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We need to win California and Texas

We need to win California and Texas if we are in it to win it.
To hear the GOP they are all but giving it to flippers.
We need to focus.

We could take the lead in delegates if we can those two states. They may not allow it to get to the convention.
We need to win.

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Help me

People in California and Texas I have another 3000 DVDs anyone who can hand them out or ask everyone at your meetup group to help hand them out I will send them to you for free let me know my email address is jesusonlyroadtoheaven@yahoo.com

There is no marketing plan for California. We will not win it.

Nothing is organized. I have tried to find out who/what the marketing plan is and I get nowhere. All I hear is so and so has a sign waiving thing. Cool, but there needs to be a
state wide plan to win congressional districts.

If there is a plan, I haven't found it. And I've called all over the place. The people I've talked to seem to think "oh just go wave some signs...come with us...." Totally "la la land" mentality.

I hope I am wrong...that somewhere out there there is a method and a structure, but I can't find it. Some guy at Berkeley got up and claimed he was the San Jose marketing guy. Good for him. We need one in every congressional district....a team captain that people report back to when each person finishes with any of the following:

l. the street they canvassed on...and do all the streets in a methodical way
2. the churches they spoke to the pastor of
3. the senior centers and assisted living centers that were canvassed

We need accountability and a plan of action. I called the campaign to find out about this and they had nothing to say.

The campaign is all about getting Liberty caucus into congress or into local offices. As far as winning voters, forget it. They don't care. I could name names but that's not the point.

I have been blown off by the campaign when I call sent about 8 emails to the campaign. No response. wtf


We've already won those states

Oh wait, you mean that "vote count" reality TV show...

Oh lighten up people!

I was just pointing out the massive public support at rallies in contrast to the corrupt vote rigging system. Sheesh...