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Help needed for Pennsylvanian Delegates

Good day everyone,

This is a call to those who reside in the state of Pennsylvania. As an earlier article stated, we're in huge need for some support here in PA. A massive number of delegate slots are open for grabs numbering in 72, with 54 of which should be heading to the convention. Times narrowing down to Apr. 24th where polling will take place. We need you to figure out which Ron Paul delegates are on the ballots in your districts. In order for you to find out which district you're in, you can take a look at this map here: http://www.redstate.com/moe_lane/files/2011/12/New-Pennsylva...

Keep in mind however, that many of the state's districts have changed. For example, the 15th district is now a part of the 17th district. So when you see on the map where your district is, be sure to e-mail the Ron Paul Delegate coordinator of that district. The e-mail of the coordinator is according to the number of the district you're in. For example, if my county shown on the map is in the 8th district, then that coordinator's e-mail is (d8@ronpaulpa.com). When you e-mail him/her, ask them to confirm if your county is of that district number. They will know and confirm it for you. If it is not of the same district, they will point you to the coordinator of the district that your county is under.

Ask the coordinator for the names of the Ron Paul Delegates who are on the ballot in your district. Be sure to write those names down so you'll know who it is you should vote for on the 24th. Also, Pennsylvania needs poll workers. We must get out there and let other Paul supporters know who they need to vote for to be delegates. The coordinator may ask for your support on that, if they don't, and you're still interested, then ask them how you can volunteer to be a poll worker.

I live within Northampton County, and there are no poll workers in my town. So I'll be the first to volunteer. Show your support however you can and do your best. Remember, this is 72 delegate slots we're dealing with! It may turn the tides of this struggle if we can capture at least half of that!

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Have been emailing...

the coordinator in CD-18 for weeks, to volunteer, but can't get any response.

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I've emailed 3 days ago

I've emailed 3 days ago myself, no response.

Is there anyone else to contact? Or another way to contact the CD-18 coordinator?

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Bump from Wis!!! Come on

Bump from Wis!!! Come on Sons/Daughters of Liberty in Penna...i know you can do it!!!!

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"

Add'l Info Re: Your Cong Dist and Polling Place

You can find which Congressional District you're in here:

For Penna voters, find out what your Ward/Div/Precinct is and your polling place location and directions here:

I'm in the 6th...

working hard to do my 'fair share'

Im in 6 too

I dont have any of the names!!
can you please pass along the delegates to me?
Thank You!!

I'm in 18

I'm in 18