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Looking for people willing to donate $5 or more on April 15, 2012 - Join Us

A long way off from our goal of 200K people .....all I am looking for is people willing to donate at least $5 on 04/15/2012....anything above $5 is great - but a $5 donation will make a difference.... please invite others to this event - this is about participation and numbers - not huge contributions - lets show them how many of us are out there ..... please empty your friend lists as invites to this event.... please sign up yourself......See the link at the bottom of this post

Ron Paul 2012

BTW - we are doing way way way way better than anyone even knows - have you seen the crowds ??? I think Texas is going to be just a receptive as CA was - the crowds might even be larger. Dont buy the media lie that Ron has no support and that this thing is over.


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Count me in

I've been pacing myself so that I will continue to be able to donate all the way through Tampa before I reach my limit.

Of course I will,

Every week, if I can spare it, it's being donated to Ron Paul.

love it guys - thanx - keep telling others too

Ron Paul 2012

and I will leave you with this youtube link

its so powerful
the country is in dire need of Ron Paul and the message of liberty in general. All the founders died for is in jeopardy.


I'm in

I will probably donate more than $5 but I did get hit hard in taxes this year so this isn't the ideal time for me.

I'm in.

I'm dropping $50.

Anybody want to match or beat me?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Oops, I forgot....




"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul