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Bush & Obama Exempt Active & Retired Government Officers From Local & State Firearm Laws

"The bill exempts qualified active and retired law enforcement officers from local and State prohibitions on the carrying of concealed firearms."

In other words, Bush & Obama have declared that local and state firearm laws do not apply to government officers and retirees. Bans, restrictions, licenses, and infringements on firearms only apply to the American people.

Even more bizarre, "The recent amendment to the law expands the definition of “qualified active law enforcement officer” to law enforcement officers employed by the Amtrak Police Department and the Federal Reserve Police Department, even though these are not employees of a governmental agency."

The Federal Reserve Police Department?


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Gun Show

to get a gun there you don't have to do all that apparently.

This is regarding bearing arms

Not obtaining them.

Yep, sorry, nothing good about this....

In fact it is all part of the same shell game of Corp U.S.

The whole alphabet soup, controlled by the Federal Reserve.

These are not agents supporting you; they are simply paid actors meant to destroy & confiscate your belongings.

Unless you learn about the reality of "QUO WARRANTO" and start exercising your Sovereign rights to leave the system behind.....I hate to say it but even if the Fed stands abolished....you will all be processed like slaves/collateral.

The reality is this entire government is a deliberate fraud, originally "constructed" by the Federal Reserve cartel - and the ONLY way to opt out with full authority - is to toss your SS#, eject yourself from the system. And watch the rest choose not to do so who continue their slavery.

Firearm Laws

I guess it's a start. I would think Obama wouldn't allow ANYONE to carry a weapon ever. I hope the rest of is can get on that bandwagon soon. My own he will be concealed carry no matter what though.

Meant to say my own home not

Meant to say my own home not "he." Doh!

Of course

Conceal carry usually refers to carrying in public.

Different States

Does anyone know which states are concealed carry friendly for everyone? I know South Dakota is good. I'm thinking of moving from a liberal state to a (more) conservative state.

Not a good start

While in theory it's good a few get exemptions, the exemptions are going exclusively to Americans who are the mostly highly indoctrinated into supporting the corrupt establishment government.

The exemptions for being armed are going to those that have been taught to follow and enforce unconstitutional orders.

In other words, the government is arming itself.

Very well said!

Very well said!