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What a great editorial!

I liked this editorial despite having some issues with its title and initial premise:


Ron Paul Can't Be President – And It's Your Fault
Published Sunday, April 8, 2012 12:05 am
by Dennis Maley
The Bradenton Times

At the beginning of the 2012 GOP Presidential Primary, I made a solemn commitment as both a columnist and Editor in Chief of this publication to give Congressman Ron Paul completely fair and unbiased coverage – the sort of coverage that his campaign was so overtly denied in 2008. I didn't agree with much of his platform (though some of it was admittedly very attractive), but that was the point. It's not my job as a member of the media to decide who is a contender. That privelege belongs to the people.

I feel confident that we have fulfilled that pledge, and it is only now, in the face of mathematical certainty, that I feel comfortable exploring what a shame it is that he was never given a chance, not only by the media, but by Republican voters – especially the so-called Tea Party whose supposed ideas couldn't have aligned more perfectly with a candidate, yet from whom he received only lukewarm support.

Even though it became clear early that the mainstream media (MSM) couldn't just blatantly pretend he wasn't running, like they did with Gary Johnson and Buddy Roemer, it also became clear that they would only address him in terms that included the disclaimer that while he's clearly running, he had absolutely no chance of winning. Talking heads would engage in debates over whether it was a bigger problem that Republicans who supported him were “throwing their votes away” or that the votes he was “stealing from other candidates” would alter the outcome. When Dr. Paul started doing well in polls and early primaries, the narrative switched to, when he loses, will his success embolden an independent run that would surely lead to victory for President Obama? and How do we stop that?


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Ron Paul CAN be President.

Although the writer sees clearly what the problem is and describes it accurately he still believes the narrative that Dr. Paul is no longer viable in the race for the nomination. In other words Dennis Maley is just as much a captive of the media cultus as those he criticises for not thinking for themselves. Too bad.

Dr. Paul is NOT out of the race. There are still quite a few contests to go. It is wrong to blame the people because the tireless irate minority are doing all they can to win. The establishment of the GOP are trying to APPOINT their delegates and their nominee as they have been doing for some time but their efforts are being foiled, recorded and exposed for the first time. This in itself is a victory.

We are living in a very fragile world situation. There are many "black swans" flying around, any one of which could enter the picture at any time and upset the narrative promoted by the establishment. We continue to get the message out and it continues to gain traction. We carry on fighting the delegate battles and are winning quite a few.

Since 2008 Romney decided to go the insider route and schmooze with the establishment. Who knows what palms he greased? He expects to win the nomination in return for his largesse and promises of influence but that is not certain so he is putting pressure on to be declared the presumptive winner through his media connections. He is afraid he will lose and he is beginning to panic after spending so much time and money to win. The fear of failure is gripping his heart.

Dr. Paul on the other hand went out to the People. He started the Campaign for Liberty and they have started chapters in all the States. They have set up Youth for Liberty with a similar nation wide organisation. It is this ground support that is propelling the delegate race and we are winning on many fronts in that race.

The breadth of support for Liberty cannot be stopped because it is securely based on sound principles, the same principles that energised the growth of the nation. It truly is time for these principles to be re-asserted and more people are becoming aware of it. Dr. Paul is confident that he can win. He knows in many ways he has already won but he is determined to go all the way to the Presidency and he has the character to do it. His strategy of taking over the GOP is working and will continue.

The campaign to elect Ron Paul is being ignored and vilified and misrepresented yet in spite of this we are forging ahead. This is the time before the dawn when everything is darkest. In a short time the sound of the voice of the People will be heard throughout the land. The time of the tyrants is coming to an end.


"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

Dennis Maley put his position above principle ..

(The following is written without an exhaustive research of editorials in the Bradenton Times, but a response to the words of Maley in this piece.)

