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99% Of The Vitamin B12 On The Market Contains Cyanide

Sunday, April 8th 2012 at 5:00 am by Sayer

Unknown to most consumers cyanide is found in a wide range of vitamins and foods in a form known as cyanocobalamin. Fortunately the cyanide has a very low potential to do harm because it is organically bound to cobalamin (vitamin b12).

Cyanocobalamin is actually found in 99% of the vitamins on the market which contain B12, as it is relatively cheap (recovered from activated sewage sludge or produced through total chemical synthesis), and stable (non-perishable). Despite its wide usage it is not an ideal form of vitamin b12, as the cyanide must be removed from the cobalamin before it can perform its biological indispensable role within the body. While there is plenty of research on the value of cyanide-bound vitamin B12, it does have potential to do harm in a minority population.

In fact, when a person is poisoned with cyanide, as sometimes happens following smoke inhalation, and they are rushed to the emergency room, what do they give them to remove the cyanide? Hydroxocobalamin -- a natural form of vitamin b12 -- which readily binds with the cyanide, becoming cyanocobalmin (which sequesters the cyanide and puts it into a form ideal for detoxification and elimination), which is then rapidly excreted from the body via the lungs and kidneys.

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That is why the

That is why the Methylcobalamin form of B12 is becoming very popular as it does not contain the cyanide.Of course the dangers of cyanide is really overhyped i mean you just got to look at the Vitamin B17 situation to realise that thousands of people all over the world are consuming B17 on a daily basis and cyanide poisoning is very rare.

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