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END THE FED - Attack From All Sides!

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As we seek to END the FED from the top down by getting Dr. Paul into the White House, I've been researching a great paypal alternative which is essentially a BEACHHEAD to ENDing the FED from the ground up.

While researching paypal alternatives (if not familiar with the horrors associated with paypal do a startpage search on "paypal fraud") I came across something truly R3VOLUTIONARY.

It's pretty darn cool. Currently only available in the uSA.
They have spectacular customer support. Within 2 minutes I was talking to a down to earth guy named Ian after pressing "0." Just speaks regular - no canned speech which truly irks me as I want people to talk to me and not "manage" me.

You can send and receive money without a bank account.

In order to deposit/withdrawal you do need a bank account, however you can buy bitcoins at an exchange that accepts Dwolla and then sell your bitcoins to local folks thru craigslist peer to peer in return for silver or cash.

For those of us trying to bring the money changers down we could have our "bank" being our Bitcoin wallet. Then we have the ability to transfer debt notes (that's what a FED NOTE is) via internet thru Dwolla.

This takes banks completely out of the equation.


Go! Go! Go! Into the trenches... man the torpedoes... cancel the three ring circus... we're going straight to LUDICRIOUS SPEED!


Dwolla is not a bank. They have one account with a credit union which backs up the debt notes of Dwolla's entire membership - any transfers within Dwolla do not touch the bank (which means drastically reduced banking activity that debases the currency through fractional reserve lending).

I see it as a "beachhead" with respect to taking down the money changers. It's totally awesome and I support it as a Paypal alternative 100%.

They don't accept credit cards - no plastic (and all the charges that go along with plastic) instead Dwolla replaces plastic and costs merchants drastically less. That means "economic stimulus" for small businesses who don't accept credit cards for this reason.


Under $10 transfer - FREE
Over $10 - 25 cents.
Up to $10,000 per transaction.

Now if you're serious about ENDing the FED - get over there and set up your account! You will need to send a test $.10 (theirs not yours) and then "skip step" to complete set-up. Feel free to send to my email vinceableworld [at] yahoo (dot) com or someone you know.

Don't forget to vote up, bump w/comment... tweet like etc.. you can also send debt notes (what you may think is money) to your facebook friends which is a new feature just set up.

Note: If you have any problems signing up go to the help link and call. Let's help these guys make their system better. Let's help them help us END the FED.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with Dwolla. I am not a representative. I don't work for them. I am simply a happy user of their services who has had a great experience researching them and dealing with their reps.

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Bump for discussion

Interesting money alternative.

Free includes debt-free!


Simple Sam's comments are irrelevant since we are talking about paying people online. Try and shove a piece of silver through your phone or cable line - try to transmit it wirelessly over wi-fi.

Sam's solution seems to be that we educate the billion or so people online to stop paying people electronically and start using snail mail or put gas in their tanks and delivering payments face to face.

I wonder if that's a reachable goal? Anyone?

We need to reduce the FED's power any way we can. This makes great headway. Sam things we should wait around until bureaucrats start working for the people and start passing "laws" which benefit them.

I wonder how long that will take?

Well, silver already is traded online.....

Heard of Clickbank have you not?

That's the same thing, you could value those as real bonds of silver in plenty of various areas. Depends how high the spot price is of your currency, depends on how many there are being traded...

Go ahead and use online alternatives like Alertpay. But I would not depend on them, even though I use it myself.

Because many of these payment processors are trying to implement a "cashless" online system....and that only benefits the Fed. While silver & gold accounting do not, as Montana passed as law.

You can buy/sell silver or anything with Dwolla.

and - each transaction isn't handled by a BANK.

Try to focus: The key is to limit a BANK's ability to fractionally reserve your deposit. This is the principle reason for my post. We're playing "keep away" from the banks.

Well that's a very beneficial thing as well.

Given the mess we're in I will have to learn more about Dwolla and Alertpay.

Also, your assumption about Alertpay is a bit unfounded.

Who told you it only uses banks?

They also write checks, if you cash out via a check and its electronic only. So if Alertpay switched to whichever bank was outside, or was using the Euro etc...the value stays the same - the substance is backed by real wealth.

I hesitate with online processors who claim you do not need any sort of account. Either way, Dwolla and so forth is worth studying and investigating for the transition.

Credit where it's due (not debt)

Given the mess we're in I will have to learn more about Dwolla and Alertpay.

BRAVO! You have my utmost respect.

