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- Can Dr. Paul Pull a Warren Harding Like at the 1920 Brokered Convention?

"GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney continues to win primaries and Ron Paul still won’t go away.

Part of the reason is that the Paul campaign understands the primary process and knows a little history. Romney’s support is lukewarm, while Paul’s actual delegate total is dramatically understated.

As Robert Wenzel points out, Paul is a lot like Warren Harding. Harding went into the brokered 1920 convention with only 6% of the delegates, but emerged as the party’s nominee. Harding won the general election in a landslide and took a very non-interventionist approach to the Depression of 1921."


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It is not possible. Romney has like 1300+ delegates, not counting Utah etc. it's over, time to concentrate on the platform and the future

Did Warren win 5 stated

Did Warren win 5 stated though? How was he on the ballot? Man I'm hoping history is made in August! I just hate how rand says its over! But we can still vote on a platform. Why would he have no faith in his father to pull it off? I have more faith in Ron Paul then his own son! Now that's a shame y'all lol. Anyway what do you guys think? Can we do it?

juan maldonado

Ron Paul and Warren G. Harding = Astro-Destined to RISE

Here's a little known fact: Ron Paul and Warren G. Harding each have what is known in astrology as a "Rama Chart" (i.e., 4 or more planets in their own or exalted signs). In Ron Paul's case, he has Sun in Leo, Moon in Taurus, Mercury in Virgo and Mars in Scorpio. President Harding had Moon in Taurus, Venus in Libra, Mars in Scorpio and Jupiter in Sagittarius. The hallmarks of such individual are that they are "destined" to "rise." Neither Obama nor Romney share this trait. Will Ron Paul follow in Harding's footsteps? If the stars have their way, it is likely.

Lol hopefully.

Lol hopefully.

juan maldonado

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Okay that sounds a little

Okay that sounds a little kooky to me, but I'll take anything positive right now.

the reason Warren Harding had a chance

was because no candidate was even close to the threshold and because the two leading candidates' supporters wouldn't budge, leaving room for someone else to be chosen.

When converting delegate totals to today's amounts, where 1144 are needed to win, the leader in 1920 had 668 on the 1st ballot. The 2nd place guy had 491. Harding was in 6th with 152. There were a ton of candidates behind him that also had delegates totaling up to 308. And there were no abstentions in the vote. The dynamic of that race just wasn't even close to the same that it is today. Romney will clearly have far more than 668. Paul is really the only candidate with a potential of having more than 200 delegates. There aren't loads of other candidates stealing delegates -- there will be somewhere between 2 and 4 candidates at the convention receiving votes. The only possible way that there will be gridlock like in 1920 is if the gridlock is between Romney delegates and Paul delegates. If the analogy to 1920 holds, then it would be someone besides Romney and Paul who would eventually be chosen.

based on the delegate taking percentages

in other places YES highly likely.

The article is good,

but Dr Paul's letter of resignation to the Republican party is even better.It proves beyond all doubt that he is profoundly principled.


Excellent reference article and with 8 weeks left in the Primary and Caucas season Dr. Paul will have a much greater delegate advantage than Harding did comparatively ... we are wedged right into this contest!

Well..that is debatable. Ron

Well..that is debatable. Ron Paul will likely have just about hte same as Harding did. But more importantly, Romney will have WAY more than the leader did in 1920.

It honestly makes you look ignorant of the nomination process of 1920 compared to now. It is not even an Apples to Oranges comparison. It is Apples to Golf Clubs.

I saw someone pst this on

I saw someone pst this on YAhoo and was embarrassed for the poster. It just shows an ignorance of how the nominations work now compared to then. There is NO comparison to 1920's nomination process and 2012's primary season process.

It honestly just makes Ron Paul supporters look like they are grasping for straws. You are just playing right into the haters' hands.

A note on Harding

Republican nomination

In 1918, when Theodore Roosevelt was entertaining plans (later abandoned) to reprise his presidency, he considered Harding had strong potential to run and serve as Vice President, and discussed with Harry Daugherty the desirability of having Harding on his ticket.[61] In 1919, the first candidate to declare for the GOP nomination was General Leonard Wood. The GOP bosses were nevertheless determined to have a dependable listener, and were lukewarm toward the General.[62] Some in the party began to scout for such an alternative, and Harding's name arose, despite his reluctance, due to his unique ability to draw vital Ohio votes.[63] Also at the forefront of a throng of candidates for the nomination were Hiram Johnson, Frank Lowden and Herbert Hoover.[64] Harry Daugherty, who became Harding's campaign manager, and who was sure none of these candidates could garner a majority, convinced Harding to run after a marathon discussion of six-plus hours.[65] Daugherty's campaign style was variously described as pugnacious, devious and no holds barred.[66] For example, shortly before the GOP convention, Daugherty struck a deal with millionaire and political opportunist Jake Harmon, whereby 18 Oklahoma delegates whose votes Harmon had bought for Lowden were committed to Harding as a second choice if Lowden's effort faltered.[67]

Harding's supporters thought of him as the next McKinley. By the time the convention began, a Senate sub-committee had tallied the monies spent by the various candidates, with totals as follows: Wood — $1.8 million; Lowden — $414,000; Johnson — $194,000; and Harding — $114,000; the committed delegate count at the opening gavel was: Wood — 124; Johnson — 112; Lowden — 72; Harding — 39.[68] Still, at the opening, less than one-half of the delegates were committed.[69] No candidate was able to corral a majority after nine ballots.[70] Republican Senators and other leaders, who were divided without a singular political boss, met in Room 404 of the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago and after a nightlong session, tentatively concluded Harding was the best possible compromise candidate. According to Francis Russell, though additional meetings took place, this particular meeting came to be known as the "smoke filled room".[71] Before receiving the formal nod, Harding was summoned by George Harvey, told he was considered to be the consensus nominee, and asked if he knew, "before God", whether there was anything in his life which would be an impediment. After mulling the question over for some minutes, he replied no, despite alleged adulterous affairs.[72] The next day, when Harding was nominated on the tenth ballot, Mrs. Harding was so startled, she inadvertently stabbed Harry Daugherty in the side with her hat pins.[73] The local Masons could not resist the opportunity to co-opt Harding's new notoriety, and promoted him to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason.[74]


To me this is a good note: I worked at Fort Leanard Wood and have a very good friend whose name is Johnson. I have known a Harding and Lowden.

Sent thank you..

for writing non biased articles about Ron Paul.

we need to mitigate the bad reputation Ronulans have gotten due to the juveniles who post filth and ad hominems

send thanks where we get treated well
and yes I have sent to Drudge among others

when ANY post is fair or kind we should show appreciation

as would Ron Paul if he were supporting a friends activities.

WWRPD ? lol.


You're right, that's a great read.

They say history repeats itself, so....here's hoping!

And don't let the title of the article fool you...

And don't let the title of the article fool you...it is a great read.

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin

Flex do you still think we

Flex do you still think we can do it? Given Rand Paul's statements yesterday? I hope so!

juan maldonado