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Ron Paul UCLA Rally Recut

Some Hollywood filmmaker supporter of the President has produced an incredibly good, professional grade video of his UCLA rally. Brent Bateman is his name.


This is frontpage material. Pls help embed video. It's NOT the full rally, but documentary style. I wonder where this filmmaker supporter was before during earlier states, but this is great stuff.

The shots of entire tennis stadium showing ~ 10,000 people in crowd are EXTREMELY POWERFUL. This is IN YOUR FACE material which should demolish the MSM (Fox/MSNBC/CNN/NPR/CBS/ABC/everyone). Pls like this video, make it go VIRAL on Facebook, twitter etc.

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Says yet another "racist white boy"

"Ya know what I'm sayin'... The media should be reporting on Ron Paul, 'cause he's the stuff."

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

nicely made

very beautiful video ! and powerful too !

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

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Thank you brother Brent Bateman for this excellent work. This is the kind of great works inspired by the greatness of what the Ron Paul movement is all about. Big, huge, ginornamous revo-Love!

Looking at this video makes the heart tear up as we realize that this family, this community, this well coined truth-movement is growing larger and larger every day and it is just humbling to see all this harmony around something we all value. Our country, our freedoms, our liberty, truth, and real justice in the continued light shined on Ron Paul.

One can feel and easily see the family and community in the large gatherings and events for Ron Paul, the only real candidate in the race. Why the others that all kow-tow to the same old money system of corruption and media prostitution is beyond the thunderdome of belief. And yet, even after seeing this huge attendance, and all these others like it, the wicked evil misleading dark side propaganda lying and deceiving zio-media still ignores at their own peril, the actual majority support for Ron Paul. It is blatantly in-your face horrible and dirty dealings they are giving Ron Paul.

In this video, we hear and see many voices from all races of the American people. What we all have in common is our love for freedom and liberty. We love our world's people, and our Country. What all rational minds and hearts appreciate the most is the truth. We all resonate with real truth in the heart place and easily see/perceive the dis/mis-information of the propaganda media machine.

The pitiful and vain efforts are every day, in every report getting to be greater and poorer sloppy examples of yellow journalism's final days. You don't hafta be an English, or journalism major to express the truth in your best words. It does however, take one to circumnavigate and distort the truth in the finest fashions TV/CIA MIND KONTROL corporations of liars in chief can conceive though. Again, at their own peril because no one really believes the lies and horse-wash they spew any more. Everyone easily sees the charade they play to cover-up who America's choice and real winner is. Everybody knows!


In this time we are hearing how the feds are trying to ramp up race wars. Guess who wants to use that for an election issue? In this video we see all these great and beautiful folks, Black, Hispanic, and White all speaking the same language of freedom and liberty. Oh, love is what you all are. The heart, like love knows no color. It only Knows Love, compassion, unconditional understanding, and acceptance.

The best language the Heart knows is Truth and it requires no words to Know it. The truth is, we are all one people, one house, one family of man, One Love! It has always been that easy to understand. The drive to instigate this kind of hate energy in the nation is just another power play to divide and control the frightened and confused masses with more lies and dis/mis-information from the horrid killing murderous lame stream media presstitutes. It is the Cesarean divide and conquer methodology, and as old as the hills. See it for what it is. No stampede to kow-tow to the fear PROGRAM required.

Note to babylon.:


This excellently shot video express the unity, the color-blindness, and the family and community in the Ron Paul movement. One can easily see the voice of God in all these good folks voices. In their eyes, the passages to the soul we all are, God and Creation. This is after all what is at the foundation of the world-wide movement.

It actually brings tears to this Heart not because of a sadness, but because of the growing family of great Americans from all across this country. From realizing that WE ARE TRULY ONE PEOPLE and that WE ALL DO HAVE A LOT IN COMMON. And it's largely from FEELING in the heart the family harmony-energy that radiates and pulsates throughout the crowds of excited and highly energized American people all rallying around the true flag of a real American Hero. A REAL WINNER. We are all family and the world wide community of Ron Paul and all that he stands up for. God, Truth, Country, the Rule of Law, the real American way!

Much love to you all and please never forget, we are One, and we are the winners on the winning side. The only one that divides us is ourselves and those self created fears that come from the outer stimuli perpetuated mostly from a corrupted media information world system of wrongful dis/mis-information meant to purposely deceive us all.

The real winner is Ron Paul's side of the fence in this election and Untied we Stand...Divided we fall...Family and Community...will save us all!



Image how depraved

the news organizations are for ignoring this.