The key is what happens when you make a payment.

If the institution is a bank - that bank can keep 10% on reserve and create an addition 90% which debases the currency.

The thing (after much research) I found out with Dwolla is that transfers between Dwolla members never touch a banking institution because Dwolla is NOT a bank.

Paypal IS a bank. Alertpay very likely is a bank... but I'm not sure. It seems the standard way to do such things. Also I like that Dwolla is trying to educate folks about not using credit cards.

Yes "debt notes" are debt... but credit cards are like double debt plus INTEREST - insanity.

At least when using dwolla folks are "promising to pay"-ing as they go instead of promising to pay later. Yeah I know... wrap your head around that one. Just calling it like it is.

For further research: "Promise to pay" is SAME as CASH. Your check is a debt note. When you have a $100 check (debt note) and you CASH it in for a Benny - that's an even trade. $100 debt for a $100 debt. The theft happens when the other bank makes a withdrawal from the makers account - YES - almost every withdrawal out of a bank is THEFT... because your CHECK CREATES $100 in DEBT. You aren't transferring anything.

What's that quote from Ford again about if Americans knew this there would be a "revolution by morning?"

Anyway - yes we need to use a diff form of currency but for those who need to use FED NOTES for certain things this is a great alternative because it keeps the banks from CREATING more DEBT.

Just noticed how you upvote your own comments.

Likely are the one down voting mine too.

Low start-up costs (one-time $49.95 product activation fee)

Customers can buy with a variety of payment methods, including credit cards and PayPal.

(Notice how I did a little research before commenting)

So they support credit cards and charge in the same FED NOTES you're vehemently opposed to AND support Paypal. Yeah looks like a great paypal alternative... lol.

Go ahead and use online alternatives like Alertpay.

Every transaction you make with AlertPay also hits a bank. So you're promoting AlertPay but poo-pooing Dwolla? This is laughable.

But I would not depend on them,

Where in my post did I suggest depending solely on Dwolla? I forget.

Simple sam is simple minded.

Obviously FED NOTES if not converted into anything else - are STILL backed by nothing. Perhaps he should go look up the word "redundant" then go look up "obvious"

This is an alternative to Paypal while still being able to do business in the dollar. The POINT is there is NO LEARNING CURVE which in some cases takes YEARS for each man or womb-man. If you're waiting for everyone to get up to speed before anyone actually does something besides wave Ron Paul signs...

Even simple sam should be able to get this: Switching from paypal to dwolla is a HUGE NET PLUS.

This is making inroads into the current system by reducing fractionally reserving EACH transaction. Which is why I made the reference to a beachhead.

Obviously the FED needs to be repealed... obviously we need competing currencies. If you use paypal - stop using it... and switch to dwolla.

Unless he can offer a CURRENT - USEFUL NOW - alternative to paypal everything he says on here is a distraction.

While we must strangle and end the Fed.....

Thus forcing them into such competition in currency they are slowly abolished....a cashless society will never do it.

A cashless society is just another Elite psy-op, in the end.

We must have competition in currency across our states, as several now have as law. We must of course enforce that law, but even more then that: YOU must start trading.

Bartering, trading and using all forms of legal tender including Silver and so forth as the dollar falls & BRIC falls. The quicker you do it, the quicker centralized control falls apart.

But it will only return stronger than ever, if you follow the *LIARS* in the liberal media who constantly shout cashless society. For they will lead you to something much worse, that movement co-opted to support the Global Fed.

Instead of following the liars....what many of you who remain should in fact do, is after passing Competition in Currency....open all of your neighbors eyes to the lie that is the 13th amendment. That's step 3 - Repeal legal tender law & the Fed's Global Empire will start to collapse inward...

Useless unfounded paranoia.

One thing that really gets my goat is the paralysis that folks like you go through. Then you are sitting around waiting for "government" to solve your problems.

People need a way to transition without the learning curve. That is just that: a transition. I'm quite sure you did not do the research that I did. The really scary thing is: People will actually listen to you while you sit behind your keyboard without getting all the facts or thinking outside the box.

Cashless society: This is an ALTERNATIVE to PAYPAL. Every transaction in Paypal is another transaction which can be fractionally reserved. How did you make that jump that I'm suggesting replacing cash electronically? Oh wait got that answered: Either PARANOIA or FEARMONGERING to prevent a solution from gaining steam - whom do you speak for SIR? Nice attempt to kill the thread. Guess we'll see if it works. This is an alternative way for people to make payments via the internet without their payments HITTING A BANKING INSTITUTION.

