy". This "America first" campaign encouraged industrialization and a strong economy independent of foreign influence. Harding departed from the progressive movement that had dominated Congress since President Theodore Roosevelt.
Who does that remind you of?

Harding went on to defeat Democrat James M. Cox in the largest presidential popular vote landslide in American history (60.36% to 34.19%) since popular votes were recorded in 1824.

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Excellent article by our own Tom Mullen!

Yes, I agree with your assessment 1000%!!!


Senate is cooking up a copyright infringement prosecution on July 12th. All ISP's are supposedly going to turn you in to them.

That was really a good read!

Thank you for posting it!

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