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Thank You RP Supporter at Monticello!

I've finally come out of 5 years of lurkdom because of the generosity I experienced last Friday. My family of 6, including my inlaws, had just pulled up to visit Thomas Jefferson's Monticello home in Charlottesville, VA. We were immediately approached by a family who handed us 6 unused tickets to tour the home that they were unable to use. I'm not sure of their circumstances, as I was still stuck in the way back of the SUV, but it appeared that they had a long drive ahead of them and the timed tour ticket was still a few hours out. One of the young men in the group was wearing a Ron Paul t-shirt. I saw (from the back of the truck) that he noticed my RP bumper stickers and I tried to get my husband to shout, "Go Ron Paul!" but he's not quite as exuberant about such things as I am :(

Anyway, I don't think they gave us the tickets because we're RP supporters, but I'm sure at least one of them appreciated that the recipients were like-minded fans of liberty. On the off chance that one member of that family is here on the DP, I wanted to say a sincere "thank you!" Also, since this random act of kindness saved us over $125, I am going to pass it on by adding $100 to what I was going to give in the next money bomb.

Side note, while touring Jefferson's Monticello, the guide pointed out a bust of Alexander Hamilton. She said something about its presence in the home because TJ respected Hamilton's economic contributions (?!). The guy behind me quietly mumbled, "bet Ron Paul wouldn't let that thing in his house!" We're everywhere!

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UN Biosphere Reserve

Monticello, unfortunately and sadly, is now a United Nations "Biosphere Reserve".


That is awsome

!!! Oh, what I would give to find strangers where I live who actually at least give a dime about history and politics.


"bet Ron Paul wouldn't let that thing in his house!"

Monticello is one of my

Monticello is one of my favorite places. Charlottesville is such a quaint college town. That is such a neat story, and I feel a kind of kinship with RP supporters. RP supporters are the salt of the earth.

Great Story

....and bet you are the first who has come out of lurkdom via Monticello! That's quite a trip.



....Ron Paul supporters with BS detectors, everywhere you go. It's awesome.

I'll have to say you gave me a good laugh right now

and gave me the urge to sign in to say so LOL!

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

Wonderful story! TY-

Now about that lurking thang for 5 Years!! How'd you manage dat? Gotta be a record! I'm glad you're here for real now.
Wecome, EMin!

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

"bet Ron Paul wouldn't let

"bet Ron Paul wouldn't let that thing in his house!" That is just too funny.

I've been laughing

about that statement all night and of course the guy was absolutely right!

We will win this country back.

It took our founders nearly 100 years to gain us that independence from the time tensions started.

AN APPEAL TO HEAVEN was their flag.


I believe the flags I saw

I believe the flags I saw just said, "Appeal to Heaven," I don't think the had the "An" on them; and those flags were just one of many flags that were being used at the time.

Yes there were many but they contained common symbols

the snake
the Liberty tree, there were many Liberty Trees not just of one kind
the grass
live free or die
the Son's of Liberty (those snakes gathering under the tree, the tree representing the illegal meeting place, so they would gather informally)

there are some that have both APPEAL TO GOD and DONT TREAD ON ME all in contained within the same flag

Made me smile! Thank you for

Made me smile! Thank you for this.