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The Great Birth Certificate (Trust) Scam: This is How They Are Enslaving You ...

YOU BETTER START ACTING IN YOUR CAPACITY AS THE ADMINISTRATOR of the Trust, and put them back in the position of being the Trustee.

Yep, it all started when your unsuspecting Mother signed you away by using her "Maiden" name on your birth certificate. The state used that little trick to take ownership of the offspring by assuming you were a bastard child without a father, even if there is a father listed/known.

The "Informant", your Mother signed that little jewel (you) over to the state by using her maiden name (notice there was no other option?). The 'state' knows that women can't legally own offspring; only the father has that ability (unless she becomes the Executrix), and that's how they are pulling off the con.

YAY! Party Hats and Ice Cream for EVERYONE! Little Johnnie is now owned by the 'state' and is considered a state/government employee. Now it's time to take pictures of the new little slave/tax payer, spank his/her bottom, and start with the inoculations and public training centers (public school).

Little Johnnie just became a government employee, but how long will it be before Little Johnnie starts getting his government paycheck? Well, if he's smart when he turns of legal age, he'll renegotiate the terms of his employment; take control of his Estate/Trust and start operating is his lawful capacity as the Administrator/Executor to that Trust that was created for him by his employer.

See, when they created that little Trust for Little Johnnie, they conveniently forgot to put the fine print on the back of that document (the birth certificate) telling him it was actually his Trust and when he turned of legal age, he could take his rightful place as the Beneficiary/Administrator of that Trust and quit his job as their employee. Unless of course he presented them with his newly renegotiated terms of conditions that said he now wishes to be paid any amount his little heart desires to continue his employment at the company, and they agreed.

Now you understand why CPS (Child Protective Services) can come into your home and take your (scratch that) .. THEIR ... property/slave/tax payer, if they feel you are abusing Little Johnnie. Because you (the unsuspecting mother) in good faith, signed over Little Johnnie to the state. He wasn't of legal age to manage his own affairs of Administrating that Trust, so you had to hand those duties over to someone a little more qualified than yourself, since you as a woman cannot own offspring.

That's a pretty cool magic trick wouldn't you say?

Home of the Free, Land of the Slave :)

So the 'state' or 'government' sends you back a copy of the Trust (birth certificate) that was created for you, by "THEM" and your mother; you go about your merry way using that birth certificate as a means of identity to obtain other adhesion contracts like your drivers license and ss card etc.

So the 'state' makes the presumption YOU are operating as a government employee; performing acts of government, etc. It's your brand new-shiny Government Name Badge; makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn't it?

So you're driving around with your government owned vehicle (yes they own it because of the Bankruptcy) ss card, drivers license, and birth certificate and they're presuming you're a government employee.

The only problem with this little con is: They are treating you like a government employee by forcing their rules/regulations/statutes/taxes down your throat, but somehow seem to be forgetting one thing:

You're not getting your government check! Did you ever dictate to them the hourly rate for your services? (Rod Class also explains this if you listen to his archived shows below).

You're not receiving the FULL benefits of your new job title, but you sure are paying the membership fees :)

Why aren't YOU getting paid? Why aren't they taking care of all vehicle maintenance? Why are they charging you with an income tax? Why do they laugh at your "I'm a free man on the land arguments?"

Because YOU haven't rebutted the presumption that YOU are a government employee; operating in that capacity.

You must rebut the presumption you're operating as a government official; performing any act of government; and that you're being paid to so.


No one can force you to work for free; not even your own government. So if they insist you're a government employee because you haven't rebutted THEIR claim, why aren't they paying you your government check?

Silly Johnnie, you didn't expect them to just come and offer this did you? Why would they pay you one red cent if they could get you to do it for free?

You're worth $1.5 Million per hour; they need to agree to the terms of your salary, or you're not interested in being on their payroll; and if you're not on their payroll, you don't have to abide by their corporate rules/regulations/statutes, etc. get it?

Just because you shop at Sam's Club and buy a membership card; use their bathroom; water fountain; buggies and services, that doesn't mean you have to abide by their corporate rules/regulations/statutes and invest in their retirement plans; and it damn sure doesn't give them the right to draft money out of your account without your consent or throw you in jail because you want no part of their little scam.

If you don't rebut the presumption, they will be more than happy to 'assume' you are a government employee; and you should be paying government employee taxes; following their rules/regulations, and statutes.

We've all heard the stories of how the UNITED STATES is a corporation that resides in the ten square mile radius of the District of Columbia, and only people living in that district are considered government employees; or government officials that go to work for them.

They just forgot to tell you that those laws only apply in that ten mile radius, and if you're not an employee of their corporation, their laws don't apply to you.

Remember the Sam's Club analogy?

Wouldn't it be nice if YOU could start your own business and force your customers to invest in your retirement plan, 401K, pay all your licensing and fees; follow your rules/regulations, and even tax them on their income, all for just shopping at YOUR store?

