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Paul Craig Roberts explains what's wrong with an income tax


Former Assistant Secretary of Treasury Paul Craig roberts explains 4
key points about why an income tax is immoral: 1) As if you were a
slave, government has first claim on the product of your labor. 2) It's
no different than when skilled slaves were leased out and had their
income withheld at the source. 3) More than half of the income tax goes
to war and military. 4) The income tax was supposed to be only for the
richest 1% but has grown to engulf all Americans. Clips are from the
Alex Jones radio show,

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Donate to April 17th RP MoneyBomb INSTEAD of IRS

The email I got from the RP campaign sure seemed like it was saying (without saying it) that we should send our money to RP instead of donating to the IRS.