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Catholics For Obama (cfo)


P.O. Box 290331
Boston, MA 02129 Phone :617-308-1584
Fax :513- 297-0822
Email :Info@catholicdemocrats.org
URL :http://www.catholicdemocrats.org/cfo/index.php

A project of Catholic Democrats, Catholics For Obama (CFO) was formed to promote the presidential candidacy of Senator Barack Obama in 2008. Noting that “Americans are weary of being pitted against one another over issues of race, disparity of wealth, and religion,” CFO stated that “Senator Obama has made bringing Americans together to solve common problems the central theme of his campaign.”

One CFO board member called Obama “a presidential candidate of historic accomplishments,” and lauded his background as a 1980s-era community organizer whose efforts “to [economically] empower the lives of thousands of people” had received vital “funding from the U.S. Bishops.” Obama's employer in the eighties had been the Chicago-based Developing Communities Project, an initiative of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

According to CFO, Obama's policy positions on a wide range of issues qualified him as "someone who merits serious consideration by every Catholic voting in 2008." Specifically:

Obama's wish to “mak[e] health care a right for all Americans” was a view consistent with that of the U.S. Catholic bishops.

Obama's anti-war stance and his commitment to “negotiation and other peaceful means to resolve conflicts around the world” were compatible with “Catholic thought on questions of war and peace.”

Obama's plan for "allowing undocumented immigrants who are in good standing to pay a fine and be given the opportunity to become citizen[s]" was both compassionate and practical.

Though Obama has been an unwavering supporter of abortion rights throughout his years in politics—he opposed even the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act as a state senator—CFO says that by the standards of “Catholic Social Teaching,” Obama is technically “pro-life” because he “has spent his entire career striving for the common good.” Specifically, CFO praises the President for supporting “health care programs that will cover all Americans, a living wage for working families, and solutions that allow distressed families to stay in their homes.” Moreover, CFO reasons that Obama's presidency will ultimately reduce the number of abortions “by promoting health care for pregnant women and better infant care, day care and job training.”

Maintaining that “the state has a positive moral function to promote the common good,” CFO views the expansion of governmental power as a preferred means of solving society's most pressing problems. For instance: Read more>> http://chasvoice.blogspot.com/2012/04/catholics-for-obama-cf...

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Why exactly is this posted on

Why exactly is this posted on the Daily Paul?