I understand his reasoning as editor of a newspaper. In the end, however, he places himself in the "too little, too late category". I respect putting his paper first, but it would have been more commendable, based upon his writing, to put his country first. Apparently being independent doesn't save you from taking one for the team.

Here he's writing an editorial about "news coverage". The two can coexist in the same periodical.


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New Hampshire and Ecuador.

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Kudos to Dennis Maley, a columnist and Editor in Chief of

The Bradenton Times, for the "completely fair and unbiased coverage" of Ron Paul 2012 campaign!

I hope his high expectation of the "average people" is justified and realized, sometime really soon.

"Sure, the mainstream media did its part, but anyone paying attention even a little bit this time around had to know about Ron Paul. If you allowed them to somehow convince you that the choice didn't really exist in any practical sense, then shame on you. Real change will only come to our Republic once average people start insisting on thinking for themselves."

In the face of mathematical certainty?

Someone needs to educate Dennis Maley on the delegate strategy and how well Dr. Paul is really doing. Was this written before Dr. Paul had crowds totaling over 20,000 in California?


yes, good editorial

Some people have been passing this around

I don't pretend to be any kind of mathematician or statistician, but it's interesting.

As is the fact we get few editorials or news stories like that cited in the original post.

For Future Elections

What is needed is for a congressman to introduce legislation that allows voters to cast ballots at State Election Board sites and/or courthouses on paper ballots. Each party would be required to acept those ballots and they would be counted and verified by Board employees and/or court clerks.

I will be writing my congressman to introduce the idea, but what I really need to do is start a petition and gather many signatures from people within my district. Any ideas on how to use the internet to effect the best result for a petition - or is "on th ground" door-to-door the best action - even though more expensive and time consuming?

it's even more basic

With federal legislation we'll have a continued constitutional question: Do the states run the show with elections or to what extent may the feds intervene?

The problem is deeper than that and cannot be completely addressed with legislative action.

There are 2 essential requirements in going for honest vote tallies which precede and which are in and of themselves far, far more important than any worries about paper ballots.

First, there must be complete transparency in voter rolls (you can see an example online in the actual provision of such lists by Clark County Nevada--Las Vegas--the entire voter list is online, available for everyone to see, and that IS everyone with an internet connection, anyone anywhere in the world.).

Then, there's the need to scrap the "secret ballot".

There is NO way to ensure accurate, honest vote tallies UNLESS we first know

1)who is eligible to vote and who actually voted

2) and who voted WHICH SPECIFIC piece of paper---

As long as we may not freely and immediately do BOTH there never can be a transparent, hence provable election process.

Harris County Texas does something like Clark County, NV., but it doesn't go as far as Clark.

The rest of the nation hasn't been willing to go there (although in Nevada groups may access the entire Nevada rolls online and without any fee).

We've seen some strides in New York state, where now anyone may request a free voter CD and get the whole state or any district within the state. It's very low cost in Florida and also in Wa State.

MOST states won't do it. Can't do it. Can't hang onto power that way.

Instead, they continue the same obviously corrupt process of allowing a few individuals, ALL of whom are appointees with fat paychecks, to "protect" the voter rolls...those idiots maintain the rolls and sactify each election.

They restrict access to the public and anyone who believes those lists aren't made available to a select few who always win the elections, well, those people still don't get it.

It's NOT Diebold which is the major problem...that problem exists because the 2 primary corrections haven't been made.

And congress wants to hang onto power. Remember, they vote themselves and their major parties completely free and therefore taxpayer subsidized access to the voter rolls...they do that for a reason and you simply WILL NOT succeed at getting them to change it.

Even if you did, they'll defend the sanctity of the "Secret Ballot".

Unless we scrap both of those wrongheaded and dishonest things, people like Ron Paul never will be elected.

A more logical route than congress or any state legislature is to litigate.

Take the legislative branches and the Executive branches to court (federal and in each of the states).

Challenge subsidies granted each major party.

Begin the long overdue public discussion of ending the Secret Ballot.