You're part of the problem because you naysay without suggesting any viable solutions and you're just as dependent on "government" as someone on food stamps. This is something each man or womb-man can do on their own without dependence on a GROUP in order to chip away at a very big problem.

READ THE POST with an open mind before commenting -> Your comment reveals you know very little about how the banking system actually works. Most stupid people are "know-it-alls."

I have no issue with the method, just the means....

The "means" to which this is done needs to be examined from all sides, because the Elites are always pushing the "cashless society" meme in the liberal media they dominate.

Read more about why you need to understand all the loopholes, with the 13th amendment: Legal tender law has given the power.

Now, surely you don't believe moving over to online currencies isn't easy to co-opt & take over?

It spells trouble. On the other hand, alternative currencies in every city- including online banks for the same - spells the solution.


Read the words:


There is no "moving over to online currencies"

I'm not thinking you could have missed that twice. I'm putting you on my list of "disruptors and intentional antagonists."

"banks" is a solution?

Again: Whom do you speak for? I'm thinking you are in the banking profession.

We don't disagree with the method...

But you are INCORRECT about the means.


Study what they have posted.

Dwolla, Paypal, Coin Bit, E-Gold etc. do NOT lead to the answer.

As I understand it, all of these are still tied to traditional banks run by the regulations of the Federal Reserve.

Now they can also cash out in checks, so I agree it provides a temporary benefit.

However read the Legal Tender law. We need state run banks/non FDIC banks to start trading gold or silver, basically to bring full competition.

The Banks do *NOT* need to be replaced with an online currency or otherwise instrument, ad infitum.

It is easy enough to manage and run a Bank that offers alternative currencies as South Dakota does. And then, make sure online payment processors are chosen to support the same.

But as to the idea of an online processor replacing banks entirely, that's a clever deception that leads down the hole.

bump to get other's comments

Maybe we could donate to Mr. Nystrom this way?


Yes and the payments do not hit a bank unless someone makes a withdrawal to a bank or a withdrawal from a bank. For my part my account will be funded by labor... not a bank. My account will never touch a bank while still being able to use the current widely acceptable medium of exchange.

Ending the fed without actually repealing it can be done... the fed get's it's power from "fractional reserve lending" every time you make a deposit into a bank that deposit is debased by 90% because only 10% needs to be kept on reserve and the other 90% can be loaned back out.

In other words you deposit $100 -> $90 is instantly created on their books while you and I have to SLAVE for that $90.

Dwolla makes it possible to make payments over the net in the same fashion as if you were handing cash to someone face to face. Again: Dwolla is not a bank... and their account at the Credit Union never sees this transaction.

When you wrap your brain around this... if everyone using paypal switched to Dwolla we would be draining the swamp where the snakes get their funding from. (The debt notes created out of thin air).

And again, my answer is to study Dwolla a bit more...

Again, my only answer to you is to study Dwolla etc. a bit more and study the 13th amendment much more.


The facts remain, that Dwolla isn't really "BACKED" by anything of substance....no hard currency, gold or silver, bronze or even sea shells.

Because it isn't backed by anything, this is still a shell game!

Believe me, the Fed would love all of you conservatives to fall for this shell game & blow away in the wind.

So far, the only threat we have provided to them is an enraged awakening public. They still have us *INSIDE* their scam, as every, or nearly every Ron Paul supporters, veterans & others still has a credit card or account tied into the Federal Reserve.

Men, you need to SEE that we are slaves of our own choosing.

Now granted, some of us have started depositing metal or silver into those accounts and there are some who began accepting such things. But everything is run off the FDIC, making the illusion real that you need the Fed and the Fed needs me.

What most Ron Paul conservatives don't yet know, is that you don't need any part of the entire system. You can opt out of the horror show entirely, by invoking Sovereign Citizen law & walking away from the sham.

And believe me, if every one of us did just that - the Fed gangsters would go away. We could then have so much silver in circulation, we could freely be done with them & the Fed would implode arresting each other.

The problem being?
You folks are all still half asleep, not KNOWING that we need to opt out of the Fed *ENTIRELY* & get an account that starts taking only silver or gold - period; or else we are only participants in our own demise!

Other currencies in another country aren't the answer folks, taking your assets including silver etc. - opening up banks of your own where you are & laying defense...those are the ONLY ways to stop the 13th amendment.

Perhaps you should study it a bit more.

Go look up "fractional reserve banking"