When rallies like this are going on, and they not only don't cover them, but even run headlines like "Where is Ron Paul?" with opening lines like "The Ron Paul Revolution seems to have gotten awfully quiet", the word "blackout" just doesn't cut it anymore. "Depraved" is more appropriate. So are "supreme absurdity", "dystopian [what-should-only-be-an-]alternate reality", "cruel and unbelievable oppression", "crimes against humanity" and "traitors". (I think this video combined with the Ben Swann interview just really lays the reality bare, and it is grotesque.)

talking mantra

A wonderful outpouring of honest enthusiasm. Hey, it would be great if everyone can articulate some of the primary tenants of Ron Paul. Everyone, the Federal Reserve system and Central banking in general is the well source of all the problem we face so make sure you put forward that the FED system needs to be dismantled because it is corrupt, dysfunctional and operates in secret. It is the most powerful institution in our country, maybe the world, and it is not controlled by our government. All bad policy is fueled by the powers that be and the power that they control is the ISSUANCE OF MONEY and that power MUST belong to the people ONLY --not the FED! Know why you believe what you say you believe. Keep up the fight.

Thank you Brent

are you a Ron Paul supporter?

Ron Paul is My President


Thumbs up!

Thumbs op for Brent Bateman. The professional quality of this video makes the rally much more impressive than the mobile phone shots I've seen so far.

Inspiring and emotionally fulfilling...

Good Job! There were moments when we could feel a swelling up in our body seeing these young people speak out for their Liberty while loving and supporting their President Ron Paul.

God Bless America and God Bless President Ron Paul.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

Thank you for sharing this

Thank you for sharing this great footage! It still amazes me how many people showed up to the UCLA event. I was at the Berkeley rally and it was big, but definietly not as big as the crowd UCLA pulled.

other videos

the account on youtube has other ron paul vids...all good work.

great footage! thanks!

great footage! thanks!

Liberty's Rising!

Bump. Beautiful video, don't change a thing!

This is deeply touching...

This is deeply touching...


In a way, it is good THE MEDIA goes so far out of it's way to attempt to ignore the unavoidable:


The more "they" marginalize us, the deeper the grave "they" dig for themselves.


Neither will our children.



Wisdom Strategies

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"Maybe they'll start to hear us pretty soon!" Ron Paul - Rock

Star of Liberty!!!!


Dear Brent,

Please use a steady cam or at least stabilize the image.

I could barley watch it. Got so dizzy from all the shaking I had to stop several times. Seriously, it made me dizzy. I'm sure it would make my mom who is 78 dizzy too.

Also... I can't tress enough. Keep it short and sweet. 2 minutes at most. People that are not interested in Dr. Paul (yet) need to be shaken up. The stinger moment is lost if they lose interest before you get to it.

If you have a lot of information to share? Break it up into short vignettes.

I keep seeing videos that are 5-10-20-60-80 minutes long. That's great that you have that much to say, show, and share. Unfortunately you're missing the target with narratives that long. The only people you really reach are current supporters and supporters on the fence (maybe).

Sorry for the rant... These are just my opinions. Take them or leave them.

...and one more thing.

Thanks for sharing chiefe71! I did enjoy watching even though I complained!

Dear Dizzy Head:

I was in the back of the stadium, and unable to set up a tripod anywhere I could get a good shot of Ron Paul squared. In addition, I was interviewing people on the fly waiting in line to get into the event. Oh, I also passed out 2,500 mini flyers for the www.LibertyMarch.org

I covered a presidential election as a reporter, and those 2 minute "vingnettes" are called PACKAGES, and that was not the intention of this short film.


I agree

It was terribly jerky, but that could be my buffering - but for the long shots, he should have used a tripod or rested the cam on something.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

Maybe they will start

Maybe they will start listening...

Awesome video

Suggestion: Clean up the language

"This is IN YOUR FACE material which should demolish the bastards of MSM..."

I'd rather send the Daily Paul link out to my media list and not by-pass us. With this language the results would be weaker. Otherwise I have to send the You Tube link.

I want this video everywhere. Great find!

Done, cleaned up.

Done, cleaned up.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!





Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!



Sorry you replied before I

Sorry you replied before I could delete my reply...

No worries, glad to see it

No worries, glad to see it embedded; now waiting on frontpage, thx.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!


A Stealth message? Lol. You were right in your question.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Family friendly version ?

I agree great find. A Well done film.

Free includes debt-free!


Loved the interviews with such a well-rounded cross section of supporters. Really professional!