Well, that's what's happening folks: You're shopping at the corporation known as the UNITED STATES and they created your very own little membership card (birth certificate) and are forcing their corporate rules/regulations and taxes down your throat because you aren't willing to rebut their presumptions that you are an employee of their corporation.

Pretty cool trick eh?

What they won't tell you about that little Trust that was created in your name is: That YOU are the Beneficiary and Administrator, and THEY are the Trustee once you become of legal age.

Ah, that kind of turns things around now, doesn't it?

Yep, when you became of legal age, they conveniently forgot to tell that little tid-bit of information, and have been operating in the capacity as the Administrator to that Trust and you've been dumb enough to let them carry on that way. You're not actually dumb; you just trusted that something like that would never happen to you, especially by your own government.

Never assume anything, it will cost you everything!

But what they're doing is not against the law you see. They are just assuming (pretty convenient eh?) that you are their employee, and you haven't rebutted that presumption.

As Dean puts it: If I create some law in my living room and walk across the street to your house; knock on the door and say "Hey Jim, I just created a new law that allows me to take your new 50" plasma TV for my own and you have to abide by that". And Jim just scratches his head and says ummmm, der, okay, I guess, go ahead and take the TV.

Did I break a law? Nope! I made a presumption; you didn't rebut the presumption (look up affidavits) and my presumption became law. Viola! You just got screwed-blued and tattoo'd because you never said "Hey, wait just a minute" By what authority did you create this new law, and what gives you the authority to shove it down my throat?"

When you're using THEIR side of the equation, THEY are the Beneficiary and Administrator to the Trust "THEY" created and YOU are the Trustee. They created it, it's their document; you're just the Trustee until you become of legal age, at which point you're supposed to become the Administrator, and they are the Trustee.

Don't let that bother you; it's just an honest mistake and they probably just ran out of ink before they could print that little fact on the back of your birth certificate (Uh-Huh :/) giving you the option manage your own Estate.

Can a Trustee tell an Administrator what to do?

Absolutely NOT!

Watch Dean Clifford explain the fraud with a marker board at a seminar so you can better understand the situation and most importantly CORRECT the PRESUMPTION they are ASSUMING.

Silence is acquiescence.

Part 1 ..... http://www.youtube.com/wa...

Part 2 ..... http://www.youtube.com/wa...

Part 3 (Q&A after the seminar) ..... http://www.youtube.com/wa...

Another video presentation by Dean to take note of:


NOTE: Dean is in Canada, but the scam is the same here in the UNITED STATES.

And one hell of a 2 hour radio show where Rod Class and E.J. explain the fraud of how they used the mother's maiden name to hand over power, as well as explain how the IRS is working double time to get his case against them dropped and make it disappear. They've switched jurisdiction; changed headings on paperwork; switched judges, etc. and he keeps dragging them back in the ring for another round.

So lets see here: There is no money; they are operating as the Administrator to the Trust, and somehow have the ability to steal your money and lock you up for not following laws that have nothing to do with you, because you're not on their payroll.

What the hell is going on here? Maybe their using that birth certificate/Bond and pillaging it for their own financial gain, ever heard of the CESTUI QUE VIE ACT 1666? See Rod's archived show Episode 574 at talkshoe, look up AIB Radio or search for call code 48361 at talkshoe.com or click the link below.

Why do their rules/regulations/retirement plans/taxes, etc. apply to you, and you're not even getting paid? Because you never rebutted their assumption that you are an employee of their corporation; and you damn sure never argued the terms and conditions and salary of your employment.

Now the case is headed to the Supreme Court, since the other courts/IRS can't rebut his claim that there is NO money; and since his client has never been paid any REAL money, it is impossible for them to tax him.

Go here and scroll down to the latest show on 4-6-2012 and click on the listen button for the pop up player. Takes about 30 min. into the show to start getting to the BEEF, so fast forward of you want.

Listen to Episode 575 and 574, both on 4-6-2012.


These people are operating off the fact that you are not rebutting their presumption, that YOU are a government employee.

The scam is being exposed by many people around the world. Many people have went to prison; lost their homes, etc. because of this scam. God Bless those who are locked away for trying to get to the bottom of this. It's taken many people many years in prison; many tries; many court appearances; and many broken families to put this scam together; don't let their work die in vain.

Take the time to watch Dean Clifford's videos above, it may be the greatest education you'll ever acquire; and it's FREE.

God Bless America, time to take back control of your life, and if they want to maintain control of your life, then they need to start forking over some money to keep you as an employee.

