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2014 U.S. Senate seats available to Ron Paul

If RP has the presidency stolen from him, I'd like to see him run for one of the U.S. Senate seats coming up for election in 2014, specifically one of the following three:

1. New Hampshire, Jeanne Shaheen (Dem.) - She'll be completing her first term in the senate after serving as NH governor.

2. Maine, Susan Collins (Rep.) - Will be finishing her third u.s. senate term. She's a centrist-liberal republican.

3. Montana, Max Baucus (Dem.) - He's the fifth ranking u.s. senator, finishing his sixth term. Probably the toughest of the three if he chooses to run again, but Montana is a Paul-friendly state.

Running for a senate seat as a "carpetbagger" is not unprecedented. Hillary Clinton and Bobby Kennedy both won u.s. senate seats from New York, though neither was perceived as a New Yorker. Would be easy for RP to establish residency in time to run in state other than Texas.

Dr. Paul could announce his candidacy early in 2012 and keep himself in the news as a bona fide candidate for a u.s. senate seat.

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Meant to say he could announce in early 2013, of course - not 2012! Sorry!