How much are you worth? 1 Million; 2 Million an hour? That's up to YOU to decide, not them, unless of course you continue to allow it :)

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Berth Certificate is a Foreign Grantor Trust

This article is perhaps the most Important one I have ever seen on DP.
The Berth Certificate makes the baby a foreign banker lending his credit to the bankrupt United States.
Remember that, on your first day you became a foreign creditor to the bankrupt United States!
Then the next magic trick is the SS-5 Application. With the Berth Certificate you are still a non-resident alien.
You have some rights still.
The SS-5 changes your citizenship from State to U.S. a big mistake. The U.S. citizenship is only for those who are infants, mentally incompetent or dying! That citi zen ship holds such persons as property of their foreign banker controlled State in Washington D.C.. Property has no rights. If you read Article IV of their constitution you will see what they can do with their property-
Dispose of it!
There is another article on DP where Senator Harkin of Alaska explains this situation.
I suggest everyone read it.
Your life depends on it. When the United States defaults, the property can be liquidated, yes that means you and your children can be killed and the Equity your BC trust holds handed over to the Chinese, Russians, Arabs and other creditors.
The only real solution is to go through a process to liquidate your U.S. citi zen ship and move the Equity in it to a foreign trust safe from the bankrupt corp U.S. and it's other creditors.
That moves your body out of their possession. Right now the U.S. owns it since you are listed as dying and a ward of their ooh so charitable State.

For anyone who needs help, I can point the way.
Time is running out.

The Oracle

SimpleSam, you nailed it.

It's amazing how we've drifted into this service of an paper (idol) master (Federal Reserve Note), and have allowed ourselves to become slaves for the simple fact they held up a piece of paper (birth certificate) as our form of identity; nothing more than a dog tag, and we protect it with our life; willingly.

I guess this isn't very interesting to others here; more important stuff going on like ...

People are fighting so hard to elect someone to End The Fed, when they really are to be spending their time tearing up their paper slave chains and ignoring the Fed into extinction.

Indeed, serving two masters; asking for freedom and less taxation from one, and begging the other to do something about it.

Yes, even I have made my mind up....

I am going to tear up & destroy the paper slave contract.

It won't be an easy battle, the police etc. will always hate me for it, but I'm going to do it - I refuse to be a corporate person to a fake world based on fiction.

All the penal codes, regulations, fake laws and everything else under the sun in this land including city ordinances- is controlled and enforced by the Federal Reserve.

Every single one of them is enforced by a fictitious entity, hell bent on enslaving me and making sure any move I make will always be carefully watched, documented, spied upon no matter what the Reserve morphs into & it is always there...

But once I tear up the contracts, those codes disappear and I can escape this invisible prison - fight it out and always be a Sovereign on my own land. Get a land patent, avoid pretty much any regulations again & travel freely.

At some point I realized Ron Paul isn't there to tell me how to be free- I want to be free from tyranny and all he's going to do is morph the head of the hydra so it doesn't look so bad. No, I had it up to here - it is high time to reclaim being "FREE" & there is only one way out.

Its quite simple; Man can't serve two masters at once.....

You see, the Liberal Zionist Global Jews and their boogeymen would require you to *believe* that they are the master, and you are the servant, since a trust has been established in your name - including ID's as well.


As you can see, the SSA trust in your name was created without your consent since the very start. You are therefore, basically a willing slave.

They can do anything with you; because you are a willing and obvious worshiper of Mammon.

Did you know the Federal Reserve is basically the Mammon system??

Bet your high school teachers never told you that one!
And since the very beginning, you are required to understand you are *slaves* to the contract....much like the original one used with Satan against God in order to deceive & kill.

So basically, they can now process you for collateral no matter what type of bank the Federal Reserve morphs into.

They are allowed to baffle you with fake stories!
About a great utopia, NESARA making everything sugar & nice again, and lots of made up nonsense about people arresting each other back & forth.

Also they are allowed to tell you the world is going to end, and we are going to have paradise in the sky! And lots and lots of people will go to jail.

Do you know why though? And what happens when you go to court? You see, that case # in court is exactly like the SS# - its a penal trust account. The second anyone is "under arrest", they can just laughably justify it *as accident* & pay out a large amount of Federal Reserve notes to make their record vanish. What's worse? You can do the same! So you are as much a criminal as them! This is justice see, it goes to whoever pays.

They're laughing to the bank, knowing you won't ever figure it out - that the entire Court System is just a way to pacify/keep the slaves in line using an SS# & fake floating paper notes.

This is because, YOU, are a WILLING SLAVE to a known fraud and yet you continue to partake. You have the option of OPTING OUT of the Beast....known as the Federal Reserve.

Even the media discusses this now...
You CAN stop worshiping Mammon, toss your SS#, go outside the Rogue government and live with pretty much whoever you like. They can still deceive you, make you believe you can't do that, that paradise awaits in the sky, cotton candy & pretty much every trick in the book - BUT they...CAN'T stop you & so they are adamant about no one learning of this.

With lawful action, you can opt out of the entire Mammon-Government - police can as well - and.....watch as the whole Federal Reserve masses of slaves goes off into the sunset. Or ends up destroyed with Mammon. That's it- and you basically CAN'T guarantee your family/friends will leave the fake system.

Don't know what happened?

I posted this and it disappeared into never land; had to dig it, so I'm bumping with a comment.